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Our eBay SEO check analyzes how well your eBay store is optimized for SEO - it is the first step to creating an SEO strategy that will get you more traffic and thus more sales.

The goal of the eBay SEO check is to find fundamental SEO problems that prevent your products from being found organically.

The eBay check verifies the following aspects:

Your listings

Which of your listings are already recognized and displayed by Google?


What do customers type into Google to get to your product?

Search volume

How much potential search volume do your products have?

SEO potential

Which products are most worthwhile, for SEO optimization?

Top products

These products have the potential to achieve many monthly SEO sales.

An eBay SEO check should always be done - it's like a "health check" for your online store. 

The free SEO check for eBay focuses primarily on the keywords of your most important products. We analyze what potential they still have and where you can generate more sales through SEO.

eBay SEO check for free now at Wolf of SEO!

We provide you with our free SEO check an initial overview of whether and where action is needed to increase your visibility on the web. Of course, there are other factors and possibilities to increase your findability on Google, but with our SEO check you have at least a first starting point.

If you see an acute need for action and want to learn more about the state of your site from the search engine's perspective, we offer a professional SEO analysis as well as a free initial consultation an. Our comprehensive SEO audit checks your entire website for all possible offpage, onpage and technical factors with detailed reports on broken pages, broken links, duplicate content and much more. Search engine optimization is now an integral part of virtually every online marketing strategy, whether in the e-commerce or affiliate sector, and you should not leave the huge playing field of "Google" to the competition.

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Scaling 🛒

SEO is not performance marketing. Typically, SEO is the second or third marketing channel that an e-commerce project builds. As with almost all sustainable things, the investment is only recovered over time. Here, an ongoing marketing channel such as performance marketing should easily cover your investment in sustainable SEO.

Reliability 📑

Good output needs good input. Each of our processes is designed to take as little time and resources as possible from you and your team. However, we still need regular approvals, briefings and need to understand your brand. This requires about 1-2 hours of your team's time and leisure per week.

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The elephant in the room. Our concept is aimed at companies that are willing to invest at least 2,000€/month in SEO.

With a smaller budget, our progress is more like the pace of a tortoise than a wolf.

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SEO is a long-term revenue channel. We value long-term partnerships and want to scale your business with you.

We want to celebrate successes and milestones together with you. Let's build a great marketing channel for your brand together.


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eBay SEO Guide: Tips for a better search ranking on eBay

Especially when it comes to being successful and being found on eBay, it is important to pay attention to SEO. But how do I get more visibility for my products? Here you can learn how to improve the search ranking on eBay. From the right use of keywords to the right image format, eBay SEO is not that complicated if you know where the levers are and work on them constantly.

What is eBay SEO?

eBay SEO - it sounds complex at first, but it's actually quite simple. eBay SEO is a strategy used to make your offer more visible on the Ebay platform. It's kind of like search engine optimization, except instead of Google, it's applied to Ebay. Just like SEO for Google, it's about optimizing your item so that it gets found better and therefore makes more sales.

The goal of eBay SEO is to improve the ranking of your items on the eBay platform. This means that your items will be found at the top of the search results when a buyer searches for something. To achieve this, you need to make sure that your titles, tags and descriptions are unique and descriptive. Also, you should use relevant keywords in your article titles so that your articles are found better.

In addition, you should make sure to refresh your item images so that buyers can learn more about the product. eBay SEO can be a big factor in the success of your sales, but it is an ongoing process that requires your attention. If you follow the SEO guidelines well, the ranking of your items on the eBay platform can improve and you will make more sales.

How the whole thing works you will learn in this 3-step plan:

1. optimize SEO keywords for your eBay listing

If you want to optimize your eBay listings, using the right SEO keywords is an important step. With the right combination of keywords, you can be sure that your listing will be found quickly and easily by potential buyers.

A good starting point for finding your keywords is to use the eBay search bar. This helps you find the best keywords by showing you the top search results. This can help you give your own eBay listings more visibility.

In addition, there are many eBay SEO tools that will help you find the right keywords. These tools study users' search queries and analyze them to find out which keywords are searched for the most. This way you can optimize your eBay listings even better.

With the right SEO keywords, you can take your eBay listings to a whole new level. Use the eBay search bar and SEO tools to find the top search results and improve your listings.

2. improve product titles and descriptions for better eBay SEO rankings

It's important to fill out all the listing fields on eBay so that you can achieve a better SEO ranking. This means that you need to create a unique, detailed product description that contains more than 600 words. Additionally, all the words provided in the listing fields must be unique and not contain duplicate content. If you follow these points, you will definitely achieve a better SEO ranking and thus gain an advantage over other sellers.

A good product title is just as important for eBay's internal SEO metrics to make products discoverable and ensure that they rank well. The title should contain the keywords that buyers type in when they search for a specific product. To do this, you should include relevant keywords in the title that correspond to the product benefits that the buyer expects.

Another way to improve SEO ranking on eBay is to have a unique product description that contains more than 600 words. This description should contain detailed information about the product. This includes size, weight, material, features and more. Also, the keywords that you used in the title should also be in the description. It is important to note that the product description does not contain duplicate content, as this would lower the chances of a good eBay SEO ranking.

