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What means Trust

What is Trust in SEO?

It is said that Trust difficult to build, but all too easy to destroy. But what is the basis of this elusive assessment?

The search engines needed a way to Trust build up, especially in the Online Marketing, and assign a value to this trustworthiness. From the point of view of the Search Engine becomes Trust determined from the domain age, the topicality of the content of a website, the Traffic and the popularity it has. If a website ranks high on all of these elements, the chances that Google will consider it trustworthy are very high, as it makes Google itself look good. But Trust is not something you earn overnight.

The structure of Trust is difficult and time-consuming, but associated with the good search engine rankings.

SEO is a long-term process - and as useful as optimization may be in the process of building a trust, it will take a long time to have an impact on a website's rankings. Nevertheless, in the end it can be a significant SEO success factor.

As in human relationships, search engines try to determine trustworthiness by evaluating the company you keep. What sites link to you? Who are you linking to? Who is sharing your content? All of these are clues that help search engines decide whether or not you are trustworthy. Also, just like human relationships that were once challenged, can be Trust bring one down.

What does "Trust Flow" mean?

The Trust for a website is given by the value of the links: If they come from trusted sites, if they are relevant to the topic, where you are placed, how much "Link Juice" the website has - and so on. There are some SEO tools that will give you this kind of information like domain-Trust or link trust word, which would be two metrics from the Majestic tool, for example.


It is important to focus on them when you are doing link building. In the graph above, you can see the Trusts and Citation Flow for a particular website. The higher the point on the graph curve, the better the link quality, with the vertical axis representing Trust Flow and the horizontal axis stands for Citation Flow.

A website can be created in the Ranking fall if it stops improving, adds new content, builds up a high bounce rate, or simply doesn't get a click.

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What is the SEO factor Trust? arrow icon in accordion
The SEO factor Trust denotes the authority and credibility of a website compared to other pages on the web. This factor is usually determined by the number of backlinks a page receives from other authoritative websites and the quality of the page's content. The higher the trust factor of a page, the higher the probability that this page will appear higher in the search results of search engines such as Google or Bing.
Why is the trust factor important for SEO? arrow icon in accordion
The trust factor is an important indicator for search engines to determine whether a website is trustworthy. If the search engine considers a page to be trustworthy, it will display that page higher in the search results. Therefore, it is important that site owners ensure that their site has a high trust factor to maximize the ranking success of their site.
How to increase the trust factor? arrow icon in accordion
The best way to increase the trust factor is to make sure that the site has quality content. This can be achieved by regular updates and new content. In addition, the trust factor can be increased by linking to other trusted websites.
How can I make sure my page is linked from trusted sites? arrow icon in accordion
To ensure that other websites link to your site, you must first have quality content that other site owners will find useful and link to on their site. In addition, you should try to contact other page owners and ask them to link to you.
Are there other factors that influence the trust factor? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, there are some other factors that influence the trust factor. These include the page load time, the number of page views, and the number of sessions a user spends on the page. These factors are all important because they help increase the trust that search engines have in a page.
Is it possible to manipulate the trust factor? arrow icon in accordion
No, the trust factor cannot be manipulated. Search engines use an algorithm to determine how they rank a page. Manipulating the trust factor would cause the page to rank lower in search results.
Is it necessary for a site to have a high trust factor to rank well? arrow icon in accordion
No, it is not necessary for a page to have a high trust factor to rank well. However, it is important that the page has quality content and is linked from other trusted websites to improve the ranking.
What problems might occur if a site has a low trust factor? arrow icon in accordion
If a page has a low trust factor, it is likely to rank poorly in search results. This can lead to the page receiving fewer visitors, which in turn can lead to lower conversion rates and sales.
How long does it usually take for a site to reach a higher trust factor? arrow icon in accordion
It usually takes several weeks to months for a page to reach a higher trust factor. However, this period can also increase if it is difficult to find other page owners who want to link the page.
What can I do if I want to learn more about the SEO factor Trust? arrow icon in accordion
If you want to learn more about the SEO factor Trust, we recommend you to consult experts or try to learn more about the most popular search engine algorithms that influence the Trust factor. There are also many good tutorials and videos on the Internet that will help you learn more about the SEO factor Trust.

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