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We make sure that only positive posts about you and your brand can be found in Google search results.

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Our approach

How does SEO reputation management work?

1. actual analysis

We research all negative content related to your products, your brand or your person.

2. define measures

In PR-SEO, depending on the initial situation, there are various measures to influence the search results in your favor. We will present you the measures with the highest chances of success.

3. removing, hiding or diluting

Whether it's publishing positive content on more than 100 pages, improving positive content rankings, or removing negative content, we can find the right solution for every need.

4. observe, protect and stabilize

We keep an eye on the development for all relevant search terms and keep the positive search results on the first search results page. In addition, we provide you with a detailed status report every month.


Why is PR SEO so important?

The PR work or also Public Relations Management is necessary for your brand and your vision to be communicated positively to your target group. If you don't take care of PR, you leave it up to third parties to decide what is communicated to the respective target group. Competitors also like to take advantage of this to harm you and your brand. We examine your rankings and recognize who means well with you and who does not.

Your positive contributions will also be more strictly scrutinized by us, optimized if necessary and get the boost they need through targeted link building. In this way, they can drive your competitors, envy and unpleasant news from the top results in Google. Neglecting PR-SEO often calls those on the plan, to whom your company is a thorn in the eye.


Our results

the negative article displaces
0 %
of PR crisis situations managed
0 %
positive PR articles published
0 +
Keywords in monitoring
Keywords with 100% positive search results
Keywords with only 1-2 negative search results

Do we fit together?

What we bring

Experience from 50+ PR SEO projects

We know how the hare runs - we really do. We have effectively advised multinational corporations, publicly traded companies and companies with severe reputational damage. Our experience is based purely on practical experience. Our methods are up to date and based on the highly competitive American market.

A proven concept

Influencing the search results is extremely difficult. The visibility of other pages is much harder to influence than your own visibility. Nevertheless, our PR-SEO concept has already proven itself in influencing the strongest & most visible German pages. Depending on the severity of your case, however, a realistic expectation is the be-all and end-all.

A whole PR & SEO department

Whether ranking-strong technical articles, press releases or general articles. Whether good relationships with relevant media in your industry, as well as positive publications on blogs or test portals. Whether SEO expertise or an entire team that implements SEO measures. We bundle our resources for your project success. You save monthly costs.

Entrepreneurial know-how

We think with you and understand your business, your monetization and your goals. Our processes are 100 % digitized and remote compatible. We train your team in all operational activities and processes, promote the transfer of knowledge to your team, take the lead and have your back. You are an entrepreneur and have enough other fires to put out.

What you should bring


SEO is a slow channel. Especially if strong, established websites publish content about you, or have for a long time, this will not change within a few days or weeks. A PR SEO project should be considered with a period of 3 to 8 months.


In PR SEO work, you either act preemptively, or when it's too late. In the second variant, the perceived time pressure is often particularly high.

Nevertheless, it must be clear to you that longer failures, or more serious cases do not become easier or even quicker to solve as a result.


Good output needs good input. Each of our processes is designed to cost you and your team as little time and resources as possible.

However, we need regular approvals, briefings and need to understand your brand. This requires about 1-2 hours of your team's time and leisure per week.


The elephant in the room. Our concept is aimed at online stores that are willing to invest at least €2,000/month in SEO.

With a smaller budget, our progress is more like the pace of a tortoise than a wolf.

We build your first impression.

Get these external collaborators into the project


Strategic lead

Advised 300+ companies in SEO, assisted 50+ PR projects, juggled Google search results 365 days a year.


Content expert

Written 1,000+ SEO copy, writes for publicly traded companies, puts your brand in a shining light.


Link building expert

5,000+ backlinks built, 700+ websites, magazines & blogs in network, published the shining light in popular online magazines.

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