Free SEO Tools and Gifts

With the free SEO tools from Wolf of SEO you quickly get simple incentives, where you can optimize your site. This way you can achieve better SEO rankings and increase your organic traffic with the SEO tools.

In addition, you can find our gifts here. The free eBook "7 SEO sins", the webinar for online store SEO and the no-obligation strategy call. In this we talk about your SEO potential and what steps you should take to realize it.

SEO Check

If you want to maintain or improve your rankings, you should regularly perform an SEO check. This way you can quickly identify the weak points of your page and fix them. In addition, various problems can be detected, which concern the onpage optimization or the readability of your content.

For an optimal ranking of your website, over 200 different metrics are relevant, which Google keeps as secret as possible. Our SEO Check therefore checks your site for many factors and gives you an analysis, with the most relevant metrics for you can differentiate. Just give us your domain and you will get the result immediately after an automatic scan. 

SEO sales calculator

You are not sure whether an investment in SEO measures makes sense for your eCommerce project? Then use our free SEO sales calculator and do the check!

There is an interplay of many factors when determining the sales potential. Your shopping cart value, your conversion rate and the industry play a role. You simply give us the main keyword and the details of your store that you know and we give you an estimate of the additional revenue that can be achieved with an SEO optimization.

eBay Shop SEO Checker

You are an eBay store owner and your products do not rank high enough for the relevant keywords. Then you should definitely check your store for the products with the greatest SEO potential and optimize them. 

Our eBay SEO checker only needs your store link and we can pick out the most important products. Also for the SEO optimization on eBay are different rules than for the major search engines. These changed metrics are taken into account by the eBay Shop SEO Checker.

FAQ link building

FAQ Schema Generator

To optimize your visibility, the integration of FAQs is a great measure. However, you need to make them readable for search engines by using them as HTML code for structured data. With the FAQ schema generator you can easily create the structure for your SEO-compliant FAQ integration.

These increase the space of your page in Google search ads and particularly popular questions can be displayed by Google in the features snippet, which can bring you additional traffic and trust from Google.

SEO consultation

Getting started with SEO can overwhelm even an experienced marketing strategist. Which measures should one focus on? Is there any potential at all in my niche for new sales through SEO measures? How much budget should I spend on SEO?

In our no-obligation SEO potential talk, we look over your business together and answer your open questions about SEO. In addition, we can give you measures and incentives that will help you to scale with the help of SEO.

google seo webinar

SEO Practice eBook

Success is measurable, even in search engine optimization. In the free SEO eBook  "The 7 SEO Sins" SEO expert Niels Stuck goes into detail about SEO no-goes and shows how you can fix or avoid them.

You'll also get several tools to help you set up your project's SEO strategy, analyze errors, or get new incentives for content. The book can be your quick entry into the topic of SEO.

Online Shop SEO Webinar

Especially in e-commerce, the competition is very high. Customers, on the other hand, usually click on one of the first 3 search results. So if you want to make SEO a revenue channel for your store, you should have a precise plan and know what you are doing.

This is exactly the focus of the Online Shop SEO webinar. No boring blah blah or focus on small measures, but big-picture SEO, which will help you to better rankings.

WOS Blog

Our blog is all about SEO, marketing and WordPress. Here you can read and find out about many topics and get new incentives for your SEO optimization.

SEO lexicon

Organic traffic, 404 error and SERPs are terms you'd like to look up right away? Then check out our SEO dictionary, which is full of FAQs and definitions with examples and use cases for all kinds of SEO and online marketing words.