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Branded Search
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What is Branded Search

The Branded Search is simply the result that shows up when you search for your brand name. Whether you're a new business or a big fish, you'll want to be known by your Branded Search stand at the top. But it's not always easy to be at the top, even for your own brand.

What is a branded keyword?

A trademarked Keyword or a branded search, any search query is possible via a Search Enginethat contains the name of your company, business or brand, such as "Go Up". This can also include other words, such as "Go Up Agency" or "London Go Up." Basically, a brand-related search includes your brand name.

A non-branded search is any search term that does not contain your name. Following the examples above, this could be "Agency", "London agency" or "London agency".

Branded search shows user intent

Using your brand name in a search shows that the user already knows who you are, or has heard of you, and is specifically looking for your business. This means they want to go directly to your website. That's why you should be at the top of the search results page for brand-related searches.

Is it easy to rank for branded search?

The placement in the Branded Search can be simple, but not always. Take Coca-Cola, for example. Coca-Cola is a large, international company that has been around for many years. It has an established website, so when you search for "Coca-Cola" it appears at the top of the results page: coca cola". Below the Homepage social media accounts, news, and a Wikipedia entry are also listed in the search results.

The Coca-Cola brand is strong and mentioned on numerous websites, making it more likely to be top of mind when people search for their brand. But what if you're a smaller business or have a brand new website?

If you're not ranking high in searches for your brand, an SEO agency can help you figure out why. There can be a number of reasons, varying in complexity:

  • Your website is not indexed
  • You are in competition with another brand with the same or similar name
  • Your page was not optimized properly (ineffective SEO)
  • You have multiple brand names
  • You use an acronym for your brand name that could also be used by another company or organization
  • You didn't make your brand name clear on your website.

Brand monitoring can help you with branded search

Brand monitoring is a term used by marketing agencies and data tracking tools to describe mentions of your brand online. There are many tools you can use to track these mentions and record them for you and your team. There are also many additional ways for your internal team or marketing agency to improve the frequency of your brand's online mentions.

The frequency of brand mentions won't necessarily get you in the Branded Search end up at the top, but it will make a big contribution.

Think of brand mentions and monitoring like PR: you want to get your name out to as many people as possible. Wherever users are, you want to be. Some examples of how you can increase mentions of your brand are:

  • Mentions with links on other websites, such as industry blogs, newsletters, newspapers, and online magazines. Especially with brand-related Anchor text.
  • Search engine listings for businesses. This can be Google My Business, Bing Places or Yandex's Yext. This should be supported with schema so that your name, address and phone number are the same in all entries.
  • Social media. From Twitter and Facebook to Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Reviews from relevant rating portals such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and industry-specific platforms

If you have your Branded Search improve or want to know why you're not ranking number one for your brand name, contact our SEO team today.

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What is branded search? arrow icon in accordion
Branded search is a type of search engine marketing in which companies try to influence search engine results by optimizing their brand name and keywords related to their brand. It is an important strategy to increase the visibility of a brand and the chances of a higher conversion rate.
How can I use branded search? arrow icon in accordion
Branded search can be used in many ways. The most basic methods are on-page optimization, creating relevant content pieces, and building backlinks to your brand. Using social media can also play an important role by helping to get more traffic to your brand.
How can I improve my branding in organic search results? arrow icon in accordion
To improve your branding in organic search results, you should first make sure that your brand name is linked to on all your pages. You should also make sure that your brand name is used in all of your meta tags, titles, and descriptions. Also, it's important to create content that is related to your brand so that search engines know that your brand is considered relevant.
How can I track my branded search campaign? arrow icon in accordion
There are many ways you can track your branded search campaign. The best way to do this is to use an analytics tool like Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your campaign in detail. You can also create different tracking URLs to see which keywords lead to the most conversions.
What are the types of branded search? arrow icon in accordion
There are two types of branded search. One is direct search for your brand, and the other is indirect search. In direct search, your brand is entered directly into the search bar. This can result in your brand appearing more frequently in organic search results. Indirect search, on the other hand, tries to get the search engine to recommend your brand for searches that are not directly related to your brand.
What influence does branded search have on the conversion rate? arrow icon in accordion
Branded search has a direct impact on conversion rates. By bringing your brand higher up in search engine results, you increase your visibility and therefore your conversion rate. Since visitors are more likely to believe a more trustworthy company, it pays to develop a strategy to improve your brand in organic search results.
What is the benefit of branded search for my brand? arrow icon in accordion
Branded search can bring great benefits to your brand. First of all, you increase the visibility of your brand by ranking higher in the SERPs. This also increases the chances of a higher conversion rate. It also allows you to protect your brand by ensuring that negative results don't show up on searches for your brand.
What are the costs of branded search? arrow icon in accordion
The cost of branded search depends on several factors. If you follow different SEO strategies, the cost may vary. However, if you follow some basics of SEO and use some free tools, you can lower your costs. However, it is worth investing in some paid tools to get the best results.
How long does it take for branded search to deliver results? arrow icon in accordion
It may take some time for branded search to return results. Due to the dynamic nature of search engines, it's hard to say how long it will take. However, if you start following your SEO strategy, you can see results within a few weeks.
What tips do you have for branded search? arrow icon in accordion
There are many tips that can help with branded search. First of all, it is important to create the right content that is related to your brand. It's also worth focusing on on-page optimization to achieve higher rankings. It's also important to build links and use social media to get higher traffic.

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