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What is a dashboard

What is a dashboard?

A Dashboard is a tool for information management and business intelligence. Various dashboards organize, store, and display important information from multiple data sources in a single, easily accessible location. Using data visualization, dashboards show metrics in a simplified but clear and visual way to help users understand complex relationships in their data. In a dataDashboard it's easier to draw parallels between different but related metrics, identify trends, and spot potential challenges in a company's data. With the help of smartphones, tablets and other mobile technologies, dashboards are also used to deliver relevant information to audiences without lengthy preparation. The most functional dashboards can be customized, secured and shared with their respective end users.


What is a business dashboard?

In a sense, virtually any technology used by a company falls Dashboard into this category. The term "business Dashboard" refers in particular to reporting tools that fulfill these purposes:

  • Tracking key business metrics
  • Monitoring of business intelligence initiatives
  • Reporting to stakeholders

An effective businessDashboard should focus on top-level data that relates to the overall success of the business. In most cases, each key performance indicator should be included in the Dashboard be related to the company's most important metric: the bottom line. However, the goal of a business dashboard is not only to communicate data about business success, but also to facilitate understanding of advertising direction between departments, hold each team accountable for its goals and progress, and help users identify areas that require immediate action.


Other types of dashboards:

  • Business Dashboard
  • Executive Dashboard
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Project-Dashboard
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What is a dashboard? arrow icon in accordion
A dashboard is a user interface that allows users to view and manage important information and data on a single page. It contains widgets that allow users to view and manage different types of information.
For what purposes is a dashboard used? arrow icon in accordion
A dashboard is used for a variety of purposes, including visualizing data, managing project information, monitoring system activity, managing finances, and more.
How to create dashboards? arrow icon in accordion
Dashboards can be created in a variety of ways, including creating widgets, adding data sources, linking data, and more. Some dashboard software solutions also allow users to prepare dashboards.
What are the benefits of dashboards? arrow icon in accordion
Dashboards can help users quickly access important information, and they can also be used as effective tools for managing complex data. Dashboards can also help users track, manage, and analyze data effortlessly.
Can anyone create a dashboard? arrow icon in accordion
Yes. Modern dashboard software solutions are easy to use and allow anyone to create very effective dashboards.
What types of data sources can be included in a dashboard? arrow icon in accordion
It is possible to include different types of data sources, including databases, APIs, Excel files and many others. It depends on the dashboard software solution what kind of data sources are supported.
What types of widgets can be included in a dashboard? arrow icon in accordion
There are several types of widgets that can be included in a dashboard, including charts, maps, tables, reports, and more. Some dashboard software solutions also provide users with the ability to create custom widgets.
What functions does a dashboard offer? arrow icon in accordion
Most dashboards provide users with a number of useful features, including adding widgets, linking data, managing user permissions, managing user roles, and more.
How can users view the results of a dashboard? arrow icon in accordion
Users can view the results of a dashboard by bringing it up on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Some dashboard software solutions also offer users the ability to open dashboards on multiple devices simultaneously.
What are some of the most popular dashboard software solutions? arrow icon in accordion
Some of the most popular dashboard software solutions include Splunk, Tableau, QlikView, Microsoft Power BI and Google Data Studio.

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