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Have you ever heard of the "Open Graph" heard? Whether you are an experienced Online Marketing-Whether you are an expert or a beginner, it is important to know and understand this term. In this article I will explain to you exactly what Open Graph is how it works and why it can be important for your SEO strategy.

What is Open Graph?

Open Graph is a protocol introduced by Facebook to allow users to freely share content from websites on Facebook in a structured format. It was designed to improve the user experience when sharing links and to allow website owners to have better control over the information they display.

How does Open Graph work?

To Open Graph on your website, you should insert the appropriate HTML code into the "-area of each of your pages. This code contains meta tags that contain relevant information about your website, such as title, description, image and additional data.

The most important Open Graph meta tags:

Meta tag Description
og:title The title of the content you share
og:description A brief description of the content
og:image The image to be displayed when sharing
og:url The URL the website from which the content is shared

Why is Open Graph important for SEO?

Open Graph plays an important role in the presentation and optimization of website content on social media platforms such as Facebook. When Open Graph is implemented correctly, the shared link is displayed with an appealing title, description and a suitable image. This increases the likelihood that users will click the shared link and come to your website.

Critical factors for effective use of Open Graph:

  • Actuality: Always keep your website's Open Graph meta data up to date.
  • Relevance: Choose appealing images and create concise, user-friendly descriptions that pique users' interest.
  • Performance:
    • Optimize the loading time of the sharded images.
    • Keep the size of the images optimized for a better user experience.
  • Integration of social sharing icons: Add social media sharing icons to your website to allow users to easily share your content.

Advantages of the Open Graph implementation:

  • Improved Click-through rate (CTR): With an appealing presentation in the newsfeed, you get higher click-through rates and thus more Traffic.
  • Increase visibility: If your website content is shared frequently, you will increase its Range and get more organic Traffic.
  • Better branding opportunities: You get more control over how your content is perceived by users on social media platforms.
  • Better readability and usability: The appealing presentation of your content attracts users' attention and increases their interaction with your website.


The Open Graph is a protocol that enables the correct display of shared content on Facebook and other platforms. By implementing the relevant meta tags, you can improve the display of your website content and thus increase click-through rates and more Traffic achieve. Also offers Open Graph better opportunities for branding and improves the readability and usability of your website. Use Open Graphto exploit the full potential of your content!

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What is the Open Graph? arrow icon in accordion
The Open Graph is a protocol that allows websites to better present their content on social networks.
Why should you use the Open Graph? arrow icon in accordion
The Open Graph improves the presentation of content on social networks by providing specific metadata such as title, description, images, etc.
How is Open Graph metadata created? arrow icon in accordion
Open Graph metadata is incorporated into the source code of a website using special HTML meta tags.
Which social media platforms support the Open Graph? arrow icon in accordion
The leading social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest support the Open Graph.
Can you use the Open Graph for all types of content? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, the Open Graph can be used for websites, blog posts, products, videos and many other types of content.
What are the benefits of using the Open Graph? arrow icon in accordion
Proper use of Open Graph metadata increases the likelihood that content will be displayed more frequently on social networks and thus be more visible.
What should you look for when creating Open Graph metadata? arrow icon in accordion
One should make sure that the metadata provides correct and concise information about the content and use images of the right size.
What happens if you don't use an Open Graph metatag? arrow icon in accordion
Without Open Graph metacards, the social network by default selects information one by one from the content with no possibility of control.
How to check if the open graph metag is correctly eviews optionsmeans? arrow icon in accordion
There are several online tools that can check the output of a website's Open Graph metadata to make sure it is correct.
Are there other alternative protocols besides the Open Graph? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, there are alternative metadata protocols such as Twitter Cards for Twitter and for search engine optimization that provide similar functionality to the Open Graph.

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