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7 SEO sins

Increase your SEO revenue by avoiding these 7 sins and getting your SEO strategy right!
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The SEO Practice Manual 2022

How can you use SEO effectively in your project or company - without making the typical mistakes? It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or if you already have SEO experience: In this eBook you will find a clear guide for every relevant SEO problem. Niels shows you the most common mistakes - paired with clear and practical solutions that increase your visitor numbers through good rankings in Google. This is the only way you can use SEO as a sustainable sales channel. Let's go!


Chapter Overview:

It makes a big difference if you just do SEO on the side or if there is a targeted plan behind it. In this chapter you will learn how to read and understand the data of your website and what is important for a rough overview.

Many online marketers see SEO in a false light. But what aspects should you really focus on to make SEO a useful tool for you? You'll find out in this chapter.

Do you know this moment? You go to a page suggested by Google, but the content there doesn't help you at all with your actual search intention - or it's far too complicated to understand. In this chapter you will get everything you need to avoid falling into this "content trap" yourself.

It's 2022, and if your competition is miles ahead of you, you need to do something about it. In this chapter, you'll learn how to optimize your website for SEO.

The best site is of no use to you if it is not visible to the Google algorithm. In this chapter, Niels explains how you can make it easier for Google to understand your website, so that it is then displayed to customers relevant to you.

You can also improve your SEO within the infrastructure of your website! You will learn which method to use and how to apply it in chapter 6.

This aspect of SEO allows you to quickly gain relevance on Google and thus achieve top rankings. It's your own fault if you omit it and miss out on many site visitors.

What does well-implemented SEO ultimately look like? In the bonus chapter you get a case study from Niels. It shows how a customer was able to generate over €150,000 in new revenue through SEO measures. In addition, you will get further valuable resources to start your SEO success.

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The biggest SEO mistakes


No boring phrases, but facts and figures that help you finally understand SEO.


Practical tips and tools to improve your SEO strategy immediately.

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You know little about SEO until now? Perfect, because this is exactly where the book comes in.

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SEO is not magic! The book gives you important metrics to measure your SEO success.

Hi! I am Niels

For more than half a decade, I have been dealing with the question of how to place websites on the first places in Google rankings with a clear strategy and efficiently implementable methods. In the process, I have managed more than 200 client projects and achieved over 1500 top 3 rankings in all kinds of service niches, product categories and local search queries.

In my book I show you the most common mistakes in SEO and give you crystal clear to-dos and solutions to avoid them. In addition, you get my recommendations for SEO tools and tools with which you can immediately go into your own implementation.

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