Content curation

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What is Content Curation

Content curation is about finding and collecting online content and presenting the best pieces in a structured way. Unlike content marketing, curation is not about creating your own content. Instead, you research and share information created by others that your audience will appreciate and act on. Like all other aspects of marketing, content curation increases the value of your brand and creates lasting relationships with your customers.

How is content curation used?

Content curation is ubiquitous on the Internet. All places where content is shared and discussed are good examples of Content curation, such as RSS feeds, social media posts, news aggregation sites, and links and articles referenced in blogs. There is also no single type of content. Websites often curate and share text, video, audio, images, and infographics.

Why is this valuable to the user?

As more and more companies Inbound marketing operate, the web is increasingly crowded with content. Companies around the world are trying to compete in their industry and producing a huge amount of content in the process. This leads to a situation often referred to as content saturation. When so many publishers are writing about a particular topic, it's difficult for consumers to sift through the content and find good information. Companies that curate content and publish their own material help their customers get good information quickly from the best sources in the industry.

Three popular strategies for content curation

Many companies collect helpful articles from other online resources, organize them, and share them with readers. In this way, they turn their brand into an online magazine that shares the best content on relevant topics that users like. The goal is to make your website a one-stop shop for the best information about your products and so that consumers no longer have to search elsewhere for related topics.

  1. "Best of" aggregator blog posts - Some brands compile articles over a period of time and publish them on a specific day of the week or month. This creates an expectation among readers that they will get the best articles in an easily digestible format and at a predictable time. One example is Hootsuite's weekly post titled "This Week in Social," which features the latest trends, announcements and features from the world of social media.
  2. Email newsletters - Email is another great channel for content curators because it allows direct contact with consumers. You can send them quality content directly and save users from having to search for it. Many email marketing sites like AWeber offer A/B testing where you can test different headlines to see which one generates the most response.
  3. Share on social media - When you offer valuable information from other industry leaders, it can be of great benefit on social media. You show your followers that you know your business well and value the opinions of other influential people.

SEO benefits of content curation

Content curation can also boost your efforts to Search engine optimization by receiving inbound links from other influential websites. This process is sometimes referred to as preciprocation. Start by building a list of influential websites that are willing to link to other resources, whether through blog content, news round-ups, or "how-to" guides. Share their articles on your social media and email channels, and make sure they hear about it after you do. Also, interact with them in their blog comments or via email. Make sure your interactions with them show that you really appreciate their work by asking good questions and making thoughtful comments. The next time you write about a related topic, reference them in your article and after you distribute it to your fans, ask your link prospect if they would share it with theirs. Don't expect a quid pro quo. Even if your company promoted their work, it doesn't obligate them to do the same. Still, your chances of being shared and linked to are much greater if you've made the effort to build a genuine relationship with your prospect.

Content curation benefits everyone. It benefits the publisher whose work you're sharing, it benefits your users because they no longer have to spend time searching for good information, and it benefits you because you're keeping your customers engaged and making them like your brand. By curating content, you can come up with new ideas for your own content strategy while earning the respect of your industry peers.

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What is content curation? arrow icon in accordion
Content curation is the continuous review, update, addition, and management of content on a website to ensure that it is relevant, valuable, and search engine optimized. It is a key component of search engine optimization (SEO).
Why is content curation important? arrow icon in accordion
Content curation is important to ensure that your website provides relevant, valuable, and search engine optimized content. A high-quality SEO strategy based on content curation is important to answer search queries that customers ask and to help search engines find and rank your website.
What are some of the methods used for content curation? arrow icon in accordion
The methods used for content curation include creating and publishing new content, updating and optimizing existing content, conducting research to determine what content should be published on the site, and creating content that is relevant and valuable to different types of users.
What are some of the tools used for content curation? arrow icon in accordion
Some of the tools used for content curation include content management systems, search engine optimization tools, content analysis tools, keyword research tools, and email marketing tools.
What is the best way to curate content? arrow icon in accordion
To curate content, it's best to focus on creating high-quality, relevant, and valuable content that takes search engine optimization into account. It's also important to regularly track and review how content is evolving over time.
How can I improve my content curation strategy? arrow icon in accordion
To improve your content curation strategy, it is important to develop strategies to optimize and update your content, consider using tools to research and analyze keywords, and develop a content curation policy to measure the success of your SEO strategy.
What should you look for when creating content? arrow icon in accordion
When creating content, one should make sure that the content is relevant, valuable and search engine optimized. It is also important to make sure that the content is tailored to the user's needs and that it contains the appropriate keywords so that it can be found in search engine results.
How can I measure my content curation strategy? arrow icon in accordion
To measure the effectiveness of your content curation strategy, you can use various SEO metrics to see if your search engine ranking has improved, if the number of visitors to your site has increased, if there are more conversions, and if your pages are being shared on social media.
What is the best content curation strategy? arrow icon in accordion
The best content curation strategy is to create and publish relevant, valuable, and search engine optimized content on a regular basis. It's also important to check content performance and make sure it's up to date, and share it on social networks for greater reach.
How can I continuously update my content? arrow icon in accordion
To continuously update your content, you can monitor the new trends in your industry and make sure your content is always up to date. You can also create new content regularly and update old content with new information. In addition, you can use tools to review and optimize your content.

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