Automatically generated content

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What is Automatically Generated Content

What is automatically generated content?

Automatically generated content is content that is produced programmatically. This means that it is compiled with a set of rules or scripts that consolidate text into an article and compile it under a specific URL can publish. This is done with the express aim of achieving a high ranking on Google. Ranking and lead you to a conversion page.

What are examples of automatically generated content?

To better understand auto-generated content, here's a list of some examples you might come across.

  • Text translated by an automated tool - This text has been processed by a tool and has not been checked by humans, which generally results in inaccurate, nonsensical translations that are of no use to anyone.
  • RSS Scraped Content - Content taken from RSS and published on another website.
  • Knitted content - Combination of content that comes from other existing sites without adding any new value. Many affiliate sites fall into this category if they do not display original content.
  • Search scripts - Scripts on a website that automatically take search queries and create a page about them. E.g. Googling 'benefits of HIIT training' and finding a page saying "We don't have any articles for HIIT training" with spam ads.
  • Markov chain content generation - A tool that uses special algorithms to combine words in a way that avoids spam filters, but comes out as a complete Pig Latin for users.

Why shouldn't I have automatically generated content?

Of course, people are not interested in unoriginal content that has been automatically translated or merged with existing copy. If a website isn't engaging or user-friendly, Google won't like it either, as these types of websites don't provide original insight or value.

Instead, websites with high-quality, unique content rank at the top, which makes perfect sense.

So if your website consists of affiliate ads, product descriptions from another website, feed displays, and other non-original content (i.e. no Unique Content), it is likely that you will not perform well in Google results. Google does not consider these forms of content valuable for users and therefore will not rank them in their search results.

What is the best content you can have?

A Ranking to achieve in Google is not black magic. The best performing content is unique content written by a human and easy to read and understand. There is no set length that content must be. The important thing is always that Google goes for quality over quantity.

While auto-generated content is constantly improving, this is also something Google has in mind. The demand for content will not decrease, as poor results mean a poor search experience for a searcher, which affects their opinion of Google as a service provider.

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What is automatically generated content? arrow icon in accordion
Automatically generated content is a technique that allows web content creators to generate content without having to manually make additions or changes. The content is automatically generated by using existing information to create content.
How does automatically generated content work? arrow icon in accordion
Automatically generated content is based on the use of algorithms that analyze the existing information and then automatically generate content. These algorithms analyze the existing data, determine the semantic meaning, and then create individual elements of content that contain relevant information.
What are the advantages of using automatically generated content? arrow icon in accordion
Using automatically generated content can save time and money because authors can create the content faster. Another advantage is that content generated in this way is often also of better quality than manually created content.
Are there any disadvantages to using automatically generated content? arrow icon in accordion
A potential disadvantage of using automatically generated content is that the content may not always meet an author's specific requirements. In such cases, authors may need to manually adjust the content to make it meet the requirements.
How to create automatically generated content? arrow icon in accordion
To create automatically generated content, you need to use a set of algorithms that analyze the existing data. This can be done either manually or with the help of a special tool designed for automatic content generation.
Can search engines identify automatically generated content as effective content? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, search engines can identify automatically generated content as effective content. Search engines use specially designed algorithms to determine whether content is auto-generated or not.
Can authors reuse automatically generated content? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, authors can reuse auto-generated content as long as they do not infringe on the rights of other authors. However, authors must comply with the appropriate terms of use and licensing terms that apply to the content they use.
How is automatically generated content rated? arrow icon in accordion
Automatically generated content is evaluated on several criteria, including relevance, reliability, timeliness, and readability. Authors must create simple, entertaining, and informative content to improve the rating of their auto-generated content.
Can automatically generated content be copied or transferred? arrow icon in accordion
No, automatically generated content cannot simply be copied or adopted. Authors must edit and adapt the content they use to their own requirements before publishing it.
Can automatically generated content be used to increase website traffic? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, auto-generated content can help increase website traffic as it is high quality and encourages users to spend more time on the page. Automatically generated content can also help improve the search engine optimization of the website as it effectively satisfies search engine algorithms.

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