Manual Action

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What is Manual Action


Manual Action is a term used in connection with Search engine optimization (SEO) is used. It refers to a specific set of actions performed by search engines such as Google or Bing to evaluate and rank websites or web content. These actions are performed by people to evaluate the credibility and Relevance of the content, rather than following the automated process of search engines.


The use of Manual Action has some advantages compared to automated actions. Since it is performed by humans, it has the ability to get a more complex understanding of the web content and structure. It allows search engines to provide more relevant, accurate and quality results that offer the best result to users.


Manual Action also has some disadvantages. Since it is done manually, it can take a lot of time to fully check the website and its content. It can also be prone to human error or misinterpretation, which can lead to inaccurate results.

Use cases

Manual Action can be used in various areas of the Search engine optimization are used. Some of the most common use cases are link verification, content verification, identifying websites that may be trying to manipulate through shady SEO techniques, and verifying documents published on a website.


1. check links: Manual Action allows search engines to verify links that are published on a website. This action allows search engines to determine whether the links are relevant, useful and trustworthy.

2. content review: Manual Action is also used to check the content of a website. This allows search engines to evaluate the content to check if it is relevant, useful and unique.


In search engine optimization plays Manual Action plays an important role. It allows search engines to manually check websites and web content to ensure that the results are of high quality. However, this process can take a lot of time and can be prone to human error. Therefore, it is important that websites regularly review and update their content to ensure that it is suitable for a Manual Action are compatible.

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What is a manual action? arrow icon in accordion
A manual action is a penalty carried out by Google to penalize websites that violate the Webmaster Guidelines. These penalties can lead to a deterioration of the ranking in the search engine results that affects a website.
How will I know if my website has received a manual action? arrow icon in accordion
Google will tell you if your website has received a manual action. You can check this by checking your Google Search Console account. You can also check the Manual Actions section of Webmaster Tool to make sure that your website is not affected.
What are the types of manual actions? arrow icon in accordion
There are many different types of manual actions that Google can perform, including partial subtractions, full subtractions, page deletions, page shortenings, URL subtractions, and domain subtractions.
What are the causes of manual actions? arrow icon in accordion
There are many different causes of manual actions, including unwanted links, spam, webmaster policy violations, use of cloaking or other blackhat techniques, and misuse of rich snippets.
What are the consequences of a manual action? arrow icon in accordion
The consequences of manual action can be significant, ranging from a drop in ranking in search engine results to website deletion.
How can I fix a manual action? arrow icon in accordion
To fix a manual action, you need to correct the violations you committed that led to the manual action. You must then submit a recovery form via Google Search Console to inform Google that the issues have been fixed.
How long does it take to fix a manual action? arrow icon in accordion
The time needed to fix a manual action can vary greatly. Basically, it depends on the severity of the manual action, the quality of the correction and the webmaster's response time.
Can manual actions be prevented? arrow icon in accordion
Yes. To prevent manual actions, you need to comply with Google's webmaster guidelines and carefully review all links included on your website. You should also use only proven SEO techniques and practices.
Can I submit a manual action appeal? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can submit a manual action objection via Google Search Console. However, this will not cause Google to take back the manual action. However, it is a good way to inform Google about the correction and try to remove or reduce the manual action.
Is it possible to automatically reject manual actions? arrow icon in accordion
No, manual actions cannot be automatically rejected. You need to correct the issues that led to the manual action and submit a recovery form to let Google know. When Google sees the issues fixed, it will usually roll back the manual action.

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