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SEO Case Studies - this is possible with good SEO

Search engine optimization is still underestimated by many. Many companies and online stores rely on loyal customers who order again and again, or simply do not know SEO as another sales channel. However, this attitude can cost you some valuable customers. We have managed many projects in the past and will show you here in our SEO Case Studieswhat you can achieve with our support. Because while many others underestimate SEO, you set exactly the right screws in the future.


On the basis of our SEO Case Studies you can get an idea of what is possible with modern search engine optimization. We show you projects from many industries, all with one goal: to generate a new, organic sales channel.

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Green Me Up Case Study

Green Me Up

+ 2,265 keywords in the Google Top 10
16-fold traffic

Dogs'n Tiger

43-fold traffic
+2,101 keywords in the Google Top 10


15-fold traffic
+1350 % Keywords in Google Top 3
Tooth hero

Tooth hero

+220% Traffic
+298 keywords in Google Top 10

Momento Acoustics

+1900 % keywords in Google Top 3
more than 20 times the traffic


+2560 % keywords in Google Top 10
more than 8 times the traffic


+15600 % Keywords in Google Top 3
more than 30 times traffic


+228 % Keywords in Google Top 10
more than 1.5 times traffic


+96 % Keywords in Google Top 3
almost 2 times traffic

Aluminum sale

+512 % keywords in 1st place
more than 3 times traffic


+84 keywords in the top 3
1.5 times traffic

Foliage Dreams

+213.13 % Traffic
+368 % Keywords in 1st place


6-fold traffic
+780 % Keywords in Google Top 3


15-fold traffic
+1350 % Keywords in Google Top 3
bling case study header


20-fold traffic
225 more keywords in Google top 3

Biotec Klute

220% more visibility
Nearly 18 times the traffic


+637% Top 10 Keywords
0 to 12,609 visitors

Lucky Hemp

+593% Top 10 Keywords
30-fold traffic
schullv app logo


+331 % Visibility
5.5 times traffic
gift joy logo

Gift joy

+893 % Visibility
10-fold traffic
Fairnatural Case Study
Fairnatural Logo Transparent


+32,600 % Visibility
Almost 16-fold traffic
case study bächlein kitchen


+343 % Visibility
5.5 times traffic

Garden House Factory

+128 % Visibility
Almost 3 times the traffic

Fizzy world24

+47.100 % Visibility
0 to 2,000 visitors


+82,300 % Visibility
631-fold traffic


+1.000 % Visibility
2,800-fold traffic
Kautsch header


+538 % Visibility
Almost 7.5 times the traffic
Signal Wrapping - 03

Signal Wrapping

+1769 % Visibility
14-fold traffic

Your language coach

+ 629,600 % Visibility
Nearly 630 times the traffic

Animal lover

+1.000 % Visibility
2.5 times traffic
seo case study wahu board


+25,200 % Visibility
0 to 11,500 visitors

Lynis nail store

+758 % Visibility
More than 3 times traffic

Hoffmann Germany

+2,560 % Visibility
More than 16 times traffic

Gym Nutrition

+4.225 % Visibility
More than 3 times traffic

Lion's share

+860.56 % Visibility
5 times traffic

Rose Valley

+100 % Visibility
Almost 3 times the traffic


+ 1.007 % Visibility
Almost 74 times the traffic

Jonah Sleep

+414 % Visibility
Almost 2.2 times the traffic

Futura Shop

+187 % Visibility after 8 months
More than 4 times traffic

Paw Doctor

+1100 % Visibility
1400-fold traffic


+330 % Visibility
14-fold traffic

Bitter Love

+580 % Visibility
10-fold traffic

Understanding SEO Case Studies - we show you project flow & results

Take a look at our SEO Case Studies. They simply show you which successes are possible for you and your business. In the SEO Case Studies, we first introduce the project to you in more detail. The hard facts show you without much frills among other things the project goals, the budget, the time period and the result. Here you can get a rough overview.

Based on the Google rankings, we show you in the SEO Case Studies what effect Content optimization, Linkbuilding and Co. have on the SERPs. Because while many areas are underestimated, we get the biggest effect out of OnPage optimization. 

In addition to the rankings, the resulting traffic also plays an important role, because it is crucial for new leads and sales. In our SEO case studies, you can see transparently on the basis of the graphics how the projects have progressed and how high the traffic was at the beginning and at the end of the project. 

Of course, not only the results are relevant for the SEO Case Studies, but also the way there. For each project, we adapt our SEO strategy so that the measures are optimally tailored to our customers and their target group. We work with set goals and get an intensive overview of the market and the competition. Because for the best and most sustainable success, not only your own store is important, but also the strength of your competitors.

