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What is a keyword analysis

What is a keyword analysis?

The (e.g. for companies) important process of analyzing potential search terms or keywords, which can be found through organic and paid search Traffic on websites will bring Keyword-Analysis called. It is therefore the starting point and cornerstone of any SEO strategy!

By understanding which search queries users enter for a website in a search engine such as Google, it is possible to Webmaster better customize the content and the target pages. This makes it possible to Traffic and increase conversion rates. For this reason, the Keyword-Analysis is an important skill for all SEO and PPC experts.

The Keyword-Analytics helps to increase conversions. It also helps to open up new markets and optimize spending, but it requires time-consuming research. However, this is an important factor to stay ahead of the competition.


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Why is keyword analysis so important?

Marketing is inherently based on the analysis of a market. The key to optimizing any budget allocation and market reach of marketing strategies is "field testing." Search engine marketing is no different. Since keywords determine the entire search campaign here, prior analysis should be the main focus.

This allows you to:

  • Optimize spending: Allocate more budget to successful keywords and avoid wasteful spending on those that don't get results
  • Increase conversions: Identifying and focusing on keywords that convert well is good for optimizing the Conversion Rate and the return on investment (ROI)
  • Prioritize your time: Spend your time optimizing the areas that have the greatest impact on your bottom line
  • Find new markets: Use the Keyword-Analysis, to find out your Long Tail Keywords and to expand more specific Keyword-queries and discover corresponding leads

Despite all the benefits, most people don't spend nearly enough time on analysis because it's time-consuming and tedious. However, the advantages of continuous analysis outweigh the disadvantages, among others, because most of your competitors probably do not do it - criminally - for the reasons mentioned above. Thus, you have an opportunity. Namely, to stand out from your competition and dominate you with the most current and strongest keywords!

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What is Keyword SEO Analysis? arrow icon in accordion
Keyword SEO analysis is a process of selecting relevant keywords and studying their effectiveness to achieve better search engine optimization (SEO). It helps website owners to choose the right keywords that search engines understand and that will make their website appear better in search results.
How do I start performing a keyword SEO analysis? arrow icon in accordion
The first step in keyword SEO analysis is to identify the right keywords. This can be done by researching on different search engines and analyzing relevant search queries. Then, a list of potential keywords is created based on the target audience and the goals of the website. After that, the potential keywords need to be analyzed to see how effective they are and how they can be integrated into the website.
How can I judge the effectiveness of a keyword? arrow icon in accordion
In order to evaluate the effectiveness of a keyword, data analysis must be performed. Some SEO tools allow you to evaluate keywords by relevance, search volume, competition, and other factors. Other tools give you insights into search trends, so you can see how your keywords are evolving over time.
Why is a keyword SEO analysis important? arrow icon in accordion
A keyword SEO analysis is important because it helps you choose the right keywords for your website. This will allow you to be found better on search engines and get more visitors to your website. A good keyword analysis will also help you get more quality traffic sources and possibly even open up new business areas.
How are keywords implemented in the website? arrow icon in accordion
After the right keywords have been selected, they need to be implemented into the website. This can be done in several ways, the most common being embedding keywords in the title, header, meta description and body text of the website. It is also important that keywords are used in the right frequency, as too much or too little can affect search engine rankings.
What other tools can help with a keyword SEO analysis? arrow icon in accordion
Besides the SEO tools that have already been mentioned, there are many other tools that can help with keyword SEO analysis. Some of these tools are Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush and Moz Keyword Explorer. These tools allow you to search for different keywords, evaluate their popularity and assess the competition in the market.
What is the best strategy for a good keyword SEO analysis? arrow icon in accordion
The best strategy for a good keyword SEO analysis is to use a mixture of top-level keywords and long-tail keywords. Top-level keywords are frequently searched keywords that cover a wide range of search terms. Long-tail keywords are less common, but still relevant, and they are usually more specifically related. It is also important that the keywords appear in appropriate frequency in the text.
Can I find similar keywords to generate more traffic? arrow icon in accordion
Yes. Keyword-related tools like Google AdWords or Google Suggest offer an easy way to find similar keywords to generate more traffic. These tools help you identify similar keywords that you can include in your SEO strategies.
Can I check my keywords regularly? arrow icon in accordion
Yes. Regular keyword reviews are an essential part of search engine optimization. It's important to review your keywords regularly because user search behaviors can change. If you don't check for new keywords regularly, you may miss out on valuable traffic sources.
Can I do the keyword SEO analysis myself? arrow icon in accordion
Yes. Most of the tools that can be used for keyword SEO analysis are free. It is possible to perform keyword SEO analysis with your own research and using some of these tools. However, it can be difficult to choose the right keywords and correctly assess the competition and search trends. Therefore, sometimes it is advisable to turn to experts who can help you with keyword SEO analysis.

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