Google Analytics Client ID

Google Analytics Client ID
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What is Google Analytics Client ID


A Google Analytics Client ID is a unique alphanumeric string that is assigned to a website user when they visit the site. This Client ID is used to track activities that the user undertakes on the website and serves as a link to other data that is collected about him. It is a sequential number that is randomly generated to create a unique profile of a user.

How does the Client ID work?

When a user visits a web page that has been created with Google Analytics is tracked, GA (Google Analytics) places a cookie in the Browser of the visitor. This cookie contains the client ID, a combination of numbers and letters. Each time the website is visited again, GA checks whether this cookie is present. If it is present, GA knows that this user has visited the site before. If it is not present (e.g. because Cookies have been deleted or it is a first visit), a new cookie with a new client ID is created.

What can I do with the Client ID?

  1. Cross-user tracking: If you have multiple domains or subdomains and want a user to be recognized as the same user across all of them, you can use the client ID to set the Cross-domain tracking to enable
  2. Merging offline and online dataIf you want to track both online and offline interactions (e.g., in-store purchases) of your customers, you can use Client ID to combine this data in Google Analytics.
  3. Advanced segmentationsClient ID allows you to create specific user segments to analyze the behavior of specific user groups in more detail.
  4. Personalization: Some advanced websites use the client ID to show personalized content or offers based on a user's past behavior.
  5. Retargeting/RemarketingYou can create lists based on the client ID to retarget specific user groups with ads.

Privacy and Client ID

It is important to note that while Client ID recognizes individual users across sessions, it does not No personal data contains. It therefore does not reveal the identity of the user. Nevertheless, you should make sure that your privacy policy and cookie notice cover the use of Google Analytics and the use of Client ID.

In summary the Client ID in Google Analytics enables a deeper understanding of your users' behavior and preferences. It is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, offers many insights and optimization opportunities.


A great advantage of a Google Analytics Client ID is that it allows companies to track an individual user's interaction with the website. It allows the company to collect a lot of data about that individual user, which greatly improves website analytics and optimization. It also allows businesses to create personalized experiences for the user, which increases user retention.


One disadvantage of using the Google Analytics Client ID is that it represents a certain intrusion into the user's privacy. The user cannot control what data is collected about them, and they may be uncomfortable being tracked. Another disadvantage is that the use of client IDs can allow excessive data collection, which can lead to data overload.

Use cases

Google Analytics Client IDs can be used to support a number of use cases, including tracking website activity, collecting user profile data, targeting personalized advertising, and more. It can also be used to distinguish individual users from others who access a website using the same device or computer.


An example of the use of a Google Analytics Client ID is the tracking of visitor activity on the website. When a user visits the site, a client ID is generated and all of the user's activity on the site is recorded. This can help to understand how the site is used in order to optimize and improve the site.

Another example of the use of a Google Analytics Client ID is the targeting of personalized advertising. Companies can use the client ID to create individual profiles of their customers and target them, based on past activities and interests. This allows the company to personalize and optimize its advertising campaigns for better results.


Google Analytics Client IDs can be very useful for learning more about an individual user's activity on a website. It allows companies to collect a variety of data about an individual user to create personalized experiences and improve user engagement. However, it can be an intrusion into a user's privacy. Therefore, it is important that companies ensure that they protect the user's privacy while taking advantage of the Google Analytics Client ID use

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What is a Google Analytics Client ID? arrow icon in accordion
A client ID is a unique identifier that Google Analytics assigns to a visitor who visits your website. This ID is stored in cookies and allows Google Analytics to track the user's interactions across multiple sessions.
Why should I use a client ID? arrow icon in accordion
Using the client ID, you can track multiple visits and interactions of a single user in Google Analytics. This allows you to get a better idea of how visitors navigate and interact on your website.
How do I create a client ID? arrow icon in accordion
You can create a client ID in Google Analytics by going to the Admin tab and then clicking Client ID. A field will appear where you can enter your desired ID.
How do I use the client ID? arrow icon in accordion
Once you have created a client ID for your website, you can add it to your Google Analytics code with a unique code. This code allows Google Analytics to identify the user by the client ID.
Can I create multiple client IDs? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can create as many client IDs as you need. However, it is important that each client ID is unique and different from all others.
Can I use one client ID across multiple websites? arrow icon in accordion
No, each client ID is valid only for a single website and cannot be used across multiple websites.
Can I customize a client ID? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can customize the client ID by changing the code you insert into your Google Analytics code.
Can I associate multiple client IDs with my Google Analytics account? arrow icon in accordion
a, you can associate any number of client IDs with your Google Analytics account.
How long does a client ID remain valid? arrow icon in accordion
A client ID remains valid for the period of time that you have specified in your Google Analytics account. The default settings of a client ID are two years.
Can I use multiple client IDs at the same time? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can use multiple client IDs at the same time to collect and analyze data. However, it is important to note that each client ID is its own unique identifier and is valid for a specific website.

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