Article Spinning

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What is Article Spinning


Article Spinning refers to a process in which a text is completely or partially rewritten to produce different variations of the same content. This process can be performed manually or automated with the help of special software programs. The aim of the Article Spinning is to generate a greater amount of similar, but unique content, so that more Traffic to a website and gain an advantage over the competition.

Article Spinning - Good or Bad Idea?

Article Spinning was an earlier SEO technique of modifying existing online content to make it appear as new and unique articles. The goal of this method was to create multiple versions of an article in order to Backlinks build up and the Ranking to improve in the search engines. Let's take a closer look:

How worked Article Spinning?

At Article Spinning an existing article (or a self-created one) was taken and "spun" into several different versions through the use of synonyms, sentence rearrangements, or slight text changes. Subsequently, these versions were published on various websites, article directories, or blog networks in order to Backlinks to the main page.

Why is Article Spinning used less today?

  1. Google Updates: Since Google's Panda update in 2011, the way search engines rank content has changed significantly. Google increasingly relies on quality and user-relevant content to evaluate and rank websites. The use of spun articles nowadays can even lead to a penalty by Google, as this content is often classified as low-quality or even spam.
  2. Poor user experience: Spun articles are often poorly written and offer little value to the reader. This can lead to a negative user experience, which in turn reduces the Ranking of the website can have a negative influence. After all, search engines want to provide their users with relevant and high-quality results.
  3. Focus on content quality: Over the years, SEO best practices have changed significantly. Today, the focus is on creating high-quality, original content that provides real value to users. By providing useful and informative content, websites can create a better Ranking without resorting to risky techniques such as Article Spinning to have to fall back on.

Overall, the SEO landscape has changed a lot, and Article Spinning is an outdated and risky practice these days. Instead of relying on such techniques, you should focus on creating high-quality, original content to be successful in the search engines in the long run.


Article Spinning can be an effective way to get more Traffic to a web page and generate unique content. Another advantage is that it is a very fast and simple process that allows to create many variations of a certain content in a short time.


The biggest disadvantage of Article Spinning is that it is not very effective when it comes to generating content with high quality. Since the newly created content is usually only slightly modified, it is difficult to create unique content that is of high quality.

Use cases

Although Article Spinning considered an outdated and risky SEO practice nowadays, there have been some use cases in the past when using this technique. Here are some examples:

  1. Fast content creation: One of the main applications of Article Spinning was to create several versions of an article in a short time. Webmaster and SEO expertn used this method to produce large amounts of content for their websites or article directories without investing a lot of time and effort in creating completely new articles.
  2. Link building: Another use case of Article Spinning was the generation of Backlinks. Spinned articles were published on various platforms to link to the main page and thus make the Ranking in the search engines.
  3. Cost savings: Since spun articles were based on existing content, this method was more cost-effective than hiring writers to create entirely new text. Webmaster were thus able to reduce their content creation costs.
  4. Content Syndication: Article Spinning was also used to create content for syndication across multiple sites and platforms. Article spinning allowed the original content to be transformed into different variations so that it could be used on multiple sites without having to Duplicate Content arose.

It is important to emphasize that these use cases of Article Spinning are no longer recommended today, as they violate the guidelines of search engines like Google. Instead, the focus should be on creating high-quality, unique content to achieve long-term success in the search engines.

Article Spinning Tools

Although Article Spinning is not recommended nowadays because it violates Google's guidelines and often results in low-quality content, there used to be several tools that were used for this purpose. Here are some examples:

  1. The Best Spinner: The Best Spinner was one of the most popular Article Spinning Tools. It allowed users to automatically rewrite texts and add synonyms to generate unique content. With various settings, the spinning quality could be adjusted, but the quality often fell short of expectations.
  2. WordAI: WordAI is another tool that can be used for the Article Spinning was used. It claimed to be based on artificial intelligence to create human-like texts. Although it was better than many other tools, it still struggled to generate truly high-quality content.
  3. Spin Rewriter: Spin Rewriter is an online article spinning tool that allows users to rewrite texts through a combination of automatic and manual spinning methods. It offers a variety of features, such as automatically adding relevant YouTube videos or images to the text.
  4. Chimp Rewriter: Chimp Rewriter was a desktop-based spinning tool that relied on natural language processing techniques to rewrite text. It allowed users to create spinning templates and use their own synonym databases to further streamline the process.
  5. SEO Content Machine: SEO Content Machine was an all-in-one tool not only for Article Spinningbut was also used for content search and creation. It offered features such as auto-generating articles, adding relevant images, and creating HTML formatting.

Despite the availability of these tools, it is important to emphasize that Article Spinning nowadays as Black Hat SEO-practice and is penalized by Google. To be successful in the long run, it is better to focus on creating high-quality, unique and useful content that meets the users' needs and is in line with the current SEO guidelines.


Article Spinning can be an effective way to get more Traffic to a web page and generate unique content. However, it is important to note that it is not suitable for all types of content, as it is difficult to generate unique content with high quality. It is best suited for content such as blog posts, press releases, product descriptions and similar content.

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What is Article Spinning? arrow icon in accordion
Article spinning is a technique of altering a text so that the content remains unchanged, but the words and structure of the text are changed to suit different purposes. It is often used to create more content for websites, blogs, and other online marketing purposes.
What are the benefits of Article Spinning? arrow icon in accordion
Article spinning can help increase traffic to a website by creating more content on the website. It can also help improve search engine optimization strategies because there is more content for search engines to index.
Is Article Spinning legal? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Article Spinning is legal as long as you keep the original author's copyright notice and provide the link to the original article.
Can you do Article Spinning yourself? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, it is possible to do Article Spinning by yourself. There are many article spinning tools that can help you create your own articles.
What are the types of Article Spinning? arrow icon in accordion
There are several types of article spinning, which vary depending on the type of article and its intended use. The most common types include word spinning, sentence spinning, synonym spinning, and paraphrasing.
Can Article Spinning be harmful to my website? arrow icon in accordion
No, article spinning is usually not harmful as long as the articles are well written and unique. It is important that you follow search engine guidelines and only publish unique content on your website.
What are the disadvantages of Article Spinning? arrow icon in accordion
Some of the disadvantages of article spinning are that it can be difficult to write an article in a way that is both unique and readable. Also, it can be hard to make sure that the content of the article is relevant and informative to the reader.
What are the best tools for Article Spinning? arrow icon in accordion
There are many different article spinning tools that can help you create your own article. Some of the most popular tools are Spin Rewriter, WordAi, Article Forge and Article Rewriter.
How to use Article Spinning effectively? arrow icon in accordion
To effectively use Article Spinning, you need to make sure that you create unique and high-quality content that is interesting and informative for your target audience. You should also make sure that your articles comply with search engine guidelines.
How long does it take to spin an article? arrow icon in accordion
The duration of article spinning depends on the length and complexity of the article and the software used. Generally, it takes less than an hour to spin an article, but it can take longer if the article is longer and more complex.

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