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You have a website and are looking for an SEO specialist in Dortmund? Then the team of Wolf of SEO is the imaginative contact for you and your site!

In this day and age, digital media makes it easier than ever to market your site and services to reach potential new customers. Where once you had to rely on the recognized possibilities of advertising, such as television - and radio advertising, there are now much more efficient and effective marketing channels.

Especially the "Search Engine Optimization", short SEO, is a long-term option to increase the findability and profits of your company and consequently to create a sustainable generic sales channel. For this reason no online business should miss to deal with Search Engine Optimization in Dortmund.

In the digital age, more than 80 % of people get their information from the Internet first, if they are planning to purchase a service or a product. Wouldn't it be attractive for your company, if potential customers immediately find your online store during their research for a service or product? This is exactly what we have specialized in as an SEO agency in Dortmund.

SEO is great for increasing the discoverability of your website and thus successfully scaling sales by bringing searchers directly to you and your business through Google's top rankings.

SEO in Dortmund - that's why it's so important

At Wolf of SEO we know our way around the most diverse industries and directions in the best possible way and are therefore clear about which SEO approach will get you the most effective end result. These years of experience are proof that Wolf of SEO is the expert for search engine optimization in Dortmund and the surrounding area.

During this process, we as SEO Agency Dortmund are not only responsible for the implementation of search engine optimization, but are also available to you at any time for requests, questions and suggestions.

All our customers are therefore individually supported and our project managers will be available to you as a contact person on an ongoing basis. In addition, we conduct weekly updates and strategy meetings if requested by you.

With several years of expertise and experience in well over 50 successful projects, we are able to offer customized search engine optimization in Dortmund to ensure that your business will reach the top results positions.

At Wolf of SEO we know our way around the most diverse industries and directions in the best possible way and are therefore clear about which SEO approach will get you the most effective end result. These years of experience are proof that Wolf of SEO is the expert for search engine optimization in Dortmund and the surrounding area.

During this process, we as SEO Agency Dortmund are not only responsible for the implementation of search engine optimization, but are also available to you at any time for requests, questions and suggestions.

All our customers are therefore individually supported and our project managers will be available to you as a contact person on an ongoing basis. In addition, we conduct weekly updates and strategy meetings if requested by you.

With several years of expertise and experience in well over 50 successful projects, we are able to offer customized search engine optimization in Dortmund to ensure that your business will reach the top results positions.

*free of charge & without obligation

WOLF OF SEO is known from:

Case Studies

Real numbers, instead of hot air!

Agencies can tell a lot when the day is long. We know that the bottom line is not the coffee, the small talk or the handicap for your company - but the results. Our wolves eat your current SEO agency for breakfast.

Become the next Case Study!

Arrange a free and non-binding initial consultation now.

SEO for Dortmund & Surroundings...

Search engine optimization in Dortmund and the surrounding area is still very much trivialized by most founders. Many local start-ups with online retailers rely on already known customers who permanently buy again, or simply don't know SEO and the advantages of SEO as another channel for sales yet. However, such a mentality can cost you some very good paying buyers, especially in today's times when search engines have become an integral part of our daily lives. 

We have already supported many projects in the history and show you here in our SEO Case Studies what other customers have already achieved with our help.

We want to give you the opportunity to be fully impressed by our search engine optimization service.

Because while many others underestimate Search Engine Optimization especially in Dortmund, you will soon set exactly the right course with our help.

Through our SEO case studies you can get a clear picture of what is possible with advanced Search Engine Optimization. We show you results from a wide range of industries, with a single goal: to create a new, natural and trusted channel for sales. 

Of course, this means effort and investments when it comes to search engine optimization in Dortmund. But look at the individual results once and see: 

If you follow a smart strategy - like we do in our SEO case studies - then the investment will definitely more than pay off.

1. analysis

- As-is website analysis
- Basic error analysis
- Keyword and competitor analysis
- Identify the SEO potential

2. content creation

- Writing SEO optimized content
- Blog post creation
- Optimization of existing pages

3. link building

- Link building suitable for niche
- SEO boost for top positions
- Removal of bad links

...these case studies show what really works

First of all, a really good SEO ensures that ... 

... your site will rank for considerably more keywords on the 1st page of Google and other search engines.

