Is SEO worth it for your online store or service?

SEO webinar for online stores and service providers

Determine your SEO revenue potential and understand how to make SEO an organic revenue channel.
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The SEO webinar for your project

Want a new revenue channel for your online business? Whether you run an online store or offer services, the power of SEO is undeniable. Discover in our free SEO webinarhow you can increase the visibility of your business. Choose between the specialized webinar for online stores or the customized one for service providers. Dive into the world of SEO and learn how to take your business to the next level. Don't wait any longer - use the SEO webinar for yourself now!

For online stores

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Less dependence on performance marketing! Use the SEO measures shown in the webinar and use Google for more organic traffic with purchase intention.

For your SEO strategy

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No matter what business, SEO will help you. Learn how you can get more pre-qualified leads in your funnel with a targeted SEO strategy.

Sales potential

Is SEO worthwhile for your project or company? In the webinar we check your SEO revenue potential.

Starting points

SEO is a huge subject area. Where should you start? In the webinar you will get exact starting points to start your SEO project.

SEO calculation

With how much effort can you expect which SEO turnover? Just calculate yourself what you can realistically achieve with SEO.


Which keywords should you optimize your site for? Not every keyword is worthwhile. After the webinar, you can filter meaningful and high-revenue keywords.

seo webinar main contents

SEO webinar contents

Between the many SEO tips, measures and tools, you can quickly lose the overview. In the webinar, you will therefore learn where your time, your budget and your attention should be directed. Only with this focus will you make it into the top rankings on Google!

We go beyond the theoretical aspects of SEO: you get direct e-commerce use cases and see where SEO makes a real difference.

In the end, Google search is just an algorithm that needs to be cracked. In this section, Niels analyzes with you hands-on a website on its SEO metrics. You can then also identify measures and improvements for your own site. If you are not yet in the top rankings, after this section you will also know how to analyze your competition and use their SEO knowledge for yourself. 

Not every product in your online store has SEO potential. Some have too few search queries, others have too much competition. You can also learn how to filter products that are really worth targeted SEO optimization in the webinar.

SEO optimization and top rankings are good. But in the end, what counts for you is how profitable SEO is for your store. In the webinar we show you how to calculate your realistic SEO revenue potential. Not with complicated formulas, but with our online tool that immediately gives you data you can work with.

Depending on the keyword you enter, you can precisely categorize the search intent of your SEO traffic. This way you can pick out the search queries with the best conversion and turn them into an organic sales channel. Unlike paid placement, SEO measures bring you continuous traffic that you don't have to pay for every time.

Which pages should you optimize? Does this keyword have potential or does it not bring traffic? After the webinar you will know which patterns you can use to select worthwhile keywords!

Am I still doing too little SEO? Should I really rely on SEO as a marketing channel? The webinar shows you where the limits and possibilities of SEO are. At the end of the webinar you will be much closer to deciding whether SEO is worthwhile for your online store!

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Hi! I am Niels

For more than half a decade, I have been dealing with the question of how to place websites on the first places in Google rankings with a clear strategy and efficiently implementable methods. In the process, I have managed more than 200 client projects and achieved over 1500 top 3 rankings in all kinds of service niches, product categories and local search queries.

I know exactly which mistakes online stores make in SEO and what is important if you want to set up a really strong SEO strategy. If you want to find out if SEO is worthwhile for your online store, then you should definitely take the hour and watch the webinar. You won't be sold anything, but you will take away a whole lot of knowledge!

SEO experience
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Project implementation and planning
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Wait no longer: Instant access to the SEO webinar

Secure your instant access to the webinar now and learn if SEO is worthwhile for your online store!

FAQ about the SEO webinar

How much does the SEO webinar cost?

The SEO webinar is free for you and there are no hidden costs. Niels wants to pass on SEO basic knowledge to you, for which other agencies charge money, because he wants to create more transparency in the SEO market.

What will I learn in the SEO webinar?

In the SEO webinar, you'll learn how to use SEO to create a new revenue channel for your e-commerce business. You will get a basic understanding of the e-commerce perspective on SEO, learn how to analyze your potential and which measures will ultimately bring top rankings.

What prior knowledge do I need?

You don't need any prior knowledge, because we start with the basics and don't get lost in technical details. Simply the SEO big picture in a one-hour session.

When can I watch the SEO webinar?

After registration, the SEO webinar is immediately activated, you can then watch it via your login at any time and as often as you like.

How long does the SEO webinar last?

The pure video is a little over 50 minutes. If you follow the active actions and steps from the video, you should not need more than 90 minutes and have many learnings in this time!

I don't have time - How can I still optimize SEO?

If you don't want to beat yourself through the bugs and problems of your site, do our free instant SEO check and find the biggest problems. If you want to get started right away and are looking for a strong SEO partner, then book a free SEO potential talk with us.

