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What is Google SGE?

Google SGE (Search Generative Experience) is an innovative use of generative artificial intelligence that aims to answer search queries more precisely and contextually. Presented at Google I/O 2023, SGE revolutionizes the way information is provided by search engines.

Analysis and contextual understanding

Through the detailed analysis of incoming search queries Google SGE better understand the context and generate suitable answers. These answers are not simply from a single source, but are brought together from different data sources. This creates a more comprehensive and precise picture of the desired information.

Global availability

Currently Google SGE available in over 120 countries, but not yet in Germany (as of February 2024). However, the global launch shows the potential and Range of this technology, which aims to increase the efficiency and Relevance of search queries worldwide.

Interactive functions

Users of Google SGE have the opportunity to ask further questions or select from generated suggestions. This encourages a dialog-like interaction that allows users to delve deeper into the topic and receive tailored answers. These functions transform traditional search and make Google more of an answer platform than a pure search engine. Search Engine.

Functions and features of Google SGE

Google SGE offers a variety of innovative functions and features that take the use of search engines to a new level. The core of these innovations is generative artificial intelligence, which not only provides information, but also intelligently combines and contextualizes it.

Important features

The three main features include the AI Snapshotwhich summarizes a lot of information from different sources; the Conversational Modewhich enables dialog-type search queries; and the Vertical Experiencesthat provide industry-specific information. These functions make the search more interactive and provide more precise and specific answers.

Advanced user interactions

Users have the option of choosing from Google SGE ask further questions or choose from generated suggestions. This interactive component enables a deeper and more comprehensive search for information, allowing users to answer their questions more precisely and comprehensively.

Context-based answers

By analyzing the search queries and understanding the respective context, it is possible to Google SGE Generate answers that are not only precise but also highly relevant. This differs significantly from traditional search methods, which often only display individual results without taking the overall context into account.

Influence of Google SGE on traditional SEO strategies

The introduction of Google SGE brings significant changes in the area of Search engine optimization (SEO) with it. Due to the dominance of SBU results at the top of search results pages, traditional organic results could lose visibility, challenging existing SEO strategies.

New requirements for SEO

Website operators must adapt their SEO strategies and ensure that their content appears in the results generated by the AI. High-quality and relevant content, taking into account the criteria E-E-A-T (expertise, experience, authority and trustworthiness) is becoming increasingly important. Keywords must also be analyzed and optimized, especially for long-tail search queries, which are becoming increasingly important due to SBU.

Long-tail search queries and visibility

Long-tail search queries, more specific and detailed search queries, are playing an increasingly important role. As SBU can provide better and contextual answers, SEO strategies must also take these types of search queries into account to stay present in search results. The inclusion of rich, structured data is becoming essential, especially for industries such as E-commercewhere product-related information and ratings can be displayed directly.

Continuous monitoring and optimization

Continuous monitoring and optimization remain crucial, as the SEO landscape is dynamic due to SBU. Website operators need to regularly monitor the changes and continuously adapt their strategies. Building a comprehensive content marketing ecosystem and focusing on user experience and conversion optimization are also important to meet the new requirements.

Relevance of generative AI in various industries

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in many industries by delivering customized and contextual content and products. Especially in the area of E-commerce generative AI has enormous potential. Here, it can directly display product information and user ratings, which leads to an improved user experience and higher conversion rates.

Fashion and e-commerce

In the fashion industry, generative AI can help to generate personalized recommendations based on customers' previous purchasing behavior and preferences. This technology makes it possible to present products in an appealing visual context, which makes it easier for customers to make decisions. In addition, detailed product reviews can be displayed directly in the search results, which increases the credibility and attractiveness of the products.

Limited relevance in the financial sector

In contrast, the Relevance of generative AI in the financial sector is limited. Due to the high sensitivity and confidentiality of the information processed there, the use of AI to generate content and answers is less pronounced. Data security and regulatory requirements play a greater role here, which is why generative AI is used less in this area.

Other industry applications

However, generative AI can also be useful in other areas such as healthcare, education and entertainment. In healthcare, for example, it can help to pool medical information from different sources and provide relevant answers. In education, personalized learning materials and pathways can be created, while in the entertainment industry, content can be generated based on users' individual preferences.

Difference to Google Bard

Google SGE and Google Bard are two different applications of Google's generative artificial intelligence, each of which fulfills specific purposes. While Google SGE (Search Generative Experience) aims to improve the efficiency and precision of search queries, Google Bard is a generative AI chatbot designed to have interactive and conversational conversations.

Focus of Google SGE

Google SGE is specifically designed to improve search results pages. It uses generative AI to generate answers to search queries from a variety of sources. This makes it possible to efficiently bundle complex and contextual information and present it to the user in a structured form. Functions such as AI Snapshot, Conversational Mode and Vertical Experiences make the search experience much more interactive and informative.

Functionality of Google Bard

In contrast, Google Bard is primarily an AI-supported chatbot. Its main goal is to have user-friendly and human-like conversations. Bard is designed to respond to a variety of questions and topics in natural language, much like a human conversation partner. This ability makes it ideal for use in customer support, virtual assistants and other applications that require interactive communication.

Different areas of application

While Google SGE mainly the quality and Relevance while Google Bard focuses on providing a more natural and human-like interaction. Both technologies demonstrate the versatility of generative AI and its ability to make different application areas more effective. Nevertheless, they fulfill different needs and complement each other in their functionality, without one technology replacing the other.

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