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Links - everyone knows them. But do you also know that they can have positive consequences for you and your online store? So that you can profit from link building to 100 %, you should not make any mistakes - because Google punishes them sometimes hard. The link building professionals in our team are specialized in this topic and know the most important tricks. Our Link building agency helps you optimize your site. Want to learn more? Then read on - or book a face-to-face consultation directly with us.

Our approach

We work according to a proven 3-phase SEO strategy, with the goal of building a sustainable, six-figure revenue channel for you. From the analysis phase, to the content phase, to the "secret sauce". 

Relevance through thematically appropriate backlinks

Why link building is necessary

In the international space, whether link building works is not a point of discussion. The international SEO's see link building as the strongest factor par excellence. This does not mean that other SEO factors do not play a role. Nevertheless, link building is an important part of any SEO strategy.

In most marketing disciplines, the international space is years ahead of us. Every SEO study in recent years shows us that link building is one of the most effective SEO measures.

The SEO market is easier to conquer in Germany because very few websites have a link building strategy. Even the titans of e-commerce can be beaten by an SEO strategy enriched with link building.

Case Studies

Real numbers, instead of hot air!

Agencies can tell a lot when the day is long. We know that the bottom line is not the coffee, the small talk or the handicap for your company - but the results. Our wolves eat your current SEO agency for breakfast.

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What we bring

Experience from 300+ projects 🌟

We know how the hare runs - really. Our experience is based purely on practice.

Our methods are up to date, based on the highly competitive American market and very different from the slow, stiff German SEO standard.

A proven concept 🐺

Our 3-phase SEO process is the result of more than 300 projects. The process is applicable to any industry and niche and provides the golden framework for the SEO development of your project. We retain full flexibility to adapt to your initial situation and market environment - yet the course remains in the direction of the 3-phases.

An entire SEO department 💻

We bring in our specialized SEO department. Whether a strategic lead, operational lead, copywriter, link building manager or pure operational manpower, we bring it all to your company. The monthly cost will be less than hiring a single SEO manager.

Efficiency 🎯

We are 100 % specialized in e-commerce SEO. Every one of our processes is optimized for this playing field. It's all about results, progress and, of course, your sales. We work strictly according to the 80/20 rule and know which levers really make a difference. We only work on results and don't waste time (i.e. your budget).

Entrepreneurial know-how 🚀

We think with you and understand your business, your monetization and your goals. Our processes are 100 % digitized and remote compatible. We train your team in all operational activities and processes, promote knowledge transfer to your team, take the lead and have your back. You are an entrepreneur and have enough other fires to put out.

user retentio

What you should bring

Openness 🤝

Be open to going the way of the wolves instead of the sheep. We are strongly oriented towards the international market. As in most marketing disciplines, the German SEO market likes to lag behind the international market by a few years. We like to leave the right lane to your competitors. In doing so, we will regularly challenge your beliefs on how SEO works.

Scaling 🛒

SEO is not performance marketing. Typically, SEO is the second or third marketing channel that an e-commerce project builds. As with almost all sustainable things, the investment is only recovered over time. Here, an ongoing marketing channel such as performance marketing should easily cover your investment in sustainable SEO.

Reliability 📑

Good output needs good input. Each of our processes is designed to take as little time and resources as possible from you and your team. However, we still need regular approvals, briefings and need to understand your brand. This requires about 1-2 hours of your team's time and leisure per week.

Budget 💰

The elephant in the room. Our concept is aimed at companies that are willing to invest at least 2,000€/month in SEO.

With a smaller budget, our progress is more like the pace of a tortoise than a wolf.

Long-term 📈

SEO is a long-term revenue channel. We value long-term partnerships and want to scale your business with you.

We want to celebrate successes and milestones together with you. Let's build a great marketing channel for your brand together.

We build your SEO revenue channel

Get these external collaborators into the project


Strategic lead

Consult 300+ companies in SEO, trained 100+ people in operational SEO, entrepreneur, process expert. Builds your external SEO department.


