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Do you want more visibility in the search results and high-quality Backlinks on your website? Then it's time to consider the creation of Linkable Assets in your Online Marketing-strategy. In this article you will learn what a Linkable asset and how you can use it effectively on your website to improve your SEO results.

What are Linkable Assets?

Linkable assets are high-quality content that exists on your website and that people want to link to. It is content that is unique, relevant, and valuable, and therefore of interest to other website owners or content marketers. A good link can lead to increased visibility in search results, more targeted traffic, and higher credibility for your website.

To successfully create linkable assets, it's important that you focus on the needs and interests of your target audience. You need to understand what kind of content is useful and interesting for them.

Why are linkable assets important?

In the modern world of SEO are Backlinks still an important ranking factor for search engines. Links are considered a trust signal by search engines and help to strengthen the authority and credibility of a website. With Linkable Assets you can ensure that other websites link to your website in a natural and organic way.

Additionally, linkable assets increase the visibility of your website because they are more relevant to people and more likely to be shared and spread. Unique, high-quality content can go viral and trigger an avalanche of linking opportunities. This contributes to the expansion of your Range and to attract new visitors.

Examples of Linkable Assets

Linkable assets can be created in various forms and formats, depending on your area of expertise and the interests of your target audience. Here are some examples of effective linkable assets:

  • Comprehensive guides or instructions on a specific topic
  • Infographics or visually appealing data visualizations
  • E-Books or whitepapers with expert knowledge
  • Interactive tools or calculators
  • Podcasts or video interviews with industry experts
  • Original studies or research reports
  • Eye-catching visual content such as photos or videos

The most important thing when creating linkable assets is to focus on quality. Make sure the content is unique, well-researched and engaging. Useful resources with real added value are what other website owners and users are looking for.

How do you create effective linkable assets?

Creating successful linkable assets requires a strategic approach. Here are some steps you should follow:

Use copyrighted materials

Avoid legal issues by making sure you are using content that is properly licensed and suitable for redistribution. Use licenses like Creative Commons or produce your own unique materials.

Offer clear added value

Make sure that your Linkable asset Contains information or resources that are not available elsewhere. People and companies should have incentives to link to your content because it is helpful and useful to their readers or target audience.

Optimization for search engines

Remember that the main purpose of creating linkable assets is to achieve better rankings in search results. Use appropriate keywords and find relevant link sources to make sure that your asset is found by other people.


A Linkable asset can only be successful if it is effectively promoted and disseminated. Use social media platforms, online communities or Influencer-marketing to maximize the visibility of your asset and increase the likelihood that it will be linked to by other websites.


Linkable assets play an essential role in providing high-quality Backlinks for your website and an increase in your visibility in search results. Creating and promoting unique and high-quality content is the key to success. Use this strategy and watch your SEO rankings and website traffic improve significantly.

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What exactly is meant by the term "linkable asset"? arrow icon in accordion
- "Linkable Asset" refers to a valuable resource or content on a website that is so engaging or informative that other websites are willing to link to it.
What are the types of linkable assets? arrow icon in accordion
- There are several types of linkable assets, including infographics, white papers, case studies, expert interviews, videos, and exclusive data or statistics.
Why are linkable assets important? arrow icon in accordion
- Linkable assets are important because inbound links are an important part of search engine rankings. They also help to increase website traffic and strengthen branding.
What considerations should you take into account when creating a linkable asset? arrow icon in accordion
- When creating a linkable asset, you should know your target audience well, research the topic thoroughly, provide high-quality content, and use insightful and engaging visualizations.
How to maximize the linking of linkable assets? arrow icon in accordion
- Linkable assets can be maximized through active promotion and distribution via social media channels, guest posting on relevant websites, and reaching out to influencers and experts within the same topic area.
What keywords should you consider when creating a linkable asset? arrow icon in accordion
- One should use relevant and well-performing keywords that support the natural linking process and improve the ranking in the search results.
Are there tools to analyze the potential of a linkable asset? arrow icon in accordion
- Yes, there are tools like Moz, Ahrefs or Semrush that can help analyze the potential of a linkable asset in terms of the number and quality of potentially achievable backlinks.
Are there certain best practices for optimizing linkable assets? arrow icon in accordion
- Yes, best practices for optimizing linkable assets include using catchy headlines and engaging images, optimizing page speed and usability, integrating social media share buttons, and outsourcing strategic digital marketing to ensure broader visibility.
How successful are linkable assets for companies? arrow icon in accordion
- When linkable assets are well developed, well promoted, and strategically deployed, they can help companies strengthen their online presence, drive search engine traffic, and build experten status within their industry.
Are there other terms related to Linkable Assets? arrow icon in accordion
- Yes, terms like link building, content marketing strategy, digital PR, outreach campaigns and backlink profile are often used in the context of linkable assets.

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