Is SEO worth it for your online store?

SEO webinar for online stores

Determine your SEO revenue potential and understand how to make SEO an organic revenue channel.
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The SEO Webinar for Online Shops

Especially in e-commerce, the competitive pressure in online marketing is very high. Since most search queries land on one of the first 3 results, SEO is not worthwhile for every online store or product. Whether SEOOptimization is a sensible investment for your online store and how much sales potential you have with targeted SEO measures. In addition, you will get first starting points for your SEO strategy and gain insights into the best practices of other stores.

Sales potential

Is SEO worthwhile for your project or company? In the webinar we check your SEO revenue potential.

Starting points

SEO is a huge subject area. Where should you start? In the webinar you will get exact starting points to start your SEO project.

SEO calculation

With how much effort can you expect which SEO turnover? Just calculate yourself what you can realistically achieve with SEO.


Which keywords should you optimize your site for? Not every keyword is worthwhile. After the webinar you will be able to filter meaningful and high-revenue keywords.

Webinar content

Between the many SEO tips, measures and tools, you can quickly lose the overview. In the webinar, you will therefore learn where your time, your budget and your attention should be directed. Only with this focus will you make it into the top rankings on Google!

We go beyond the theoretical aspects of SEO: you get direct e-commerce use cases and see where SEO makes a real difference.

In the end, Google search is just an algorithm that needs to be cracked. In this section, Niels analyzes a website hands-on for its SEO metrics. This way, you can also identify measures and improvements for your own site afterwards. If you are not yet in the top rankings, after this section you will also know how to analyze your competition and use their SEO knowledge for yourself. 

Not every product in your online store has SEO potential. Some have too few search queries, others have too much competition. How to filter products that have targeted SEO potential.Optimization really worth it, you'll also find out in the webinar.

SEO optimization and top rankings are good. But in the end, what really matters is how profitable SEO is for your store. In the webinar we show you how to calculate your realistic SEO revenue potential. Not with complicated formulas, but with our online tool that immediately gives you data you can work with.

Depending on the keyword you enter, you can precisely categorize the search intent of your SEO traffic. This way you can pick out the search queries with the best conversion and turn them into an organic sales channel. Unlike paid placement, SEO measures bring you continuous traffic that you don't have to pay for every time.

Which pages should you optimize? Does this keyword have potential or does it not bring traffic? After the webinar you will know which patterns you can use to select worthwhile keywords!

Am I still doing too little SEO? Should I really be using SEO as a marketing channel? The webinar shows you where the limits and possibilities of SEO are. At the end of the webinar, you will be much closer to deciding whether SEO is worthwhile for your online store!

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Hi! I am Niels

For more than half a decade, I have been dealing with the question of how to place websites on the first places in Google rankings with a clear strategy and efficiently implementable methods. In the process, I have managed more than 200 client projects and achieved over 1500 top 3 rankings in all kinds of service niches, product categories and local search queries.

I know exactly which mistakes online stores make in SEO and what is important if you want to set up a really strong SEO strategy. If you want to find out if SEO is worthwhile for your online store, then you should definitely take the hour and watch the webinar. You won't be sold anything, but you will take away a whole lot of knowledge!

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