Cost per Action (CPA)

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What is Cost per Action

What is Cost per Action (CPA)?

Cost per action, or CPA for short - sometimes also referred to as cost per acquisition - is the key figure of a cost model. This metric measures how much a company pays to achieve the conversion of a potential customer. Generally, your CPA is higher than your cost per click - CPC for short - because not everyone who clicks on your ad will take your desired action. The action may be buying one of your products, or filling out a form.

Here, the cost per action takes into account the number of ad clicks you need before someone converts. In other words, an improvement in your Conversion Rate will ultimately lead to a reduction in your CPA. Your Google ad costs are made up of the CPC and CPA.

So, what determines your CPA? Like most things PPC, your CPA is directly dependent on your Quality Score. This is Google's most important metric based on the quality of your keywords, ads, and landing pages. In general, the higher your Quality Score, the lower your costs - because for every point your score is above the average Quality Score of 5, your CPA drops by about 16%.

A proven way to keep your required PPC budget as low as possible is to keep your Quality Score high and your CPA low. This allows you to buy more ad space online and optimize the number of your conversions.


How does the Quality Score affect the Cost per Action?

It is generally known that the Quality Score in Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) affects your cost per click, but not everyone knows that Quality Score is just as important in determining your cost per conversion.

It's always true that the higher the Quality Score, the lower your Cost per Action! In other words, optimizing the Quality Score and optimizing the CPA are essentially the same thing.


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What is CPA? arrow icon in accordion
CPA stands for "Cost Per Action" and is a form of online advertising where the advertiser only pays when a specific action is performed on the user's page. These actions can be things like signing up for an email list, buying a product, or just clicking on an ad.
How does CPA work? arrow icon in accordion
Since CPA ads are only charged when an action is performed on the user's page, a pixel or script must be executed on the user's web page when the action is performed. This pixel or script then sends a signal to the advertiser, which is billed.
How much does CPA cost? arrow icon in accordion
The cost of CPA ads varies depending on what type of action the advertiser is asking for. Some ads can cost as little as a few cents per action, while others can cost several dollars per action.
How are CPA ads set up? arrow icon in accordion
To set up CPA ads, you must first sign up with a network that offers CPA ads. You can then set up an account and create the ad. You can then set various parameters such as target audience, budget, and action.
What kind of companies use CPA ads? arrow icon in accordion
CPA ads are used by businesses of all sizes and industries. They are especially useful for companies that require a specific action from their users before they buy a product or use a service.
Can I use CPA ads on my website? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can use CPA ads on your website, but you should know beforehand that you need to sign up with a network that offers CPA ads. You also need to make sure that all the ads you use are compliant with the network's policies.
What are the advantages of CPA ads? arrow icon in accordion
CPA ads offer many benefits, including high cost efficiency (since you only pay when an action is performed on the user's page) and high targeting (since you can determine which users to see them).
Can I use CPA ads to promote my business? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can use CPA ads to promote your business. However, you need to make sure that the ads are compliant with the policies of the network you're subscribing to and that they're targeted to the right audience.
What types of actions can be paid for with CPA ads? arrow icon in accordion
The most common actions for CPA ads are signups to email lists, purchases or downloads of products and services, and clicking on ads and links. But you can also charge for other actions, such as filling out a form, participating in a survey, or signing up for a newsletter.
Are there tools I can use to track my CPA campaigns? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, there are many tools that can help you track your CPA campaigns. You can use tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Ads to monitor the performance of your ads and analyze the results. There are also many specialized tools that you can use to track and optimize the results of your CPA campaigns.

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