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What is shareware

What is shareware?

Shareware is software that is distributed by companies to users free of charge. Thereby it is at least partially free of charge, because this software is usually only available for a limited time. Here, the potential customers are supposed to get interested in the trial version of the product in order to buy the full version later.

Maybe you remember the time when you received CDs in the mail with an offer of free software. Some of these software developers even had the intention that you share them with your friends. This principle is called Shareware. Nowadays, most laptops are not even equipped with a CD-ROM drive.

This makes it more difficult in today's world to use this method of free CD's profitably for a business. However Shareware in the form of software downloads at the present time is still very lucrative and efficient for companies.

Therefore, there are many websites that offer you a free trial of the software for a limited time. This has the advantage that after the trial period is over, the users do not want to miss out on the benefits of the program. This often makes them interested in buying the full version.

What types of shareware are there?

Shareware can be divided into numerous subcategories. So can Shareware for example, advertising-supported software or "adware", which is supposed to display advertisements to the user. This has the purpose of generating revenue for the owner. Another type is called demoware, where it is only a demo version of the software.

Often, it is a trial version with a fixed period of time ("trialware"). In other cases, the entire functionality of the application may be disabled, so that you can see all the features, but you would have to pay for them ("crippleware").

Furthermore, there are also "freemium"Sharewarewhere some features are available in the free version, but you have to pay to unlock the full functionality.

Our conclusion

Although Shareware is a good option for anyone who wants to test software before committing to a purchase, you should still be careful. This is because cyber criminals are all too willing to take advantage of people's eagerness to get something for free.

This promise of free software is a common social engineering tactic they use to trick Internet users into downloading malicious software.

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What is shareware? arrow icon in accordion
Shareware is a model of software distribution in which users can try software for free and then purchase it for a license fee. This model of software distribution is often used by developers of smaller programs that do not otherwise have wide distribution in traditional retail outlets.
How does shareware work? arrow icon in accordion
Shareware works by allowing a user to download and try the software for free before deciding to pay a license fee. If the user uses the software without paying a license fee, the developer may initiate a lawsuit or other legal action.
Is shareware virus-free? arrow icon in accordion
With shareware, as with other software products, there is no guarantee that the software is virus-free. For this reason, it is important that the user keeps their anti-virus program up to date before downloading shareware.
Can users install the shareware on multiple computers? arrow icon in accordion
It depends entirely on the license provided by the developer of the shareware. As a rule, a shareware can be installed on several computers as long as the same user uses the license for each installation.
Does a user have to pay a license fee when downloading shareware? arrow icon in accordion
No, a user does not have to pay a license fee to download shareware. However, if the user wants to use the software for longer than a certain period of time, he has to pay the license fee to continue enjoying the benefits of the software.
Why buy shareware? arrow icon in accordion
There are many reasons why you should buy shareware. For one, you get access to an extensive feature set that you can't have with the free version. Also, you can support the developer so that he can continue to release programs for others.
Who can download shareware? arrow icon in accordion
In principle, anyone can download shareware as long as they have a computer that meets the program's system requirements. However, there are some sites that only allow users in certain countries to download shareware.
Is there any way to get shareware for free? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, there are some developers who offer shareware for free. For example, some developers may offer free trial versions or free versions with limited features. It is always worth searching the Internet for free versions of shareware.
Can you buy shareware anywhere? arrow icon in accordion
No, not all shareware programs are available for purchase everywhere. The best way to see where you can buy a particular program is to visit the developer's website and find out what platforms the program is available on.
What is the difference between shareware and freeware? arrow icon in accordion
Freeware is software that can be downloaded for free, but no longer requires a license fee. In contrast, shareware usually requires a license fee for full access to all features. Both models allow users to try software for free, but shareware is usually a bit more extensive and offers more features.

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