... you get more keywords in the top five to get more traffic.

For our projects, we have summarized the ranking results very neatly in the SEO cases so that they can get a closer idea of our results. 

Our effort for the customers brought a real progress for various companies in the area of Dortmund and its surroundings - one can notice a significant improvement in all projects. 

But that's only one component of our SEO cases - because building on that, other great results develop in the respective projects.

You want in Dortmund and surroundings with Wolf of SEO the top positions!

So, what are you waiting for?

Updated fresh every week

Live statistics on our projects

Top 1 placements
Top 3 placements
Top 10 rankings
Organic traffic per month
Traffic value per month

*Last updated: today

SEO analysis and SEO consulting in Dortmund

When a user enters a search term in Google, he wants to find a perfectly matching search result right away. To ensure this, search engines work with algorithms that use a wide range of criteria to assess how accurate a result is for the search query in question.

These metrics include, for example, the density of keywords or the amount of links from other pages that are interpreted by the search engine as recommendations. There are well over 200 ranking criteria, from which the search placement of your company results.

Even if by no means all criteria have been confirmed by Google, we have been able to identify what is actually necessary for an effective SEO strategy with the help of numerous scientific studies on this topic in combination with our personal practical experience.


Local SEO Results: SiGNAL

Marketing Manager SiGNal
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"From 3 online inquiries per week before, we now have 10-20 qualified inquiries per day through Wolf of SEO."

Conquer the top 3 rankings thanks to Wolf of SEO

Keyword optimized content is one of the most important strategic approaches to increase ranking positions. Both the users and the Google algorithms appreciate extensive and interesting content on the respective topics.

The factor that is the second most important for search engine optimization is also related to the first - we are talking about link building. Links are interpreted as recommendations from other sites. So, if your website has extensive content, it is possible that other sites will also recommend it through links.

Through targeted link building, you increase the amount of referrals, which can improve the ranking of your site in Google results.

Our services

SEO solutions for e-commerce projects in the scaling phase

SEO texts. Linkbuilding. Online reputation management.

Not only in the bible David won against Goliath. At WOLF OF SEO, it's not about picking up the crumbs, but getting a juicy piece of the pie in your industry. We are not afraid of competitive niches and take on the big players of various industries every day.

E-commerce SEO

From the first top positions up to 100.000€ monthly turnover. We become your external SEO department.

Link building

We publish strong backlinks on the right pages to achieve top Google positions.


We make sure that only positive posts about you and your brand are in the search results.

SEO Copywriting

We plan & write the right texts for your future top Google positions.

More traffic in 3 phases

We work according to a proven 3-phase SEO strategy, with the goal of building a sustainable, six-figure revenue channel for you. From the analysis phase, to the content phase, to the biggest SEO lever.

1. phase - analysis

A complete data basis is the most important basis for any decision.

In our analysis phase, we unravel every SEO problem, analyze the market down to the smallest search query and turn every one of your competitors into a glass human being.

Phase 2 - Content

Every page that should rank on Google needs an SEO text.

Here, we work according to a data-driven process, with thematically selected copywriters to get your brand worthy rankings.

Phase 3 - Link building

Backlinks - The strongest SEO factor for years. They are the ace up your sleeve to overtake even the market leaders.

We make sure that online magazines & bloggers report positively about your brand & improve your rankings with keyword-optimized backlinks.


Wolf of SEO results: GreenHero

Head of Marketing & Business Development
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"Conceptually, from project work to implementation, a flawless collaboration."

We build your SEO revenue channel

Get these external collaborators into the project


Strategic lead

Consult 300+ companies in SEO, trained 100+ people in operational SEO, entrepreneur, process expert. Builds your external SEO department.


Operational lead

Operationally managed 100+ projects, Onpage & Offpage SEO experience from 200+ projects, trains your staff as if they were ours.


Content expert

1,000+ SEO texts implemented, 100+ copywriters trained, types 100 words per minute. Ensures that your texts rank on Google.


Link building expert

5,000+ backlinks built, 700+ websites & blogs in network, 50+ magazines in network. Makes your brand look dazzling.

Do we fit together?

What we bring

Experience from 300+ projects 🌟

We know how the hare runs - really. Our experience is based purely on practice.

Our methods are up to date, based on the highly competitive American market and very different from the slow, stiff German SEO standard.

