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What is Matt Cutts

Matthew Cutts has worked as a software developer at Google since January 2000, leading the Webspam team responsible for improving search quality. For many years he has been providing Matt Cutts the public information on the Search engine optimization of websites available. With hundreds of videos on his YouTube channel and constant contributions to webmaster forums such as WebmasterWorld or specialist portals such as SearchEngineLand, he gives webmasters and website operators valuable first-hand tips on how the Google-Ranking-system really works.

Matt Cutts is the best-known public voice against link spam and other unethical practices aimed at improving search engine rankings. His motto "design content for users, not for engines" should remind every webmaster that those websites that provide quality useful content are the most important and will be ranked the highest. Not those that try to manipulate the search engines and only annoy users.


Matt Cutts graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science. He then completed a Ph.D. in computer graphics at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. After additional training in the Department of Information and Library Science at the same university, he switched to information retrieval and came to work on search engines.

At Google, he initially worked in ad development before moving to the Search Quality Group and eventually becoming head of the Webspam department. Cutts is also a registered co-inventor on a Google patent for information retrieval based on historical data.

Matt Cutts and Google

Although Google has Ranking-criteria is not publicly disclosed, was allowed to Matt Cutts publish his advice in his own words. The following disclaimer can be found on his blog: "I'm one of several Googlers who answer questions online and sometimes for the press. Mostly I handle questions about webmasters or SEO, so in those areas I'm more likely to say something useful and less likely to say something stupid. If I post something here that helps you build or manage your web presence, that's wonderful. But when push comes to shove: this is my personal blog. The views I express on these pages are mine alone, and not those of my employer."

Google hit the headlines in early 2012 for launching a campaign for the company's own Google Chrome-Browser had violated its own guidelines. It was Matt Cutts, who defended the lowering of Chrome's PageRank to the press and explained that Google does not give itself special treatment.

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Who is Matt Cutts? arrow icon in accordion
Matt Cutts is a former Google engineer and famous search engine optimization expert. He is a world-renowned authority researcher and member of the Web Analytics and Search Engine Marketing team. He has created the foundations of the SEO industry with his work on search engines like Google and Bing.
What did Matt Cutts do? arrow icon in accordion
Matt Cutts has performed many different tasks during his time at Google, mainly in the areas of search engine optimization, webmaster tools, and spam-fighting. He has also worked on the development and improvement of search algorithms.
What advice did Matt Cutts give on search engine optimization? arrow icon in accordion
Matt Cutts gave a lot of valuable advice and tips on search engine optimization. He emphasized that SEO has nothing to do with black hat techniques, but rather with sustainable, long-lasting strategies that allow websites to rank better in search engines. His advice focused mainly on building a user-friendly website that offers search engine friendly content, and on search engine marketing strategies to generate more traffic.
What is the "Google Dance"? arrow icon in accordion
The Google Dance is a process by which Google algorithms are regularly updated and adjusted. Matt Cutts coined the term "Google Dance" to describe the process of regular algorithm updates.
Why did Matt Cutts become famous? arrow icon in accordion
Matt Cutts became famous mostly because of his work on improving search engine algorithms. He has also given a lot of advice and tips on search engine optimization that are very helpful for webmasters and SEO experts.
Which awards has Matt Cutts received? arrow icon in accordion
Matt Cutts has received several awards, including the Wired award for "Innovator of the Year" in 2008 and Search Engine Land's "Search Personality of the Year" award in 2009.
When did Matt Cutts leave Google? arrow icon in accordion
Matt Cutts left Google in 2014, after nearly 15 years with the company. Since then, he has worked as a consultant for small and medium-sized companies, as well as an author and lecturer.
Where can you find Matt Cutts online? arrow icon in accordion
Matt Cutts is active online on many different platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn and his own website mattcutts.com. You can also find some of his videos on YouTube.
Has Matt Cutts published any books? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Matt Cutts has published several books on search engine optimization, including "The SEO Code" and "The Art of SEO."
Is there any way to contact Matt Cutts? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Matt Cutts can be contacted via his website, Twitter and LinkedIn. One can also send him an email to his given address.

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