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What is Google Suggest


Google Suggest, now called Google Autocomplete, is the feature offered by Google that displays relevant search suggestions while typing a search term. This feature suggests possible relevant search queries based on various factors, including previous search queries, popular search queries, and the search terms that the user has already entered.

Although this search feature was developed to improve the user experience on Google, it has been used by many search engine optimizers as a method for finding possible relevant Keyword-possibilities taken over. Google Suggest is used not only in Google's main search engine, but also in Google Chrome's search bar, in the Google app, and in various other places in Google Search.

The history of Google Suggest

Google Suggest was first introduced in Google's main desktop search engine in 2004, but was not used as a standard search feature until 2008. Due to various inappropriate suggestions, Google now calls the feature Google Autocomplete and refers to it as predictions instead of suggestions.

Recently, Google has also started displaying onebox result snippets in Google Autocomplete to make the predictions more useful for searchers. This has resulted in sports scores and weather forecasts, for example, being displayed as suggestions for searches with relevant keywords.

How Google Suggest works

Google Suggest, now called Google Autocomplete, works with various factors to predict what a user is looking for and then suggests that search term. Google has access to a lot of information, especially if the user is logged into their Google account. This information is used to understand what a user is searching for.

The information Google uses includes previous search terms a user has searched for, popular search queries, the terms a searcher has already entered into the search bar, and current search queries.

Its importance for SEO and marketing

Google Suggest is used by SEOs and content marketers to find relevant Keyword-suggestions and discover popular content for content marketing strategies. It can also be used in combination with the manual analysis of the SERPs can be used to determine the search intent of a particular search term, as well as related topics and keywords.

It is also relevant how the seeker relates to the SERPs behaves, as certain Onebox results are displayed directly. This could reduce the number of users navigating to a web page, as they get the information they are looking for directly in the predictions. Another way to influence user behavior on SERPs is to display more Traffic to be directed to certain keywords or variants. This can result in more or fewer visitors to certain websites, depending on the keywords targeted by the pages on the website.

Use Google Suggest for SEO

Google Suggest, also known as autocomplete, is a feature of Google that generates search suggestions based on real-time data as you type a query into the search box. You can Google Suggest to improve your SEO strategy and get better results:

  1. Keyword-Research: Google Suggest is like a good friend who shows you what people really want to know. You can use the automatically generated suggestions to get ideas for new keywords. Just write your mainKeyword in the Google search box and look at the suggestions. These suggestions are based on what other people are searching for and can help you identify relevant keywords and long-tail keywords.
  2. Content ideas: Google Suggest can also help you generate new ideas for content. Look at the suggestions and consider creating articles or blogposts on those topics. For example, if you run a website about healthy eating and type "healthy snacks" into the search shows Google Suggest possibly suggestions like "healthy snacks for weight loss" or "healthy snacks on the go". Use these suggestions to create new, interesting content for your target audience.
  3. Competitive Analysis: You can also Google Suggest to get an insight into the strategies of your competitors. Just enter the name of a competitor or a similar Keyword in the search box and look at the suggestions. For example, you may find that many people are searching for a particular product or service that you don't yet offer. In this case, you could think about expanding your offering or adjusting your content accordingly.
  4. On-page optimization: Do not forget that Google Suggest also draws on your own content. Make sure that you optimize your pages so that they are suitable for Google Suggest are relevant. This includes using the right keywords in your titles, headings, and Meta descriptionen.

By Google Suggest for SEO, you can gain valuable information about the needs of your target group and optimize your content and keywords accordingly. This way, you not only improve your rankings, but also offer your visitors exactly what they are looking for.


Google Suggestoffers users several benefits, including an improved user experience and more efficient searching. Since the search term is predicted, users can find the information they are looking for faster, as they no longer have to type in individual search terms. In addition, it improvesGoogle Suggestthe user experience by showing users suggested search terms that they might not have considered.


Although Google Suggest offers some advantages for SEO use, there are also disadvantages you should be aware of:

  1. Incomplete or distorted information: Google Suggest shows only a limited number of suggestions, and these may not reflect the full range of relevant search queries. In addition, the order of suggestions may also be influenced by personal search habits or locations. Thus, it is important not to rely exclusively on Google Suggest to leave and additional Keyword-Use research tools to gain a comprehensive understanding of your target audience's search queries.

Example: You want to optimize your online pet supplies store and rely on Google Suggest for the Keyword-Research. However, some important search queries, such as "organic dog food", might be missing from the suggestions because they are not searched for as frequently as other keywords.

  1. Focus on popular topics: Google Suggest usually shows suggestions based on popular search queries. This can make it difficult to identify niche topics or less popular keywords that might be relevant to your specific offer or target audience.

Example: You run a website about rare plant species and want to find relevant keywords. Google Suggest However, shows mainly suggestions for popular plant types and topics, which may cause you to miss important niche keywords.

