CPO (Cost per Order)

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What does Cost per Order mean

What does CPO (cost per order) mean?

Ceast phe Order (CPO), sometimes also Ceast phe Acquisition (CPA), refers to the amount spent on advertising or marketing to generate a conversion or make a sale. Cost per order is an important part of any web-based business, especially those that are just waiting or have a very strict budget.

Cost per order is calculated by dividing marketing spend by the number of orders (that the company prepares). They can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular type of marketing.

What is the CPO used for?

If your CPO is low and your closing rate is high, you are reaching the right people! Users want your product and you are generating active sales. A low CPO indicates that marketing is generating the right kind of leads at the right cost and that salespeople are efficiently converting the leads generated.

This performance indicator (KPI), evaluated in conjunction with your closing rate, allows you to look at your sales process as a whole picture and identify grievances.

CPO is also used in decision-making. It can impact many different areas of a business, from employee benefits to product costs. Some of the decisions that can be made based on cost-per-order numbers include:

  • How much should be paid to employees who assemble or prepare products for shipment
  • What types of equipment/machinery should be used or purchased for product production
  • What shipping method can be used so that customers receive orders in a timely manner
  • The price charged for a product.
  • The type and amount of marketing that is used or can be used.


While cost per order (CPO) is an important factor for many companies operating on the Internet, there are also experts who advise that CPO should always be viewed with a degree of caution. The figures can be misleading because they do not take into account factors such as the consumer's decision-making time.

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What does cost per order (CPO) mean? arrow icon in accordion
Cost per order (CPO) is an important cost and performance metric in the online marketing industry. It refers to the costs a company incurs to place a successful order. This includes all costs directly related to the order, including advertising, processing and shipping.
Why is cost per order (CPO) important? arrow icon in accordion
Cost per order (CPO) is an important cost and performance metric that helps companies measure the efficiency of their online marketing activities. With CPO, companies can track the cost of each successful order and use the results to optimize future campaigns.
How to calculate Cost per Order (CPO)? arrow icon in accordion
Cost per order (CPO) can be calculated by dividing the total value of the costs by the number of orders. For example, if a company spends a budget of $10,000 on a marketing campaign and 300 orders are placed, calculate the CPO as follows: 10,000 / 300 = USD 33.33.
What factors influence cost per order (CPO)? arrow icon in accordion
There are a number of factors that influence CPO, including campaign types, target audience, competitive landscape, and type of order (e.g., orders placed through an online store or call center). A company can lower its CPO by optimizing its campaigns and tailoring them to the target audience.
How do you compare cost per order (CPO)? arrow icon in accordion
The best way to compare CPO is by comparing different campaigns and comparing their respective costs per order. Companies can also compare different channels to see which works best.
How to reduce cost per order (CPO)? arrow icon in accordion
There are many different ways to reduce CPO. Some strategies can be to improve the quality of the campaign, identify relevant target groups, reduce campaign costs and optimize the conversion rate.
What are the advantages of a low cost per order (CPO)? arrow icon in accordion
A low CPO provides a number of benefits to a company. The benefits include a higher ROI, better customer retention and greater customer interest. A low CPO also means that the company can fulfill more orders, which in turn leads to more sales and profit.
Is the cost per order (CPO) always the same? arrow icon in accordion
No, the CPO can vary depending on the campaign. The CPO of a campaign can vary depending on the channel, targeting, and campaign type. Therefore, it is important to compare different campaigns to find out which one works best.
How can you reduce the cost per order (CPO) in the long term? arrow icon in accordion
There are a few ways to reduce CPO in the long term. For example, a company can optimize its targeting, create personalized content, or pay more attention to customer retention. The introduction of automated campaign management can also help to reduce CPO.
What is the difference between cost per order (CPO) and cost per acquisition (CPA)? arrow icon in accordion
The difference between Cost per Order (CPO) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA) is that CPO measures the cost of a successful order, while CPA measures the cost of a successful customer acquisition. So CPO measures the cost per order, while CPA measures the cost per new customer.

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