A proven concept 🐺

Our 3-phase SEO process is the result of more than 300 projects. The process is applicable to any industry and niche and provides the golden framework for the SEO development of your project. We retain full flexibility to adapt to your initial situation and market environment - yet the course remains in the direction of the 3-phases.

An entire SEO department 💻

We bring in our specialized SEO department. Whether a strategic lead, operational lead, copywriter, link building manager or pure operational manpower, we bring it all to your company. The monthly cost will be less than hiring a single SEO manager.

Efficiency 🎯

We are 100 % specialized in e-commerce SEO. Every one of our processes is optimized for this playing field. It's all about results, progress and, of course, your sales. We work strictly according to the 80/20 rule and know which levers really make a difference. We only work on results and don't waste time (i.e. your budget).

Entrepreneurial know-how 🚀

We think with you and understand your business, your monetization and your goals. Our processes are 100 % digitized and remote compatible. We train your team in all operational activities and processes, promote knowledge transfer to your team, take the lead and have your back. You are an entrepreneur and have enough other fires to put out.

user retentio

What you should bring

Openness 🤝

Be open to going the way of the wolves instead of the sheep. We are strongly oriented towards the international market. As in most marketing disciplines, the German SEO market likes to lag behind the international market by a few years. We like to leave the right lane to your competitors. In doing so, we will regularly challenge your beliefs on how SEO works.

Scaling 🛒

SEO is not performance marketing. Typically, SEO is the second or third marketing channel that an e-commerce project builds. As with almost all sustainable things, the investment is only recovered over time. Here, an ongoing marketing channel such as performance marketing should easily cover your investment in sustainable SEO.

Reliability 📑

Good output needs good input. Each of our processes is designed to take as little time and resources as possible from you and your team. However, we still need regular approvals, briefings and need to understand your brand. This requires about 1-2 hours of your team's time and leisure per week.

Budget 💰

The elephant in the room. Our concept is aimed at companies that are willing to invest at least 2,000€/month in SEO.

With a smaller budget, our progress is more like the pace of a tortoise than a wolf.

Long-term 📈

SEO is a long-term revenue channel. We value long-term partnerships and want to scale your business with you.

We want to celebrate successes and milestones together with you. Let's build a great marketing channel for your brand together.

Arrange a free strategy meeting now.

In our first conversation we want to understand your business and your goals to develop the perfect SEO strategy for you. At the end of the conversation we will give you an initial assessment of your web project and the necessary steps for future SEO success.

Your contact person

Lucas Perduß
Senior SEO Manager

+49 1575 8079911

[email protected]


Wolf of SEO results: Bitter Love

Founder bitter love
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"In a very short time, our organic traffic has increased tenfold through Wolf of SEO, allowing us to generate a predictable, high five-figure monthly revenue."

SEO in Dortmund - is not a coincidence

Wolf of SEO is your competent cooperation partner for SEO in Dortmund. We are specialized in improving the visibility of your company, it does not matter if your company is local or works all over Germany.

We at Wolf of SEO divide our services into three packages to design an individual SEO concept for your site, so that you can complete an effective SEO campaign in Dortmund.

First, we take care of general fundamental difficulties of your site and look out for long loading times, broken links and problematic anchor texts. As a result, we want to take a more detailed look at your industry and your competitors, which is why we then do a keyword analysis and competitor analysis. This part of the process is of enormous relevance and sets the starting point for all subsequent measures.

The second step is mainly about content - and onpage steps on your website. For this purpose, we create SEO-optimized content for Dortmund, revise the metadata and develop a concept for the publication of future blog posts.

Step number three is then dedicated to link building. For this purpose, we have built up a network of over one thousand publishers who provide us with first-class and industry-specific links in order to implement efficient and targeted link building that is optimally adapted to your company. At the same time we make sure that already existing bad links from spam websites are eliminated.

This three-step plan is the starting point for our effective SEO strategy in Dortmund and will help you to climb the coveted positions of the keywords that are important to you.

The Wolf of SEO SEO agency in Dortmund helps you to make your business ready for the digital age and thus find new customers!


What our customers say

WOLF OF SEO Agency Dortmund

Our wolves are always ready ...

... to throw yourself into new projects.

