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What means E-A-T

What means Google's "E-A-T?"

In short: E-A-T stands for "expertise, authority, trustworthiness".

"Expertise" - You must be an expert in your field. The expertise means that you have the skills of the creator of relevant and informative Content own. The expertise factor is less important for humor or gossip websites, but is especially important for medical, financial or legal websites. The good news is that any website can represent expertise if the content is high quality and useful for visitors.

"Authority" - You need to show that you are an authority or the authority on information about your specific niche. If your site is a community or forum discussion, the quality of the conversation determines the authority. Content is important, but personal experiences such as reviews also play a role in this factor.

"Trustworthiness" - They must convey to users that they can trust the creator or company of the website. Trustworthiness is especially important for E-commerce-Websites that may ask users for their credit card information. Everything on your website should help users feel safe while reading. As a starting point, you should immediately create a SSL certificate implement on your website, as at least 70% of the first page results use SSL (it is one of many Google's scoring signals).

You must eat, in order to survive. And this also applies to the content of your website. What we mean here under "Food" understand is the "feed" in the form of high-quality content, but the idea is and remains the same.

We have this acronym "E-A-T" was first seen when Google's Search Quality Guidelines were leaked in 2014. But with Google's official statement, we now know how important E-A-T is. In the following year E-A-T have a huge impact on search results. Our SEO services deal with making sure that your website meets the most important factors of Google's E-A-T corresponds.

In a press statement, Google states that. E-A-T will be among the top 3 factors of page quality. So if you have never before worked on E-A-T-content, you should start doing so - preferably right away.

Why is E-A-T so important for your SEO?

So why is it so important to have expertise, authority and trust? After all, the Google Quality Advisor Guidelines do not determine the Ranking one side.

Essentially determines E-A-T the value of a website. The so-called crawlers (or quality assessors) take into account E-A-Twhen they assess how well a website or page offers what they need. They review your site to see if it provides a worthy online experience and if the content meets high standards. If the raters feel that a user would feel comfortable reading, sharing, and recommending the content, it gives the site a high level of E-A-T.

Think about E-A-T as the reason users would choose your website over your competitors'. This could have a direct impact on how Google values - and ultimately ranks - your website.

What is the impact of E-A-T on your website visitors?

The E-A-T is closely related to what Google calls YMY ("Your Money Your Life") pages, or "Your Money or Your Life". These YMYL pages are those that have topics about medical advice, legal advice, financial advice, or similar highly relevant areas. Anything that could positively or negatively affect a user's happiness, health, or wealth. Examples include:

  • An online store that asks for your credit card information.
  • A parenting blog with advice on parenting
  • A blog for financial institutions with legal advice
  • A medical health site that lists symptoms for a rare disease.

High-ranking YMYL pages show a high level of E-A-T. Because the more confident a user feels when visiting a page and the more the content matches their search query, the more likely they are to meet the requirements of E-A-T fair. Sites that offer genuinely helpful advice or a solution to a problem will meet those needs more easily than sites that try to game Google's system.

Therefore, your website will only be as useful as the time and research you put into it. Since E-A-T is used at both the page and post level, you need to make sure that every part of your site is trying to meet Google's requirements. And if your pages are considered YMYL pages, that's even more important.

But don't just take our word for it. Google itself says that a page or website that is considered deficient in E-A-T is found to be a "sufficient reason to give a site a poor rating". So, if you are not an expert, authority, or otherwise trustworthy, your site could be considered inferior.

You need to create engaging, useful, and accurate content. And you need to E-A-T Use to meet the needs of quality raters and actual users. Do that, and you do what Google wants.

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What is EAT SEO? arrow icon in accordion
EAT SEO stands for expertise, authority and trust. These are three components that ensure that search engines rank your website as safe and trustworthy. SEO is an essential part of any internet marketing strategy and EAT SEO is an additional tool you can use to optimize your website for search engines.
How can I apply EAT SEO to my website? arrow icon in accordion
To integrate EAT SEO into your website optimization, you need to build expertise, authority and trust for your website. This includes, for example, creating topic-relevant content, linking to external and internal websites, improving the usability and user-friendliness of your website, and participating in social media.
Will my rankings be improved by EAT SEO? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, EAT SEO can help you improve your rankings on search engines. Search engines will rank your website as reliable and high quality if you use EAT SEO correctly.
How is EAT SEO different from other SEO strategies? arrow icon in accordion
Unlike other SEO strategies, EAT SEO puts more emphasis on expertise, authority and trust. This means that you invest more time and effort in the quality and relevance of your website content and links.
What criteria must be met to be recognized as an expert? arrow icon in accordion
To be recognized as an expert, you must demonstrate extensive knowledge in your field, have a high level of experience in your field, and be recognized as an expert in your field.
What guidelines do I need to follow when creating content? arrow icon in accordion
When creating content, make sure your content is relevant, unique, and of high quality. It's also important that your content is relevant to the topic and up-to-date.
What is the difference between internal and external links? arrow icon in accordion
Internal links are links that point to other pages on your website. External links are links that point to other web pages outside your own website.
How can I make my website more user-friendly? arrow icon in accordion
To make your website more user-friendly, you should make sure that your website is easy and intuitive to navigate. Furthermore, you should make sure that the pages load quickly and that the content is easily accessible.
How can I foster trust with my users? arrow icon in accordion
In order to promote trust among your users, you should make sure that your website is secure and regularly maintained. Furthermore, you should offer a contact form, a customer database and a T&C document on your website.
What are the advantages of using EAT SEO? arrow icon in accordion
There are many advantages that EAT SEO offers. On the one hand, EAT SEO helps to improve your rankings on search engines and make your website trusted. On the other hand, EAT SEO helps to increase your website traffic and increase your conversion rates.

With top positions to the new sales channel.

Let Google work for you, because visitors become customers.

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