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What is a homepage

What is a homepage?

The Homepage is nothing more than the "main page" or home page of a website. On it, visitors can find hyperlinks to the other pages (subpages) of the website. By default, it is automatically stored on all web servers as a index.html, but the developer can also set it to e.g. index.htm, or index.php to the end.


Why do websites need a homepage?

With most websites, it is the case that the majority of visitors, don't really have much use for the Homepage has, as he often searches for specific content and mostly lands directly on a subpage. However, it is still an important part of any website, as it helps to convey to visitors what your website offers. Ideally, it should have a clear menu, with links to all relevant content included, or if you have a large website, all the important sections of the website.

A good principle, for navigation is, with 3 clicks from the Homepage from being able to get to all the other pages of your website. Other important that your Homepage should contain the company's phone number, all relevant contact information and the most important further links of the website.


Colloquially, web browsers also have their start pages

The page that your Browser opens after the first initialization, can also be used as a Homepage are referred to. When you first open your web browser, the page defaults to something that you, as a user, may not necessarily prefer. Usually this is a Search Enginewhich e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox have already programmed in advance.

However, a personalized home page, desired by you, can be set up according to your wishes. Every time you open in your Browser click on the "Home" button, you will be automatically redirected to your home page. For example, if you click your Browser set it to always open with your company's website, that would be your personal home page.


What elements should be on it?

A Homepage should have some basic elements to be really useful for the visitor.

  1. A highly visible Home button or a link that helps users find their way back to the Homepage no matter where you are at the moment on the website.
  2. A user-friendly navigation for all parts of the website.
  3. A clear presentationwhat your website is about. For example, this could be an About Us page, a FAQ page, etc.




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What is a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
A home page is a web page or collection of web pages that typically function as the main page or home page of a web presence. It typically contains a summary of all the information available in a web presence and allows users to quickly access the information they are looking for.
What can you do on a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
A homepage can be used for many purposes, from publishing information about a company or organization, to publishing personalized or professional content, to creating an online store where customers can purchase products and services.
Who creates a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
A homepage can be created by anyone who has the necessary technical skills and knowledge to create and manage a website. Since this can be difficult for many people, there are many companies and services that help people set up and manage a homepage.
How to create a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
The first step in creating a homepage is to open a web hosting account. This account is needed to store your website on the server. Once an account is opened, you need to set up the domain and email accounts, design the website and upload the contents.
How to find a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
A homepage can be found through the search engines by typing the name of the website or some keywords. It is also possible to find a link to the homepage on other websites.
What is the goal of a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
The goal of a homepage is usually to provide information on a specific topic or to run a business. A homepage can also be used as a platform for communication with customers and partners.
How long does it take to create a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
The amount of time needed to create a homepage depends on the complexity of the website, the experience of the creator and the time available. As a rule, it takes several weeks to successfully create a homepage.
What are the costs associated with a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
The costs associated with the creation and operation of a homepage depend on the services chosen. The purchase of a web hosting package and domain registration are the most common costs, but there are also fees to pay for the design, development and operation of the website.
What technologies are required for a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
In order to successfully create a homepage, various technologies must be used. These include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases and server-side scripting languages like PHP and ASP.
What is the purpose of a homepage? arrow icon in accordion
The main function of a homepage is to provide information or run a business. It can also be used as a platform for communication with customers and partners.

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