SEO Case Studies: Examples of professional search engine optimization

As an agency, we have served many different clients - from pet supplies to car wraps to cosmetics and grooming products. Therefore, we can provide you with results from different niches:

➜ E-Commerce SEO Case Studies show what effects the improvement of rankings has on traffic.

➜ Local SEO Case Studies illustrate that website optimization can also be worthwhile for local businesses and does not only cover online stores.

➜ On the basis of our B2B SEO Case Studies you can see how search engine optimization helps to create an organic sales channel for a wholesaler, for example. 

Every single SEO case study shows: SEO brings success. For it to really work, the path must be right - and that's what we're here for.

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Why do SEO? Our case studies show you!

Of course, it means work and financial resources when it comes to search engine optimization. But we can tell you: If you pursue a clever strategy - like we do in our SEO projects - then the investment will definitely pay off. Because as our case studies show, you can achieve new successes with Search Engine Optimization.


In our SEO Case Studies we show you successes that have been achieved with our support. First of all, good search engine optimization ensures that ... 

... your website will rank on page 1 of Google search results for more keywords.

... you have more keywords in the top 3 results.

... your store ranks on position 1 of the SERPs for significantly more keywords - i.e. it is at the top.

... your products are simply easier to find.


For our customers we have clearly summarized the results of the rankings in the SEO Case Studies. Take a look at the SEO Case Studies for different projects and see the Google rankings - you can see a decent increase in all projects. 

But this is only one part of our SEO Case Studies - because based on this, further successes develop in the individual projects.


What our customers say

Is SEO worthwhile for you too?

Browse through the SEO case studies - you're sure to find a project that is comparable to your business. Because SEO works in almost every industry. Both local businesses and online stores can take advantage of search engine optimization and benefit from the higher reach. 


We enable you to get a small taste of what you can achieve with our help in addition to our SEO Case Studies. The SEO sales calculator calculates the SEO revenue potential of your niche in just a few steps. We want to help you better assess your investment in SEO from a business perspective: To what extent can SEO be profitable for me? The very next day you will receive a smart calculation from us, which we will prepare individually for you using our tools, among other things.

Use SEO for your business success - we help you!

No matter if freshly founded or already established on the market: With SEO you can make your website, your online store or your company more visible online. Of course, this is easier said than done, because search engine optimization involves many individual steps, which should at best be precisely coordinated and interlock with each other. Sounds complicated? Our Team of experienced SEOs develops a strategy tailored to your business. Together we make sure that your rankings improve continuously. The SEO case studies give you a small taste of what you can expect with the right measures: higher visibility, more leads, increasing sales. What are you waiting for?

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FAQ about the SEO Case Studies

FAQ link building

What is the goal of an SEO Case Study?

The goal of an SEO Case Study is to document and analyze the successes or improvements of an SEO campaign to show other companies or individuals how they can achieve similar success.

What elements should be included in an SEO Case Study?

An SEO Case Study should typically include the following elements: an overview of the company or brand, the goals of the SEO campaign, the SEO actions taken, the results achieved, and the lessons learned from analyzing the results.

How are SEO case studies usually presented?

SEO Case Studies are usually presented as reports or presentations that summarize the key findings and results of the campaign. They can also be published in the form of blog posts or infographics.

Why are SEO Case Studies important?

SEO Case Studies are important because they show other companies or individuals how they can achieve similar success. They can also serve as reference material for future SEO campaigns and help to understand the effectiveness of SEO measures.

Are there any examples of successful SEO case studies?

Yes, on this page you will find many successfully managed SEO customer projects. These SEO case studies show you what potential SEO has for your website or online store.

What should you look for in an SEO case study?

  1. The results should be presented in detail to understand the impact of the SEO measures on the website's traffic and conversion rates.

  2. The SEO measures that have been implemented should be described in detail so that other companies or individuals can understand how similar successes can be achieved.

  3. The lessons learned from the analysis of the results should be presented clearly and understandably so that others can learn from the experience.

  4. The Case Study should be objective and honest by presenting both the positive and negative results.

  5. It should be shown how the results of the SEO campaign fit into the larger context of the company or brand to illustrate the importance of the results.

Are SEO Case Studies serious?

There are both reputable and less reputable SEO case studies. As with any other field, there are those in SEO who may not be fully transparent about the results of their campaigns, or may present the results in a way that does not accurately represent what was actually achieved.

To make sure that an SEO case study is reputable, you should pay attention to a few things:

  1. Are the results presented in detail and can they be easily understood?

  2. Were all actions taken during the campaign described in detail?

  3. Were both positive and negative results presented?

  4. Was it explained how the results fit into the larger context of the company or brand?

If an SEO case study meets these criteria, it is likely to be reputable. However, it is always advisable to consult several sources to get a comprehensive picture.

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