We are a young, professional team - always up-to-date. Instead of spreading ourselves thin, we focus on what we do best - SEO. In our role as an SEO agency in Dortmund, we do everything we can to keep the latest search engine developments and updates on our radar. With over 10 years of experience as an agency in Dortmund, we have supported countless projects. As a result, we have know-how and practical skills up our sleeves that will boost your SEO activities.

Committed and without compromise - this is how we work with you - SEO agency in Dortmund

At our SEO agency in Dortmund, you will have your own personal contact who will look after you from day one of our cooperation. In addition, the entire know-how of the WOLF OF SEO team in Dortmund is at your disposal, because only collective skills ensure long-lasting SEO success. Regular reports ensure that you are always up to date. You can help shape every phase, and the SEO direction is tailored precisely to your company profile and your ideas. Does that sound interesting?

Then register for a non-binding initial consultation and we will provide you with initial information about the SEO potential of your website.

Additional goodies from our WOLF OF SEO agency Dortmund for you

We are aware of the difficulties of getting started. That's why we make it easier for you to get started in SEO: on the one hand with our comprehensive support, and on the other with some helpful goodies that are valuable to you even without our cooperation.

The current status - we check your site using the SEO analysis

Let's start from the ground up: To what extent is your site already optimized for SEO? You may have already taken your first SEO initiatives - our SEO check will show you the effects. We take a close look at your online presence free of charge with regard to various factors, including page architecture, loading speeds, index status, meta data, backlinks and user experience. With this quick overview, you can assess how urgently further SEO actions are needed.

Now our SEO agency from Dortmund is taking action: We are here to tackle problems together with you and promote your strengths.

And then it's our turn, as a Düsseldorf SEO agency, to help you overcome difficulties and support your strengths.

Is it valuable for you to work with our Dortmund SEO agency?

Following the SEO check, you may want to consider whether a partnership with us makes sense for you. 

We are completely convinced - but you have the opportunity to check the potential of your site with our revenue calculator. It will give you an insight into how SEO in Germany can influence your online presence.

Would you like to take advantage of professional SEO optimization? Let's talk about it!

Would you like to find out more about SEO as a sales channel? Then book a first non-binding meeting with us, the SEO agency Dortmund! Careful preparation for the SEO consultation is a matter of course for us and during the meeting we will show you the potential that can be developed through our collaboration. Furthermore, we offer you an overview of potential lines of success and discuss with you which approaches are most effective in your sector and for your store in terms of visibility.

What does the abbreviation SEO stand for?

It means in German "Search engine optimization" and is derived from the English term "Search Engine Optimization".

How to recognize reputable SEO agencies?

Transparency, reliability and services that are comprehensible should be a standard. In addition, you should make sure that your partner offers you value for money, from which you also profit in the end, and is available to you as a personal contact at all times.

What are the costs for SEO in general?

SEO costs always depend on the type of customer, his wishes, as well as the potential market volume in his industry. Just the segment in which the customer is located, allows a wide variation of competition and effort.

Therefore, a precise target agreement and an initial analysis are necessary in advance. You will not find flat-rate and absolute prices with almost any reputable SEO Agency find

In any case, don't be surprised by costs of 1,500 - 2,000 if you actually want results.

What are SEO tools and why do you need them?

These are programs to support analysis processes, as well as to optimize and monitor all SEO relevant key figures and data. These are mostly very expensive, but are part of the toolbox that a professional agency brings to be able to work as efficiently as possible.

A distinction is made here between so-called "all-rounders", which cover a broad spectrum of services and key figures, and specialized tools, which fulfill individual functions in particular detail.

What are SEO analyses and when do you use them?

With such comprehensive analyses, one tries to filter out and uncover the potentials and opportunities on a website (OnPage) and off the page (OffPage).

This includes classic defect identification and a prioritized list of actions, organized chronologically and thematically.

Subcategories are:

- Keyword analysis
- Competitor analysis
- OnPage analysis
- OffPage analysis
- Structure analysis
- Usability analysis
- Index analysis
- PageSpeed analysis

A good SEO analysis must be complete and should have the claim of foresight.

What exactly do SEO agencies do?

They are companies with core competence on search engine optimization (SEO). They have their place within the world of online marketing agencies. They analyze websites and plan the steps and tools search engine optimizations for a wide variety of customers (such as stores, service providers and blogs) and then perform them as their own service for a fee.

