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What is website relaunch

A website relaunch involves completely redesigning a website and replacing it with a newer and better version. This new website is usually designed and optimized to help the company achieve its marketing goals. Any business that maintains an online presence must be careful to keep updating and revising its website to appeal to its target audience. However, in certain circumstances, the required changes are too extensive to address them on the optimal.

Website relaunch - why carry it out?

While there are many reasons for a website relaunch, from a marketing perspective, the following are the main ones that make it necessary:

The existing website is not up to date

Innovation in online technologies is happening at a pace unmatched by any other industry. What is hot and modern today may be considered outdated in a few months. This is especially true in the technical aspect, but can also affect the content and design of the website. If a website is lagging behind in many important technological and design aspects, small changes are simply no longer enough - then a relaunch with a new online platform is required.

An unsuitable or ineffective structure

There are numerous monitoring tools such as Google Analytics, which measure visitor behavior and engagement. They are important to determine if the website is interacting with the target audience in the intended way. If this analysis reveals that the structure does not fit the target audience or does not appeal to them sufficiently, changes must be made to achieve a suitable and effective structure. In such cases, it is better for the new website to distance itself from its previous ineffective design and perform a complete relaunch. This signals to the market that real changes have been made and visitors are encouraged to try out the new site.

Relaunch website - how to do it?

There are three main elements that are changed when relaunching a website:


There are a lot of elements that fall under the term "design". These include the color scheme, the use of image and video content, and the mobile-friendliness of a website. The layout of a website must be attractive to the target audience. In addition, navigation between different pages and sections must be simple and smooth, regardless of the user's device. To ensure coherence, design elements must match the overall style, visual language, and color scheme of corporate identity.


Every website captivates its visitors through its content. Since different target groups respond to different content, the relaunch must ensure that the content is tailored specifically to the target group. This also includes other technical aspects such as the content required for the Search engine optimization (SEO) keywords used, which also depend on the desired target group.


The website owner needs to know what elements were missing from the old website and what additional features should be included in the new website. Common aspects that must be present in a relaunch include a blog, social media integration, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, an effective search function and a Sitemap. Thorough market research will uncover other features that will resonate better with the target audience.

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What is a website relaunch? arrow icon in accordion
A website relaunch refers to the process of completely or partially redesigning an existing website to keep it up to date in terms of design, technology, usability, and content. Usually, the existing components of a website are retained while some parts are redesigned.
Why should I redesign my website? arrow icon in accordion
There are many reasons why a website relaunch may be necessary. For one, a relaunch can provide increased performance, a better user experience, and improved search engine optimization. New technologies can also help keep your website up to date. A relaunch can also help give your website a more modern look.
What are the steps I should take in a website relaunch? arrow icon in accordion
There are a few steps to follow for a successful website relaunch. The first step is to define the website goals and the design you want to achieve. Then you can review the existing components of your website and decide which technical requirements need to be met. After that, you can create the website design, optimize the navigation structure, content and page information. Once all the steps are completed, you can update the website and make it live.
What is the best way to do a website relaunch? arrow icon in accordion
There is no single method that can be called the best, as every website has different requirements. However, the process of a website relaunch can be divided into two phases: the planning phase and the implementation phase. In the planning phase, you should clarify your website's goals, technical requirements, design, content and navigation. In the implementation phase, you can then create the design, optimize the content and finally update the website.
How long does a website relaunch take? arrow icon in accordion
The exact time frame of a website relaunch depends on the complexity of the website and the number of tasks to be completed. On average, a relaunch usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks. However, if more tasks need to be completed, this time frame can be longer.
Which components of a website should be considered during relaunch? arrow icon in accordion
During a website relaunch, all components of the website should be considered. This includes the design, technical requirements, navigation, content and page information. It is important to check all these components and adjust them if necessary to keep the website up to date.
What to consider when testing a new website? arrow icon in accordion
When testing a new website, it is important to make sure that all components of the website work properly and that they meet the users' requirements. Testing a new website should be both manual and automated, and tests should be performed on different browsers and devices to ensure that the website works properly on each device.
How long after a relaunch does the website need to be reviewed? arrow icon in accordion
After a website has been relaunched, regular checks should continue to be carried out to ensure that all components of the website are working properly and that they meet the users' requirements. It is recommended to check the website at least once a month.
How to achieve good search engine optimization? arrow icon in accordion
To achieve a good search engine optimization, some steps must be followed. These include optimizing the content, creating SEO-friendly URLs, integrating meta tags, creating sitemaps, using backlinks and using relevant keywords and SEO tools.
Are there certain guidelines that need to be followed in order to perform a website relaunch? arrow icon in accordion
There are several guidelines that must be followed during a website relaunch. These include complying with legal requirements, ensuring usability, meeting the needs of the target audience, adhering to technical standards, and following a schedule to ensure that all tasks are completed on time.

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