3. choose a suitable category for better eBay SEO rankings

If you want to be successful on eBay, you should not only pay attention to the content of your auction, but also to which category you assign it. Because choosing a suitable category for better eBay SEO rankings is extremely important. To improve search engine optimization, one should choose a specific category if possible. For example, instead of simply "clothing", a category like "men's shirts" can be chosen.

Another strategy you can use if you sell different products is to use multiple categories. This often includes subcategories, as these allow for better placement in search engine results. However, you should make sure that the categories you choose fit the product and don't choose categories that are too far-fetched.

Finally, it is also important to put the product in as many categories as possible. This increases the chances that a potential buyer will find the product. With the right category, you can also use eBay as a search engine and be found better for the product.

4. optimized product images for better SEO rankings

If you want to improve your SEO rankings, it is important to provide at least 6 high-quality photos of your product from different angles. In addition, you should also include alt text (125 characters or less) for all images. Also, do not use images smaller than 500 x 500 pixels or larger than 12 MB. For best results, it's recommended to take product photos with a white background and use common formats like PNG or JPG.

Also, make sure that the photos are taken without jumps, glitches or distortions so that your product descriptions can be better indexed by search engines like Google and Bing. Choosing your photos based on these criteria should also help you to be better displayed and thus get more visibility and make additional sales through eBay SEO.

Does SEO work on eBay?

Your eBay listings can be optimized for SEO by paying attention to two important aspects: Keywords and Conversion. For the keywords, you need to do some research first, and the conversion rate has the added benefit of boosting sales.

How to beat the eBay algorithm with SEO?

To be competitive and rank your listing better in eBay's algorithm, you need to increase your click-through rates, increase dwell time on your listing pages, decrease your bounce rate (buyers leaving your site), and increase your views-to-buys ratio (fewer general views + more purchases). All this works with a targeted SEO optimization of your site.

What are keywords for Ebay SEO?

Since SEO is always dependent on the particular case and the circumstances are in a fluid development due to search engine updates and a competition that does not sleep, SEO is always an ongoing process.

4 to 6 months should therefore be planned as a rough guideline for sections of SEO projects. Otherwise there is little time for a comprehensive analysis, good monitoring and the further recommendations as well as future prospects. Therefore, one does not "do" SEO as a single building block, but sees it as a continuous development within one's own marketing mix.

How do eBay keywords work?

A keyword is a meaningful word or short phrase. In the context of eBay, keywords are most often used in listing titles. The better you optimize your listings for product-relevant keywords, the more SEO traffic you can expect.

What search engine does eBay use?

The Cassini search engine is eBay's internal search engine that helps customers find the most relevant items on the marketplace to increase their chances of completing a transaction. An algorithm determines how items rank in the marketplace and can have a significant impact on an eBay seller. But their ranking on Google can also have a big impact on their store, which is why SEO optimization makes a lot of sense.

What is SEO in e-commerce?

E-commerce SEO (search engine optimization) is an organic way to make your website more visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). This way they can get organic traffic to their offer pages via Google. Also, customers will find them and their product more easily.

Is SEO worthwhile for online stores and e-commerce?

If you help your e-commerce store with the help of SEO to a good placement in the search engine results pages, you thus increase your organic traffic. The higher you are displayed, the greater your chances are that the majority of search queries will land directly on your Ebay store page.

eBay SEO Tips: What to avoid?

It's important that you know a few basic SEO tips if you've decided to sell on eBay. However, be sure to avoid things that can hurt your rankings and thus limit your organic reach.

The following 4 points are absolute no-go's that you should avoid at all costs:

1. excessive keywords in your eBay titles and descriptions

When promoting your eBay listing, it's important to overuse keywords in your titles and descriptions. This will make the listing more accessible for customer searches. Don't use too many keywords, otherwise your title or description will look unnatural and can put off customers. Also, make sure that your keywords are specific and reflect the content of your eBay listing. This way you will attract the attention of your customers and make more sales.

2. avoid clickbait in eBay titles

Clickbait may get a lot of attention for your product at first, but it's not particularly helpful if you want to sell successfully on eBay in the long run. Avoid using over-the-top titles that don't fit the eBay item you're selling. Even if you're trying to get more clicks, a title that's exaggerated or inflated can quickly turn off customers. Instead, you should choose a title that directly references the item and be honest about what you're selling. This helps via eBay SEO to reach potential buyers who are interested in the merchandise you are actually offering.

3. do not use hidden text in your eBay listing

Avoid using hidden or confusing text in your eBay listing at all costs. Don't try to turn your listing into something else by including hidden information that isn't obviously recognizable as such. Use simple and direct words that are easily understood by potential buyers and make clear statements so customers know what they are getting when they buy. Also, don't create multiple listings for the same product as this will confuse customers. Avoid catching customers off guard or deceiving them. Always be honest and transparent when offering a product. This also pays off in the long run for eBay SEO metrics.

4. do not use duplicate content in eBay listing

Duplicate content is absolutely taboo on eBay. You have to use original and unique descriptions for each new listing. Reusing content that you have already published elsewhere can lead to problems. 

You should therefore take the time to describe each listing in as much detail as possible. This way, you can offer a flawless quality of service and leave the competition behind. By the way, a detailed listing also leads to finding a buyer faster.

eBay SEO in the future

Since eBay is a fast-moving and dynamic company, it is important to keep up to date with all the changes in the field of SEO. The tips and techniques presented are a good start, but it is also worth looking for new strategies on a regular basis to achieve a better ranking on eBay.

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