Operational lead

Operationally managed 100+ projects, Onpage & Offpage SEO experience from 200+ projects, trains your staff as if they were ours.


Content expert

1,000+ SEO texts implemented, 100+ copywriters trained, types 100 words per minute. Ensures that your texts rank on Google.


Link building expert

5,000+ backlinks built, 700+ websites & blogs in network, 50+ magazines in network. Makes your brand look dazzling.

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 Head of Operations

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FAQ link building

Why is it important to understand how search engines interpret links?

It's important to understand how search engines interpret links, because search engines penalize harshly for incorrect link building, which can lead to a complete loss of rankings. Our link building specialists know all the little tricks to avoid your website facing penalties.

Why is link building so important?

Let's assume you already have SEO texts on your product/category pages, you have used keyword optimized meta titles and meta descriptions and also already SEO optimized your headline structure. Despite all these adjustments, you only rank 17th for your target keyword.

This is the point where optimized link building comes into play. With niche relevant and SEO optimized backlinks we can make it to page 1 (rank 1-10). If we are persistent enough and continue to build high quality backlinks with SEO optimized anchor texts, the top 5 is already within reach.

How to get rid of bad backlinks?

Most search engines offer a tool that allows webmasters to indicate bad links and thus invalidate these bad links for the search engine. In Google's example, this would be the Disavow tool. But how do you recognize a bad backlink?

Our link building experts pay attention to various metrics to judge whether a backlink can be bad or so harmful.

Some of the metrics are:

    1. What domain authority does the website that links to you enjoy?
    2. How old is the domain that links to you?
    3. How many other websites does the website that links to you link to?
    4. Has the website been misused for "fraudulent purposes" in the past?
    5. What top-level domain does the website that links to you sit on?

What attributes can backlinks take on and which are most valuable?

Backlinks can take on different attributes, the following are the most popular ones:

  1. DoFollow links
  2. NoFollow links
  3. Sponsored links

DoFollow links are the most valuable for link building, as these give the search engine the signal to follow the link and classify the target page as relevant. But also the types of links are relevant for link building to show the search engine that it is organic link building and thus avoid penalties.

Our link building specialists know the right recipe for your link building dish and make sure that the search engine tastes it and comes back.

How can you make sure that the backlinks on your website are thematically relevant?

To ensure whether a backlink is thematically relevant, outreach should take care to contact websites that produce thematically relevant content.
We have built up a portfolio of over 2500 pages in the last few years and can therefore guarantee topic-relevant link building.


How to judge the quality of a backlink?

To assess the quality of a backlink, our link building experts consult various metrics to be able to guarantee optimized link building:

How relevant to the topic is the potential publisher?

For how authority does the search engine rank the potential publisher?

How many do-follow backlinks does the potential publisher enjoy?

How long is the domain of the potential publisher ready in the search engine index?

How much organic traffic does the site get per month?

How can you implement a successful link building strategy?

Setting up a successful link building strategy is not child's play. Our team has already proven several times that we can do just that. SEO Case Studies

In addition to the metrics already mentioned, speed also plays an important role, of course. If we build several 100 backlinks from one day to the next, this can be a sign for the search engine that we are trying to manipulate the search result. Which can again lead to a penalty and a loss of ranking.

How can I measure my link building to make sure it is successful?

Our experts can monitor link building with several paid tools.

Here we pay close attention to aspects such as: 

What websites link to you 

How relevant are the websites that also refer to you

Are the websites that link to you possibly harmful

How do your link building rankings develop?

Where we can pick up low-hanging fruit with targeted link building 

How intensively do your competitors do link building and which strategy works well or not so well for them?

How does the number of backlinks to a website affect search engine optimization?

The number of backlinks of a website is a crucial factor in assessing the relevance of a website for search engines. 

However, the number is of course not the only factor that search engines use for evaluation. Important factors that our experts and the search engine, also include in the evaluation are, for example, topic relevance of the domain, age of the domain, authority of the website, etc....

To give you an understanding of link building and its pitfalls as well as possibilities, let's take a short trip into the past of Google ...

