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What are social bookmarks

"Social bookmarking" is one of those marketing buzzwords that has been thrown around for over a decade and used in countless different ways online. Let's explore it a bit more in this post.

What are social bookmarks?

The use of a bookmark in physical media also with you surely common practice. You're reading a book, come to a point where you need to stop, so you put a physical object in the book to mark the spot. Sometimes it's a metal bookmark, sometimes it's a piece of paper, and some people even fold the page of the book. Such people are, of course, heathens, but that is beside the point here.

The bookmark for a page on the web is similar if you consider the whole internet as the book. You mark the place with a bookmark. With web browsers, this basically just means bookmarking the URL of the page you are on and save them in a file somewhere. You can see all your bookmarks and related information through your web browser or by exporting the bookmarks file and opening it with a tool like Notepad++. Sometimes it is an HMTL or XML file, sometimes it is a JSON file, it depends on the Browser and the version.

With normal web bookmarking, you can return to the web page you were on at any time, as long as you use the same computer and the same Browser use. When you use the Browser switch without importing or syncing bookmarks, or use a different device, your bookmarks will be left behind.

Bookmarks also work online

Take this one step further and you have a web-based, Cloud-based form of bookmarking. You use a service like Pocket, Evernote, or Google Bookmarks to store all your data. Some have additional features, like how Evernote can record media and notes as well as URLs, or how Google Bookmarks contains saved locations from your Google Maps.

Some of these services stray into social bookmarking territory, and other services are based on the concept but use it differently. Social bookmarking, if you think of the bookmarking idea even further, is setting a list of your bookmarks on the web. It would be like going from Browser-bookmarks would have exported and published here where you could see it. The Evernote service can do this, but other sites are also specifically designed to do this.

I'm sure you've heard of some of the most popular social bookmarking sites. Even Pinterest is social bookmarking at its core, with the visual representation of a pinboard for thematic purposes. Reddit, too, is a social bookmarking site that focuses on building communities around specific interests; anything you post is a "bookmark" that you think others might find interesting. Delicious, StumbleUpon ,and others all offer some variation on the social bookmarking idea.

Examples of social bookmarking sites

Here is a table of some common social bookmarking platforms that have been used for SEO purposes in the past. However, I would like to point out that social bookmarking is no longer considered a modern or effective SEO tactic. However, these platforms can still be useful for sharing content and increasing online presence.

PlatformURLSpecial features
Deliciouswww.delicious.comOldest and most popular social bookmarking site
Diggwww.digg.comCurated content and bookmark function
Redditwww.reddit.comUser-generated content, subreddits
StumbleUpon/Mixwww.mix.comDiscovery platform
Pinterestwww.pinterest.comVisual oriented, especially for images
Diigowww.diigo.comResearch oriented, comments possible
Folkdwww.folkd.comSocial bookmarking with voting system
Scoop.itwww.scoop.itContent curation
Slashdotwww.slashdot.orgTechnology and science news
We Heart Itwww.weheartit.comImages and videos, youth target group
Pocketwww.getpocket.comReading lists and article storage
Farkwww.fark.comCommunity-based news sharing
BizSugarwww.bizsugar.comFocus on small businesses
Pearltreeswww.pearltrees.comVisual collection and sharing of web pages
Feedlywww.feedly.comRSS reader and content curation
Mendeleywww.mendeley.comScientific works and studies
Blinklistwww.blinklist.comPrivate and public bookmarks
Kirtsywww.kirtsy.comWomen oriented content
Blogmarkswww.blogmarks.netBlog focus, public and private options
Evernotewww.evernote.comNotes, clipping web pages

Please note that the effectiveness of these platforms for SEO purposes varies greatly and there is no guarantee that using them will have a positive impact on your rankings. Use should therefore be carefully considered and viewed in the context of a broader SEO strategy.

The potential benefits of social bookmarking

Social bookmarking can have some advantages. For one thing, it is a Link. The quality of the link is important, of course, as is whether or not the link is followed or unfollowed. A link from Reddit can range from worthless to excellent. A link from Folkd will probably be worthless at best.