What duration can you expect for your own SEO?

Since SEO is always dependent on the particular case and the circumstances are in a fluid development due to search engine updates and a competition that does not sleep, SEO is always an ongoing process.

4 to 6 months should therefore be planned as a rough guideline for sections of SEO projects. Otherwise there is little time for a comprehensive analysis, good monitoring and the further recommendations as well as future prospects. Therefore, one does not "do" SEO as a single building block, but sees it as a continuous development within one's own marketing mix.

Which ranking factors are most important?

According to Google, there are over 200 ranking factors that the algorithm targets for a website. However, it is possible to identify the basic factors that appear again and again:

- one high usability, i.e. user-friendliness, as well as meaningful design and interaction options,

the Responsive Design (for mobile devices),

- the Content optimization, i.e. added content value for the target group,

- the Page Speed and speed of protocol transmissions,

high quality backlinks and

- a sensible internal link and page structure

When can you see the first results on measures of SEO?

With an OffPage optimization, an impact can be visible after about 3 weeks. OnPage optimizations are often only visible after more than 10 weeks, because the so-called Crawling by Google plays a major role in this.

Use our SEO expertise to fulfill your desired goals

What results do you expect from search engine optimization? Right from the start, our SEO agency in Dortmund puts our expertise at your disposal and is fully committed to every project. As an SEO agency, we set ourselves various goals:

  1. Increase website traffic and attract leads:

Sales are important for your business - that's why we use the right SEO techniques to ensure that potential customers visit your website.

  1. Increase sales figures:

Using specific keywords and content work not only improves the accessibility of your homepage, but also each individual category

and, if applicable, every product in your selection. As an SEO agency in Dortmund, this gives your website a clear competitive advantage.

  1. Increase brand awareness: 

You've created your own brand - but it hasn't gained any recognition yet? Our agency can help your business with SEO: we support you in attracting your target group and putting your brand in the spotlight thanks to Google. Visibility is the be-all and end-all for online success.

  1. Staying one step ahead of the competition:

Frankly, this goal speaks for itself.

By taking the right steps and with our SEO agency Dortmund behind you, you can leave the sleeping competition behind... and overtake them with your ranking.


What is your goal in search engine optimization? As a reputable SEO agency in Dortmund, we have your success in mind and are fully focused on it.

SEO is accessible to everyone - and so are our SEO specialists in Dortmund.

Our Dortmund SEO agency offers you a full-service package, from the initial assessment and analysis to the final implementation. Our strength as SEO experts is targeted search engine optimization and thanks to our SEO tools, your business can grow.

No matter whether you have set up an Internet store, have a business in your town or provide a special service ...


Webshop SEOSearch placement is essential for e-shops because, in combination with social media, it represents a significant sales driver.

If you want to avoid paid advertising or don't want competitors to be ahead of you, should rely on high-quality search engine optimization.


We, your SEO agency in Dortmund, will be happy to do this for you.


City-based SEO agencyYou have a local location and sell goods there or provide the region with your services? Don't rely solely on word of mouth - expand your customer base and use search engine optimization to gain new customers. We know the ins and outs of German local SEO.


SEO for large corporationsA high ranking in the B2B sector can potentially generate a new revenue stream. Our SEO online agency is at your side to help you grow and increase brand awareness.


ServicesDo you offer your expertise online? We use SEO to ensure that your service is optimally positioned in the search results.


In all industries, from pest control to consulting, ranking has a significant impact on traffic.

Your SEO agency throughout Germany ... we are digital through and through!

This allows us to be flexible in our choice of location. Whether you work from home or have a large company in Europe, our SEO agency can act professionally for you. From the very beginning, we have made sure that our work processes and SEO strategies are digitally oriented and can therefore use all SEO tools online without having to be on site. This means maximum flexibility, as a face-to-face meeting is not necessary for collaboration. Whether for your online business or your local company - we are there for you digitally. You can easily arrange meetings and updates with us from the comfort of your desk. Our tried-and-tested tool stack ensures that we have the right solution for every situation and can work without time restrictions.

Your SEO agency for more sales

New sales channel for your website

We take care of your success. From the first top positions up to 100.000€ monthly turnover.