Understand the role of link building - links as a ranking factor

Links as ranking factor have enabled Google to dominate the search engine market as early as the late 1990s. One of Google's founders, Larry Page, invented PageRank, which Google used to measure the quality of a page based on, among other things, the number of links pointing to it. This metric was then used as part of the overall ranking algorithm and became a strong signal, as it was initially an excellent way to determine the quality of a page. The basic idea behind it: A link could be seen as a vote of confidence and a recommendation for a page. Accordingly, a website with poor content would not receive links, as it did not deserve them. The theory is that when someone links to another website, they are in a sense casting a vote and saying, "This is a good resource". Otherwise, you wouldn't link (or recommend) this website, just like you wouldn't send a friend to a bad restaurant. We as Link building agency show you how to strengthen your backlinks and where unused potential is waiting.


backlink building

Backlinks as ranking factor - daily business in our link building agency

The type of recommendation in the form of a backlink is still extremely relevant today for anyone who wants to see their website in the top rankings on Google. This is because, in addition to almost 200 other factors, external links are still an important part of the Google algorithm and thus crucial for professional, successful search engine optimization.

In our link building agency we know the recipe for good rankings: informative and keyword-optimized content recommended by other, authentic sites in the form of backlinks. With this strategy, most of the work is already done. However, it is not quite that simple. In reality, these SEO measures prove to be much more cumbersome, since Google has naturally taken precautions here and does not simply give away its rankings. And you should not do that either, but rely on professional link building. And that's what you get in our link building agency.



Why Google doesn't want you to do link building ...

Let's scroll back in history a bit more ...

It didn't take long for SEOs to notice how PageRank and search results could be manipulated with respect to selected keywords. The result? Google began actively finding ways to detect websites that were doing just that: manipulating search results. Regular updates were introduced with the aim of identifying websites that were doing excessive link building and therefore didn't actually deserve their ranking.



... although it works!

But that wasn't all. Google also began to penalize a number of link building techniques that were previously considered practical. Among them, for example, submitting a website to an excessive number of bookmark portals, larger amounts of link exchanges, so-called link farms and links from pages that link to other spam sites ("bad neighborhood").

The use of bookmarks was a technique that Google actually recommended at one point, but it too was abused and overused by SEOs and link building agencies, so Google stopped placing value on these types of links. But which aspects are currently the most effective? This is exactly what we deal with every day at the link building agency - and find smart solutions for your website.


linkbuilding service
linkbuilding agency

Penalties from Google - the end of link building?

In recent years, Google has actively penalized the rankings of websites that make excessive use of these techniques - often referred to as Overoptimization or unnatural link building have used in their link building. One example of this is Google's regular Penguin updates.

All these updates were intended to reduce the susceptibility to manipulation and to dilute the significance of individual factors in the increasing quantity of influencing factors. Over the last few years, such updates have always occurred with ever shorter frequency. And yet the studies of recent years all show the following result: Backlinks work AND are among the most influential factors affecting rankings.

The following studies are involved:

  • MOZ Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015, Correlations Data & Expert Survey

  • SEO Ranking Factors 2018, 

  • SEMrush Ranking Factors 2.0

Knowing which link building techniques to avoid and how Google evaluates the quality of backlinks is an important topic, but again, it is a completely separate E-Book worth and would overstretch the scope of this little "snack". As a link building agency, we are always up to date with Google. With us, you don't have to read the e-book, because we do the work for you. Sounds good?

The full algorithm Google uses to determine its search results is not known - it's the company's "secret sauce". Despite this fact, the general consensus in the international SEO community:


Links still play a big role in this algorithm!

Only in Germany, many SEOs still hold on to the misconception that link building would not work and should be neglected - or that Google would be able to track link building and devalue it, making it superfluous. In our link building agency we are sure: Backlinks add value to your pages. Therefore, you should not neglect them in any case, but promote them with our help.