  1. Reinforcing competitive struggles: Since Google Suggest displays the most searched keywords and topics, this can cause everyone to focus on the same keywords and increase competition. This makes it harder to stand out from the crowd and rank better in search results.

Example: You run a travel blog and want to find keywords to optimize your articles. Since many travel bloggers Google Suggest all focus on the same popular keywords, such as "best travel destinations" or "travel tips". This can make it harder to stand out from the competition and stand out in search results.

  1. Vulnerability to manipulation: Google Suggest can also be used for black-hat SEO techniques, such as the so-called "Google Bombing", are abused. In this case, people or companies try to specifically manipulate certain search terms in order to have their websites rank higher in the suggestions or search results. This can make the suggestions less trustworthy and less helpful for SEO use.

Example: A company wants their product to be suggested whenever users search for a specific term. They use black hat SEO techniques to Google Suggest manipulate and ensure that their product is more frequently

Use cases

  1. Longtail-Keyword-Research: Want to know which long-tail keywords are relevant to your topic? Google Suggest shows you which search queries users enter that are related to your main keyword. Just type your main keyword into Google search and look at the suggestions Google gives you. This way you can get a feel for what more specific search queries are common and use those long-tail keywords in your content.

Example: You have a blog about vegan nutrition and type "vegan recipes" into Google search. Google Suggest shows you suggestions like "vegan recipes easy" or "vegan recipes for beginners". These are long-tail keywords that you can use for your content.

  1. Find content ideas: Google Suggest helps you find out which questions and topics are relevant for your target audience. You can use the suggestions to generate new content ideas for your blog or website.

Example: You run a website about sports and fitness and are looking for new topics for your articles. Type "fitness tips" into Google search and get inspired by the suggestions, like "fitness tips for beginners" or "fitness tips for home".

  1. Competitive Analysis: You can Google Suggest to find out what keywords your competitors are using for their content. Look at the suggestions Google provides for your main keywords and analyze which pages appear in the search results. This way you can identify gaps in your competitors' offer and adjust your content accordingly.

Example: You sell sustainable clothing and want to know what keywords your competitors are using. Search for "sustainable clothing" and look at the suggestions. You might find that there is still little content on "sustainable clothing for children" - a chance for you to cover this area.

  1. Local SEO Optimization: Google Suggest can also help you with local SEO optimization by showing you regional search suggestions. This way you can tailor your offer to local needs.

Example: You run a restaurant in Munich and want to know what people are looking for in your area. Type in "restaurant munich" and look at the suggestions, like "restaurant munich vegetarian" or "restaurant munich italian". You can use this information to better tailor your offer to the needs of your target audience.

  1. On-page optimization: With the help of Google Suggest you can find out which keywords are important for the on-page optimization of your website. Make sure to use the relevant keywords in titles, headings and meta descriptions.

Example: You run a website about photography and want to optimize your pages for relevant search queries. Enter "photography tips" into Google search and use the


Google Suggestcan be a useful tool for users and companies looking for ways to improve their search results. It can be used to identify keywords, study the search queries of different audiences, and compare different search terms. OverallGoogle Suggesta useful tool that allows users and companies to improve their search results.

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What is Google Suggest?  arrow icon in accordion
Google Suggest is a tool that displays suggested search terms based on the words you type into the Google search box when you enter your search query. Google Suggest makes your search easier and helps you find relevant results faster.
How does Google Suggest work?  arrow icon in accordion
When you type a search term in the Google search box, Google Suggest automatically suggests similar words or terms that you might mean. The suggested terms are sorted by relevance, with the highest ranked terms displayed above the list.
How to enable Google Suggest?  arrow icon in accordion
Google Suggest is enabled by default for all Google users. If you want to disable Google Suggest, you can do so through the settings in your Google Account.
Is Google Suggest supported in all languages?  arrow icon in accordion
Yes. Google Suggest is supported in many different languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese.
Are my searches being tracked with Google Suggest?  arrow icon in accordion
No. Google Suggest does not store or track your searches. Google Suggest is just a search feature that helps you find relevant results faster and more efficiently.
What are the benefits of using Google Suggest?  arrow icon in accordion
Using Google Suggest helps you find information faster by seeing suggested search terms based on what you type. This allows you to find relevant results faster and more efficiently.
Are new search terms being added?  arrow icon in accordion
Yes. Google Suggest is regularly updated to add new search terms and words suggested based on other users' search queries.
Is it possible to disable Google Suggest?  arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can. You can disable Google Suggest by changing the settings in your Google Account.
Are there other search tools like Google Suggest?  arrow icon in accordion
Yes, there are several other search tools like Bing Suggest and Yahoo Suggest. These search tools are similar to Google Suggest, but the results can be different depending on the search engine.
Is Google Suggest free?  arrow icon in accordion
Yes, Google Suggest is free and can be used to help you find information.

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