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Endless scrolling is a special user interface that allows the user to access content or information by scrolling infinitely on a page. Unlike other forms of navigation that require the user to switch between different pages, with Endless scrolling a single flow of content is loaded as the user scrolls.


Endless scrolling provides a simple, intuitive, and consistent experience for users. It allows users to browse and explore content on a page quickly and easily, without having to constantly jump between different pages.


Endless scrolling can cause problems due to performance limitations, as a lot of content has to be loaded when the user scrolls. In addition, it can be difficult to keep track of what is on the page and to keep track of what is on the page because the user can no longer see how much content is on the page.

Use cases

Infinite scrolling is this cool technique where new content is automatically reloaded as you scroll down. But let's talk about when it's really useful and when it just causes frustration.

1. social media feeds - example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

You know how it is: you're scrolling through your timeline and just want to see what your friends are up to or what new photos have been uploaded. This is where Infinite Scrolling is worth its weight in gold! The new posts load automatically, and you don't have to keep clicking on a "Show more" button. You stay in the scrolling flow, so to speak.

2. online stores - example: Zalando, Amazon (partially)

When you're looking for a new pair of shoes, you don't want to have to click "Next Page" every time, do you? That's what Infinite Scrolling is great for. The products just keep loading while you scroll through the selection. But beware: some users also like having the option to jump to a specific page, so use it wisely.

3. news and blog feeds - example: Medium

Here you can scroll endlessly through articles and don't have to keep going back to the overview to click on the next post. This way, you might discover topics that you would have otherwise overlooked.

4. image galleries and portfolios - example: Pinterest, Dribbble

Infinite Scrolling is great for visual content. You can easily scroll through the different designs, photos or artworks and get inspired. Here the "discovery flow" is enormously enhanced by Infinite Scrolling.

5. job boards - example: LinkedIn job search

Imagine you are looking for a job and want to look at different offers. Infinite scrolling can be an advantage here as well. You scroll through the list and always have new offers in view without having to reload every time.

But attention:

Infinite scrolling is not always the best solution. For example, if your website has a proper table of contents or a footer with important links that you want users to see. Also, Infinite Scrolling can be a challenge SEO-wise if it's not implemented properly.

Endless Scrolling and SEO - does that fit together?

Endless scrolling, oder auch Infinite Scrolling genannt, ist super für die User Experience, aber es kann für SEO eine echte Zwickmühle sein. Hier ein paar Gründe, warum das so ist:

1. content crawling

Suchmaschinen wie Google müssen deinen Content crawlto index it. When you Endless scrolling verwendest, ist die Chance groß, dass nicht der gesamte Content erfasst wird. Google muss ja quasi auch “scrollen”, und das ist bei Endless scrolling nicht so einfach. Wenn wichtiger Content in der Scroll-Queue steckt und nicht gecrawlt wird, bist du im Nachteil.

2. pagination and page structure

Traditional pagination (you know, those page numbers at the bottom of the page) is SEO gold. Why? Because each "page" has its own URL has that can be indicated. At Endless scrolling you have only one URLwhere everything happens. This makes the page structure less tangible for search engines.

3. loading time

Endless scrolling can increase the loading time of a website, especially if many images or videos are involved. You know, slow loading is death for any SEO strategy.

4. analytics

It's harder to analyze user behavior because all actions take place on a single page. You can work with events and scroll tracking, but it's more complex than simply seeing which pages are clicked on and how often.

5. footer and other important links

Often hidden in the footer are important links like the Imprint or data protection. At Endless scrolling however, you never reach the footer. This can be problematic, not only for users, but also from an SEO perspective. Search engines recognize that these important links are not visible.

Illustration: Think of your website as a multi-story department store. With pagination, each floor has clear signage and is accessible via an elevator. At Endless scrolling it's like putting all the products on an endless treadmill. The elevator (Google Crawler) doesn't know where to stop to categorize the products (content) correctly.

I hope this makes things clearer! You really have to consider whether Endless scrolling is the best solution for your own web project.


Endless scrolling is a very handy user interface that allows users to navigate content more easily and intuitively. However, it may have performance limitations in certain situations. It is best suited for constantly changing content such as social networks, blogs, images, and videos.

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What is Endless Scrolling? arrow icon in accordion
Endless scrolling is a technique used to provide a seamless experience when browsing content. In this technique, the next set of content is loaded automatically as the user scrolls through the page. This allows users to browse content infinitely, as the loading of the next set of content is repetitive.
What is Endless Scrolling used for? arrow icon in accordion
Endless scrolling is most commonly used on social networks, online stores, and blogs to give users a seamless experience when browsing content. It's also a popular feature for e-commerce websites, as it's an easy way for users to browse and buy products.
How do I create Endless Scrolling on my website? arrow icon in accordion
Creating Endless Scrolling on a website is a relatively simple process. There are many tutorials and guides on the Internet that can help you understand and follow the process. However, in most cases, the easiest way is to use a plugin or a script created for this purpose.
What are some disadvantages of Endless Scrolling? arrow icon in accordion
Some of the disadvantages of Endless Scrolling are that it can slow down website speed and create a worse user interface. If not implemented properly, it can cause confusion and confusion among users. Moreover, it can also affect the search function of the website.
What is the best way to implement Endless Scrolling? arrow icon in accordion
The best way to implement Endless Scrolling is to save the user's progress as he scrolls through the page. This way, the user can always jump back to the last point where they left off. It is also important to allow users to control or limit the number of elements displayed to create a better user interface.
How to prevent users from browsing a page via Endless Scrolling? arrow icon in accordion
To prevent users from Endless Scrolling a page, you can make some settings to limit the number of items that are displayed or restrict some features. In addition, you can also add buttons or links to allow users to jump to a specific point on the page.
What are the advantages of Endless Scrolling? arrow icon in accordion
Endless Scrolling offers many benefits, including improved usability and reduced distraction. It allows users to browse websites easily and quickly without having to constantly navigate to new pages, and it also provides the ability to display more content in a single page, which is very important for search engine optimization.
How to get users to use Endless Scrolling? arrow icon in accordion
One of the best ways to get users to use Endless Scrolling is to create clear navigation and an intuitive design that helps users get started. It's also important to give users clear instructions on what to do next on each page, and make sure they have the option to jump to a specific point on the page if they want to.
Why should companies use Endless Scrolling? arrow icon in accordion
Businesses should use Endless Scrolling because it's an easy way to get users to browse more content without having to navigate to new pages. It's also an effective way to do search engine optimization, as it's an easy way to display more content in a single page.
What are the alternatives to Endless Scrolling? arrow icon in accordion
Some alternatives to Endless Scrolling are Pagination and Infinitescrolling. Pagination allows users to jump to a specific page, while infinitescrolling allows more content to load as the user scrolls through the page. Both techniques provide a seamless experience when browsing content, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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