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What is Scrape box


Scrape Box is a unique SEO tool that allows you to perform multiple search engine searches at once and collect results. It is a software designed for SEO tasks that allows you to collect search engine data faster and more efficiently. This tool can be used to perform a variety of SEO tasks, such as creating Backlinks, collecting keywords, testing link popularity, etc.

Main functions of ScrapeBox:

a. Keyword-Research: It can be used to collect and analyze a variety of keywords based on specific niches or search terms.

b. Mass-URL-Harvester: It can extract tens of thousands of URLs in minutes based on specific keywords from multiple search engines.

c. Backlink Checker: Check which websites link to a particular domain.

d. Mass PR Checker: Check the PageRank for a list of URLs.

e. Blog Commenter: Automated posting of comments on blogs (note: this should be used with caution to avoid spamming).

f. Proxy Tester: Check and manage proxies for your scraping activities.

How to use ScrapeBox?

a. Installation and setup: After purchasing and downloading ScrapeBox, the program needs to be installed and launched. It is advisable to use proxies, especially if you want to scrape on a large scale, to avoid IP bans.

b. Keyword-Research: Go to the Keyword-Scraper tool, enter your main keywords and let the tool collect related keywords.

c. URL-Harvesting: Use the main "harvester", enter your keywords and collect URLs from the search engines you want.

d. Backlink and PR check: Import the URLs you want to check and let the tool do the work.

e. Automated blog commenting: Create a list of blogs and a list of comments. Select the blogs you want to comment on and let the tool post the comments (again, be careful not to be perceived as spam).

f. Using add-ons: ScrapeBox has many add-ons that you can install and use as needed.


Scrape Box has many advantages for SEOs. First of all, it is a very easy-to-use tool, so you can use it without any problems. It can also be used quickly, so you'll get results in no time. Besides, it allows you to search automatically on multiple search engines, so you can gather results faster and more efficiently. It also offers the possibility of filtering results, so you'll only get those that are relevant to your tasks.


Scrape Box also has some disadvantages. First of all, it is a very expensive tool, so not everyone has access to it for SEO tasks. It is also not suitable for beginners, as it requires some time and experience to master the tool. Besides, it is possible that when you scraping is blocked by search engines, which can lead to a loss of data.

Use cases

ScrapeBox is a widely used SEO tool that was originally developed to "scrape" search engine results. Over the years, many additional features have been added, so it now has a wide variety of use cases. Here are some of the most common uses:

  1. Keyword-Research: ScrapeBox allows you to collect large amounts of keywords from various sources, which is especially useful for identifying niche keywords that you may have missed.
    • Example: You could search for "running shoes" and get a list of related terms and phrases that users actually type into search engines.
  2. Link building and backlink analysis: ScrapeBox can be used to find websites that link in a specific niche, which is helpful for finding link building partners or guestblogging-Identify opportunities.
    • Example: You could find all the websites that link to your competitors but not to your website, and then target them as potential link building partners.
  3. Comment spamming: (Attention! This method is generally not recommended and may result in penalties) ScrapeBox can be used to publish automated comments on blogs and other platforms. This method has often been used by black hat SEOs in the past to Backlinks to generate.
    • Example: A user could use ScrapeBox to automatically post thousands of comments with links to their website on blogs.
  4. Website audits and On-page SEO: ScrapeBox includes tools that allow you to scrape on-page elements such as meta tags, headings and other SEO-related data from websites.
    • Example: You could use the Meta descriptionen of a competitor website to see which keywords they are targeting.
  5. Checking proxy lists: Since ScrapeBox retrieves large amounts of data from search engines, this can lead to temporary IP bans. To counteract this, you can use the tool to check proxy lists and make sure you have working IPs.
    • Example: In front of a large Scraping-process, you could go through your proxy list to make sure that all proxies are functional.
  6. Email collection: ScrapeBox can be used to collect email addresses from websites. This can be useful for Outreach-campaigns, but should be conducted responsibly and in accordance with data protection regulations.
    • Example: You could search for sites that publish content on a particular topic, and then collect contact emails from those sites.

In summary is ScrapeBox a versatile tool with a wide range of applications in the SEO field. However, it is important to act responsibly and follow White Hat best practices to avoid potential penalties or ethical concerns.


Scrape Box is a powerful SEO tool that can be used for a wide range of SEO tasks. It allows you to automatically search on multiple search engines, create Backlinks, collecting keywords, testing link popularity, etc. Its advantages are ease of use, fast results and the ability to filter results. However, it is an expensive tool and not suitable for beginners. All in all Scrape Box a very useful tool that allows you to complete your SEO tasks quickly and efficiently.

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What is Scrapebox? arrow icon in accordion
Scrapebox is a powerful SEO tool that automates the processing of various SEO tasks. It can be used to find backlinks, research keywords and send ping and blog comments.
Can Scrapebox track detected backlinks? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Scrapebox can track detected backlinks. With the "Backlink Analyzer" feature you can find out which backlinks actually lead to your site and which do not.
Can Scrapebox help you get more traffic? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Scrapebox can help you get more traffic by offering you various options, such as sending ping and blog comments. It can also be used to find backlinks to better position your page on search engines and get more traffic.
Can Scrapebox be used to write articles? arrow icon in accordion
No, Scrapebox cannot be used to write articles. However, it can be used to research keywords that can help you write articles that are relevant and interesting.
Can several people use Scrapebox at the same time? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, multiple people can use Scrapebox at the same time as long as they have a subscription. All users who have a subscription can use Scrapebox at the same time.
Is Scrapebox legal? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Scrapebox is a completely legal tool. However, it offers you various options that are not always allowed by law. Thus, you need to be careful when using Scrapebox to make sure that you do not do anything unlawful.
Can my data be stolen with Scrapebox? arrow icon in accordion
No, your data will not be stolen with Scrapebox. If you want to feel safe while using the tool, you can use a secure password and store your data on a secure server.
Can Scrapebox manage my blog? arrow icon in accordion
No, Scrapebox cannot be used to manage your blog. However, it can be used to track your readers' behavior and help you get more traffic.
Can Scrapebox be downloaded to my computer? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Scrapebox can be downloaded to your computer. There is a free version that you can download to try Scrapebox before you decide to subscribe.
Can Scrapebox automatically optimize my website? arrow icon in accordion
No, Scrapebox cannot be used to automatically optimize your website. However, it can be used to find backlinks to better position your site in search engines.

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