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What is Pillar Page

A Pillar Pages is a comprehensive information page that links to other related pages on the same domain.

The Pillar Pagealso called a power page, covers the main topic and links to other resources as needed so visitors can search for more information on the main topic. You can consider it as a kind of "hub".

Here's an example: Let's take the topic of "digital marketing." The Pillar Page will deal with the concept and its associated subcategories in the broadest sense. It will then link to other, more precise pages that deal with various aspects that fall under the top category.

So you could have a page about email marketing, a page about pay-per-click advertising, a page about social media, and so on.

This central hub of information helps organize a website clearly and elegantly, which is good news for both human users and search engine crawlers.

It also adds value by being a thorough and exhaustive resource on a specific topic of interest to your target audience.

Types of Pillar Pages

The concept of Pillar Pages has already evolved. They can take many different forms, and each company and website owner uses a slightly different format.

Broadly speaking, however, Pillar Pages fall into three categories:


Resource Pillar Pages are pages that are mainly used to collect links and resources on a specific topic.

This type of page is usually low on information and instead provides a selection of links that the user can visit to get more information on the topic.

Important for the effectiveness of resource pillar pages is a strong backlinking strategy. Without such a strategy, it is unlikely that they will rank well on their own.

Product or service pages

On the product or service side, all of your products and services will beservices (or at least your most important offers) listed in one place.

The goal is to make it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. They can also browse your catalog at a glance to compare prices, features or functions.

A E-commerce-Web site could use a product column page to highlight different product categories to make it faster and easier for customers to buy.


10x-Pillar Pages provide in-depth content that explains all aspects of a particular topic, concept, or idea.

They essentially serve as a thematic anchor that holds the entire theme together, and use external links as an add-on rather than the main event. The example above from Hubspot could be described as a 10x column page.

A website can have only one pillar page or several different pages on different topics. It all depends on the goals of the company or website owner.

Why should you use Pillar Pages?

Search queries on the Internet have become longer, more complex and more specific.

As a result, search engines like Google have had to update their algorithms to reflect users' search intent.

The main advantage of Pillar Pages is in the field of SEO. There is an enormous amount of content on the Internet on every imaginable topic.

If you want your content to be favored by Google, comprehensive and well-written Pillar Pages must be part of your content promotion strategy.

Pillar Pages help bloggers and content marketers create informational and Keyword-close loopholes that could prevent Google from presenting their website for a particular search query.

Well organized Pillar Pages also make it easier for search engines to find your entire website. crawl. SEO expertn know: The faster and easier a Search Engine can search and index your website, the higher your content will rank for relevant search queries.

Another important advantage of Pillar Pages is not the search engine algorithms, but the benefit for your readers.

They make your site easier to search and help people quickly find exactly what they're looking for. A well-organized Pillar Pages is also searchable, so users don't have to spend an inordinate amount of time scouring your site for the right information.

This increases the likelihood that they will stay longer on your website, visit it again in the future, and share your content with others in their network. All of this can only have a positive impact on your lead generation and conversion rate.

As we've seen, implementing Pillar Pages is a simple concept that can go a long way in terms of your marketing effectiveness. If you're not using them yet, I recommend you start.

What makes a good Pillar Page

In order for a Pillar Page to be considered high quality, it must have the following characteristics.

  • a precise definition and summary of the main topic;
  • a number of relevant and useful internal links;
  • a similar number of relevant and useful external links to authoritative resources;
  • a strong optimization for one main keyword;
  • A clear outline, including subheadings, bullet points, numbered lists, and short paragraphs.

Don't overwhelm your readers with a wall of text.

This is optional, but you can increase the power of your Pillar Page significantly if you include videos and visual content in addition to text.

The trick is to remember that you are writing for both search engine crawlers and human users. Don't just focus on one, but the other as well, otherwise your site won't achieve its goals.

In summary

Pillar pages are a standard aspect of SEO strategy today. They are a helpful tool that marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs can use to improve their website's reputation and search ranking.

They are particularly useful because they allow you to meet users' intentions and solve visitors' problems through a central resource hub.

Are you ready to take your website's performance to the next level? Then it's time to use Pillar Pages to satisfy both your website visitors and Google's all-important search algorithms.

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What are Pillar Pages? arrow icon in accordion
Pillar Pages are long-form pieces of content that cover a broad topic area usually with multiple subtopics. They provide a comprehensive and detailed presentation of a particular topic, offering visitors a comprehensive source of information on a single page. These types of pages are also referred to as content hubs because they provide solutions to a variety of a user's needs on a single page.
What are Pillar Pages used for? arrow icon in accordion
Pillar pages are often used as part of a content strategy to provide visitors with a comprehensive source of information on a single page. They serve as a means to navigate visitors through the site and provide them with information on a broad range of topics. In addition to aiding navigation, Pillar Pages are also often used to help search engines understand and index the page so that search engine users can find it more easily.
What is the main difference between Pillar Pages and normal pages? arrow icon in accordion
The main difference between Pillar Pages and normal pages is the length of the content. Pillar Pages can include many subtopics and are usually longer than a normal page. In addition, Pillar Pages are usually coordinated and provide a visual element to support the content.
Where should Pillar Pages be placed on a website? arrow icon in accordion
Pillar Pages should be placed in a central, easily accessible location on the website to ensure that visitors can find them easily. Usually, they should be linked directly on the home page or on another prominent page so that they are easy to find.
How should Pillar Pages be structured? arrow icon in accordion
Pillar Pages should be divided into clearly structured sections to help users find the information quickly. It is also very helpful to use a hierarchical structure to group different subtopics. Additionally, links to other relevant pages on the site should be included to help visitors find more information.
How can Pillar Pages help a business? arrow icon in accordion
Pillar Pages can help a company strengthen its online presence. They can be used to improve a website's search engine ranking and offer visitors a comprehensive source of information on a single page. In addition, Pillar Pages can also be used as a means of promoting an expanded product or service offering to drive visitors to a sales page.
How can Pillar Pages be used for search engine optimization? arrow icon in accordion
Pillar Pages can be used for search engine optimization (SEO) by serving as a central source of information for search engine users. Pillar Pages can be optimized with unique and relevant keywords to make them easier to find in search queries. They can also be used as a means to link to other relevant pages on your website, providing visitors with a range of options for research.
Can Pillar Pages be used for conversion optimization? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Pillar Pages can be used for conversion optimization. By using them as a central place to inform and entertain visitors, a site can build trust in a company and increase the likelihood that visitors will convert. Pillar Pages can also be linked to other relevant pages, such as sales pages, to make it easier for visitors to convert.
Why are Pillar Pages important? arrow icon in accordion
Pillar Pages are important because they can help a company strengthen its online presence. With Pillar Pages, businesses can improve their search engine ranking by using them as a central location for information, offering visitors a comprehensive source of information on a single page. Pillar Pages can also be used as a means to navigate visitors through the site and get them to learn more about the company.
How long should Pillar Pages be? arrow icon in accordion
Pillar Pages should be as long as necessary to cover a broad topic area with multiple subtopics. As a rule, Pillar Pages should contain at least 1000 words, but they can be significantly longer, depending on how many subtopics need to be covered.

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