What belongs to a successful link building strategy

We will answer this question in our Link building agency very much. Link building is more than just linking one page to another. Uncontrolled link building not only costs a lot of money, but is likely to have a very negative impact on your rankings. There are several factors that need to be considered in order to start a successful link campaign. This includes, for example, the quality of the backlinks. If a well-known news site links to your website, this is a big trust signal for Google. If, on the other hand, you receive a lot of suspicious spam links from dubious sites without content, Google may also classify you as spam and you will lose valuable rankings. That's why you should trust a professional link building agency when selecting backlinks and have them checked whether they are trustworthy links.

Another important factor are Anchor texts. These should be in a balanced ratio of

  • generic call-to-action (such as "click here" or "learn more"),

  • Brand keywords (such as the name of the website, company or owner) and

  • special keywords (which in the best case are directly related to the content of the linked page)

exist. In plain language, this means: If all link targets are underpinned with the same anchor text and a total of 60 out of 100 backlinks link to your page with "Buy here", then the Google algorithm classifies this as a suspicious signal.

We as a link building agency advise you competently on the subject of anchor texts and provide you with high quality backlinks with a balanced anchor text ratio. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a natural link building with high chances of success!


linkbuilding seo

Guest posts - are they essential?

High-quality guest posts are the most important cornerstone of a successful link building campaign. A guest post is generally understood to be a (blog) post with links relevant to the topic. Here's a quick example:

An online store for lawn mowers wants to increase its visibility on the web through targeted link building. For this purpose, a professional link building agency arranges contact with various blog operators who have focused on the topics of garden, home and living and who provide regular Content published. Now a new blog post is written on the topic "What types of lawn mowers are there?" and links are made to the online store at appropriate points in the text. This way Google recognizes that the linked store is relevant to the topic and trustworthy, as it is recommended by other sites in the field.

We as professional Link building agency have a wide network with over 1000 site or blog owners who regularly publish articles about our customers with corresponding premium links. This measure is not only a positive ranking signal for Google, but can also improve PR at the same time. You can find out more about this under our service "Online Reputation Management“.


Forum links in the cosmos of link building

These do not have the same quality as a real blog post, but are accordingly cheaper and can be produced faster. For this reason, link building by means of guest posts can be excellently supplemented by forum links. But here, too, the principle applies: In addition to a balanced anchor text ratio, both the quality of the page and the thematic relevance are crucial for the success of the link building campaign.

As a link building agency, we have authentic profiles in many forums that are regularly maintained by posting or commenting on useful posts. Thus, it is possible for us to place recommendations in the form of links at the appropriate place, which help users as well as our customers and place their page in the top rankings on Google - win-win for everyone!


link building agency

What makes a good link building agency?

While other Online marketing agencies, especially in the area Search engine optimizationIf we put too much focus on rather unimportant details, we concentrate on the parts that are responsible for 80 % of success. A data-driven content strategy can be perfectly complemented by targeted link building to achieve a top ranking of your website in Google. We fill your link profile with premium links and thus ensure more visibility of the site on the web.

Through our focused work as Link building agency we have gained a lot of experience about the effect of backlinks and can now rely on a wide network of publishers in all possible industries and niches. Link building is still a great way to improve your rankings on Google and thus increase your sales in the long term. Of course, there are many important factors that determine the success of your campaign, but we as a link building agency support you in all aspects.


THE link building agency - Google-Top positions with Wolf of SEO!

Our online marketing agency has been conducting professional Link building campaigns and was able to not only gain a lot of valuable practical experience, but also build a huge network of site and blog owners in all areas and niches. This allows us to cover all topics and place relevant links for our clients.

As a professional link building agency, we know the optimal anchor text ratio, can bring very specific subpages and/or product categories into the top rankings through targeted link building and know what is allowed according to Google guidelines.

In addition, we create in the Link building agency at the beginning of our work a detailed link audit, which shows us the previous weak points as well as dangerous spam links in the link profile of your site. This measure enables us to build links efficiently, which not only benefits the customer's wallet, but also their rankings. Subsequently, we clean up your site with a linkdetox and remove all suspicious spam links.

In a free initial consultation, you will learn more about our strategy as a link building agency and why we deliver the best link building service in Germany!


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