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What does drag and drop mean

Drag-and-drop functionality has been around on the Internet almost since its inception. In fact, it's really a standard feature that was built right into many computer operating systems years ago, before most people had access to the Internet.

What does "drag and drop" mean?

Drag-and-drop refers to the ability to change objects on a computer with the mouse. A very simple example would be creating a shortcut icon on your desktop computer that you click and then drag to the other side of the screen.

Nowadays, it is also a part of mobile technology. The above example can also be applied to the app icons you have on many different mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad.

For this type of device running on an iOS version, you simply hold down the home button until the app icons on the home screen become movable. You would then use your finger (not a mouse for a computer) to touch the app you want to move and drag it across the touchscreen to where you want to drop it. It's that simple.

General ways to use drag and drop functionality on the network

Upload files. Many web browsers, programs, and web-based services that allow you to upload files often have an uploader that supports the drag-and-drop feature. The WordPress CMS is another good example of this. When you click on a media file to upload it to your WordPress site, you can drag-and-drop a file from a folder on your computer directly into the uploader, instead of having to do everything with a mouse click.

Graphic design with a web-based tool. Because the drag-and-drop feature is so intuitive and easy to use, it makes sense that several free graphic design tools include it in their interfaces. They generally include sidebars with a list of options you can choose from to design your graphic - like shapes, icons, lines, images, and more. Your task is to simply find something you're looking for, click on it, and drag it onto your graphic in the right place.

Move folders in Gmail or another service. Did you know that you can organize the folders in your Gmail account by clicking, dragging and dropping them into any position above or below each other? This is useful if you want to keep the most important folders on top and the less important folders on the bottom. Many other services that let you create folders - like Dropbox and Google Drive - let you do this as well.

The advantages of drag-and-drop

What makes the drag-and-drop feature so easy and convenient is that it's not always so obvious on your favorite websites, programs, online services or mobile apps. Some of them actually have instruction-based tours that walk new users through some of the features and functions of their service, which is often an opportunity to learn what you can drag-and-drop into place to make things easier.

However, sometimes you really just need to explore and experiment with the website, program, service, or application you're using to see if any of its features support drag-and-drop functionality. Try clicking or tapping your mouse on the desktop web and holding your finger on the phone to see if an object can be dragged across the screen.

Drag and drop makes it easy for users to handle many different types of content, such as files, folders, images, videos, etc. It enables an intuitive and intuitive user interface that allows users to move content quickly and easily.

The disadvantages of drag and drop

A disadvantage of the Drag and drop-technique is that it requires some experience and competence. Some users cannot master it, which can cause problems when moving content.

Use cases

Drag and drop is widely used in websites, office programs, graphic design programs, desktop applications, and many other applications. It provides users with an easy and intuitive way to move, create and edit content.


Example 1: In a graphic design program, users can open an image, select it, and then drag it to a text box to paste it.

Example 2: In a web page, users can drag images or videos to a page to insert and edit them.


Drag and drop is a very intuitive technique that provides users with an easy way to move, create and edit content. It is commonly used in websites, office programs, graphic design programs, and many other applications, and can be a very useful feature when used correctly.

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What is drag and drop? arrow icon in accordion
Drag and drop is an interactive method for moving elements in a user interface. It allows the user to move and organize elements by simply dragging and dropping them with the mouse or finger on the touchscreen.
What is drag and drop used for? arrow icon in accordion
Drag and drop is widely used for visual data organization and easy interaction with user interfaces. It allows users to organize items in a user-friendly and intuitive way.
Where can I find drag and drop functions? arrow icon in accordion
Drag and drop features can be found on websites and in various desktop and mobile applications. Some examples of use cases are moving files and folders on the desktop, editing images in a photo app, or adding and organizing items to a presentation in a presentation app.
How do I use drag and drop? arrow icon in accordion
To use drag and drop, click or tap an item, hold it down, and drag it to another item to move it there. Depending on the application, it may also be necessary to press a key to lock the element before it can be moved.
Can I use drag and drop on my mobile device? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, drag and drop can be used on many Android and iOS devices. Most touchscreen devices support drag and drop by holding the item you want to move on the screen with your finger and then dragging it to the desired position.
Can I use drag and drop on my desktop? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can use drag and drop on your desktop. To use drag and drop, left-click and hold the mouse button on the item you want to move. Then drag the mouse to move the element to the desired position.
What are the advantages of drag and drop? arrow icon in accordion
Drag and drop offers several benefits for users. It allows users to organize and move items faster and more intuitively. This allows users to access data they need faster, while reducing the time they spend working on a task.
Are there any disadvantages to using drag and drop? arrow icon in accordion
Drag and drop can be difficult to use if the element that may need to be moved is not near the cursor. It can also be difficult to determine the exact position of the element when it is moved on a surface.
Can I integrate drag and drop functionality into my applications? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can integrate drag and drop functionality into your applications. Depending on the programming language you use, you can implement the drag and drop features using libraries such as jQuery UI or HTML5 API.
Are there certain rules that should be followed when developing a drag and drop function? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, some rules should be followed when developing a drag and drop function. For example, the elements that can be moved should be easily recognizable, and the elements must also be able to be dropped in the right place. In addition, it is important to show the user that an element is being moved by displaying visual feedback when the element is moved.

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