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What is XING

What is XING?

If you are doing business or planning to interact in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you will sooner or later come across Xing bump. In short, Xing is the German equivalent of Linkedin. It's an online business networking platform that helps you connect with like-minded people, find new jobs, and share knowledge and insights through your feed and in interest groups.

If Linkedin is the international globetrotter making connections around the world, it is Xing the locally oriented professional who focuses on building a network in the German-speaking region.

Xing currently has a network of around 15 million people within Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you are a B2B company looking for decision makers in German companies, you could be Xing be a way to reach suitable people.


Who is on Xing?

According to Xing the majority of users are experienced professionals, executives or people in management positions. More than a third of them have a university degree. At the same time, IT, financial and retail service providers seem to be the most common industry for Xing-User to be.


1. company profile

This option is ideal for employer branding, job advertisements and recruitment. You can effectively present yourself to the outside world by publishing your company concepts, visions and job offers on the site.

2. company side

THE online business networking platform is suitable for generating leads, increasing brand awareness and as a channel for communicating with customers and prospects. This allows users to follow your business page and receive news and updates from your company directly in their newsfeed.


Can you just create a company profile on XING and post a few ads now and then?

The short answer is: Yes. However, you must remember that Xing is a social media platform.

Think of a social media application, for example Facebook. There you can set up a profile to easily post ads for your company, product or service. To reach as many people as possible, you should also publish new posts within your feed on a regular basis. This will ensure that users get a better picture of their business. Most companies have content in their feed but do not publish it regularly.

As with anything marketing, it depends on what industry you're in and the purpose for which you're Xing want to use.


You can place different types of ads on Xing:

  • Xing-Advertisements (basic ads for news, products, content, events, groups, business pages, etc.) incl. videos
  • Sponsored articles (targeted ads in the Xing-newsletter and in industry newsletters)
  • Sponsored mailings (enables sending direct e-mails to the target group)
  • Display campaigns(in a wide variety of formats)


As with all marketing methods, success is not guaranteed. Whether Xing is a suitable platform for you or not, you have to try it out.

If you are a B2B company operating in Germany and want to attract new customers online, it may make sense for you to at least have a company profile on Xing create. Whether you actively promote or share organic content on this social network depends on your industry and business goals. Do you simply want to use the network as a "business card" or do you want it to become a marketing channel for active lead generation?

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What is Xing? arrow icon in accordion
Xing is a leading professional networking platform that enables users to build their professional network, make new contacts, discover career opportunities, and connect online. Founded in 2003, Xing is a publicly traded company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.
What can I do on Xing? arrow icon in accordion
Xing lets you build your professional network by searching and connecting contacts, joining discussions, hosting events, creating groups, posting entries, searching for jobs, and more.
Why should I use Xing? arrow icon in accordion
Xing is a valuable way to make new contacts, expand your professional network, build your professional focus, and stay up-to-date on jobs, events, industry news, and other industry-specific information.
Can I use Xing for free? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Xing offers a free account that allows users to use the basic features. However, there are also premium accounts that offer additional features.
Does Xing have a mobile offering? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Xing has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Users can use the app to search contacts, write messages, create groups, manage events, and more.
Can I publish my Xing profile on other websites? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Xing offers a number of options that allow users to publish their Xing profile on other sites, including WordPress, Blogger, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many others.
Can I pay on Xing? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Xing offers a range of payment options, including credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.
Can I integrate Xing on my website? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Xing offers a number of widgets, plugins, and other tools that allow users to integrate Xing with their website to offer features like contact search, custom groups, and more.
Can I delete my Xing account? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can delete your Xing account by selecting the Delete Account option on the Account Settings page of the website. When you delete your account, all your data is deleted, including your contacts, groups, and events.
Does Xing offer custom features? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Xing offers some custom features, such as custom groups, custom events, custom widgets and plugins, and more. Users can use these custom features to customize their Xing experience to their needs.

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