In addition, social bookmarking can also give you Traffic bring Again, posting in a high-traffic sub on Reddit can get you a lot of clicks on the page. Whether that is more valuable Traffic is or is not, of course, depends on the topic relevance. However, in many cases, social bookmarking sites will not give you a Traffic bring

Another potential benefit may be a faster indexing of your content. This can be especially useful if you are launching a new website or blog. You want Google to find it and index it as quickly as possible. If Google keeps a close eye on the site - as it does on Reddit - that can mean it finds your site almost immediately. Of course, submitting a Sitemap in the Google Search Console have the same effect, so this advantage is questionable.

Good content on a good social bookmarking site also has the potential, viral to go. The term "viral", means more traffic, More distribution and lots of links from people who read your content and decide to share it themselves or link to it from their own sites.

Depending on the location, it may also strong social interaction come. A website like Reddit, Pinterest, or even Twitter to some extent can be considered a form of social bookmarking, and they all have influential users. When you publish content, you have the potential to eventually become one of those influential users, or to network and connect with influencers who can help make your content more popular.


Social bookmarking sites have played an interesting role in the SEO landscape, especially in the early years of the Search engine optimization. At that time they were considered a quick and easy option, Backlinks generate and increase the visibility of a website. However, times have changed. Search engines like Google have refined their algorithms so that the simple construction of Backlinks through social bookmarking no longer has the impact it once had.

However, that doesn't mean that social bookmarking sites don't have Relevance have more. They are still useful for content distribution and can contribute to the Traffic-and branding. For example, specialized platforms such as Mendeley or BizSugar can attract specific target groups and thus provide qualified Traffic generate. They also provide a platform for professionals and interested parties to share expertise and resources, which can indirectly increase the credibility and authority of a website or brand.

However, caution is advised: Mass posting of links on such platforms can be considered spam and even have negative effects on the Ranking have. It is therefore advisable to take a selective and strategic approach. Use social bookmarking as one part of a comprehensive SEO and content marketing plan, not as a quick fix for better rankings.

In conclusion, it can be said that social bookmarking plays a differentiated role in modern SEO strategy. It should be considered as one tool among many in a broad arsenal. The times when simple bookmarking had a great influence are over. But with the right strategy, these platforms can still make a valuable contribution to achieving your overall goals.

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What is a bookmark? arrow icon in accordion
A bookmark is a reference to a page or a specific point on a web page. It allows you to easily find the page again later without having to remember the exact link. It is a convenient, fast and easy way to save web pages.
How do I create a bookmark? arrow icon in accordion
Most of the time you can create a bookmark simply by clicking the icon that corresponds to the bookmark in your browser. It can be found in the address bar or in the menu of your browser. Or you can press Ctrl + D to create a bookmark.
Can I save my bookmarks? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can save your bookmarks by exporting them in your browser. To do this, select the 'Save Bookmarks' option from your browser's menu. You can then download and save your bookmarks.
What are bookmarks for? arrow icon in accordion
Bookmarks are useful for referring back to web pages you visit frequently. You can also divide your bookmarks into categories to find them more easily.
Where can I find my bookmarks? arrow icon in accordion
Most of the time you can find your bookmarks in a separate menu or list located at the top of the browser window. In some browsers there is also an icon for bookmarks, usually located in the address bar.
Can I save my bookmarks on multiple devices? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can sync your bookmarks across multiple devices by setting your browser to sync your bookmarks across all devices. This way, you'll always have access to your bookmarks no matter where you are.
Can I share my bookmarks with others? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can share your bookmarks with other people by creating a link to your bookmarks. This is a good way to recommend interesting websites or allow other people to access your bookmarks.
Are there any programs that I can use to organize my bookmarks? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, there are a number of programs that you can use to organize your bookmarks. With these programs, you can sort your bookmarks by categories and share them with others. You can also edit existing bookmarks or add new ones.
Can I also print my bookmarks? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can print your bookmarks by selecting the appropriate option in your browser's menu. You can also use some programs to export your bookmarks as HTML file and then print them.
Is there any way to back up my bookmarks? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can back up your bookmarks by exporting them and saving a copy on an external disk. This way, you can restore your bookmarks even if you need to reinstall your browser due to a problem.

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