Ecommerce Online Shop SEO

This is how SEO helps your store to generate more sales:

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Advantages of SEO optimization for your store

  1. More traffic: By optimizing your own website for search engines, you will be found better by potential customers. This will not only get you more traffic, but also higher sales. In the SEO webinar we will go through some examples.

  2. Increasing the conversion rate: You don't just get more traffic, but customers who already have an intention to buy when they search. This will increase your conversion rate. In the SEO webinar, you will also learn how exactly to find SEO keywords with purchase intent and optimize your content for them.

  3. Improve the user experience: By optimizing on-page factors, such as the loading speed of the website or optimizing the navigation, you also increase the user-friendliness of your store. This improves dwell time and willingness to buy. In the webinar you get a crash course in on-page optimization of your online store.

  4. Higher rankings in search results: By optimizing off-page factors, such as linking from other websites, you can ensure that your website is considered more relevant and trustworthy by Google. In the webinar for SEO you will learn the most important concepts for off-page optimization!

  5. Longer-term investment: In contrast to paid advertising, which is only effective until the budget is used up, you can benefit from the positive effects in the long term by implementing SEO measures. Once implemented, optimizations remain effective for years and thus contribute to a stable traffic and sales development. In the webinar you will see examples from other store owners who have made SEO an important revenue channel.

What can you expect from the SEO webinar?

The content of the SEO webinar focuses on e-commerce SEO. Every store owner or e-commerce manager gets here a Overview of the SEO possibilities for his project. You'll learn how, with the right prioritization and a good groundwork, you can through SEO analysis and strategy planning top rankings in Google can achieve.

In addition, in the webinar we will also discuss the importance of content and keywords for ECommerce SEO. For this you will learn tangible Examples of other online stores and together we analyze the SEO potential of some products.

Focus on the SEO measures with leverage

Finally, Niels shows you how to create a make good SEO keyword selection and gives you insights on how much SEO effort is worthwhile for your project, because sometimes less is more.

Overall, our SEO webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to search engine optimization for online stores. You get valuable tips and trickshow you can increase the visibility of your own store.

Even as a pure beginner, the SEO webinar is something for you. So do not hesitate and sign up!

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SEO Webinar: In these 5 steps you optimize your online store SEO

  1. Keyword research: Think about what terms your target audience would use to find your products and incorporate those keywords into the title and description of your products.

  2. Onpage optimization: Make sure that the structure and content of your website is easily accessible to search engines. This includes, for example, the use of headings, the creation of sitemaps and the use of alt text for images.

  3. Create high-quality content: Regularly publish relevant and engaging content that interests your target audience and that search engines find valuable.

  4. Acquire links from other websites: Links from other websites pointing to your site can help your site be found better in search results.

  5. Track and analyze your progress: Use tools like Google Analytics to track and analyze your site's performance and adjust accordingly.

Your competition doesn't sleep: start your SEO tactics now with our advanced training

In the e-commerce sector, competition is often high and often it is difficult to achieve good Google rankings. One way from the SEO webinar to beat your competition is to conduct intensive keyword research. With it, you can make sure that you are using the terms that your target audience is really looking for. In the webinar you will also learn the Difference between a keyword with and without purchase intentionand how you can tell them apart directly.

For example, there are search queries that bring many new people to your site, but very few of them have a purchase intention. Other keywords, on the other hand, have less search volume, but have a significantly higher conversion, which is exactly what the SEO webinar is about.

Onpage optimization of your website is also important to ensure that it is easily accessible to search engines. The webinar will touch on how you can high-quality, relevant content that interest your target audience. This is the only way you will manage to keep your rankings.


What comes after the first optimizations from the SEO webinar?

By acquiring links from other websites (backlinks) that point to your site, you can also help your site to be better found in search results will. Find out how this has affected other e-commerce examples in the SEO webinar. 

It's also important to track and analyze your progress to find out what's working and what's not, and adjust accordingly. Between the many KPIs, metrics and other SEO indicators, it's easy to lose track. In the SEO webinar you will learn which numbers you should really pay attention toif you want to increase your SEO success

seo webinar learning

SEO as an Investment: New Perspective from the Webinar

Key learning from the SEO webinar: If you run an online store, SEO measures are a worthwhile investment. As long as you have a clear strategy and take the right steps in the implementation.

By optimizing your website for search engines, you can ensure that your site is better found in search results when users search for products or services that you offer. This will help you to get more traffic to your site and thereby also achieve more sales.


Building organic SEO traffic takes time

However, it is important to note that SEO no quick results and it takes time and effort to make progress. You can find out what time frames you can expect in the webinar.

You should be ready to work in invest the necessary work and patienceto benefit from SEO measures. This includes, for example, performing an SEO analysis at the beginning, extensive keyword research to make sure you are using the terms your target audience is searching for, and on-page optimization of your website to make it easily accessible to search engines.

Overall, SEO measures are a good investment for any online storewho has the goal to increase his visibility in the search engines and generate more traffic and sales. The SEO webinar provides a rough roadmap for this.

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