Niels Stuck

Founder, CEO, Strategic Lead

Who am I?

Niels Stuck, founder and CEO of Wolf of SEO, have been dealing with SEO every single day for 7 years.

I gained my first experience with simple affiliate sites, then earned my first Euro on the Internet - and then financed my business studies. 

To think outside the box, I accepted my first freelance assignments in 2018. Since then, some time has passed and I was able to build a team of 15, thanks to satisfied customers.

Over the past 2 years, we have worked tirelessly on our specialization, SEO, and have already built a sustainable new revenue channel for more than 300 businesses through SEO.

Niels Stuck

06 August 2021

Niels Stuck

August 04, 2021

Completed the "SEO Professional" certification


Niels Stuck

August 01, 2021

What strengths / interests do I bring to the agency?

Passion and Efficiency.

Passion means that I love SEO. In marketing these days, if you can do everything, you can't do anything right. That's why I've been clearly dedicated to a game from the start - with the goal of mastering it.

From the outside, the path to mastery of a topic looks manageably short and simple. However, when you begin to delve into a topic, you realize just how complex and multi-layered it is. 

In online marketing, all-rounders usually bring frustration, and specialists bring results. You decide.


Efficiency means that you can In SEO can easily lose in the many possibilities and factors. Therefore, it is all the more important to turn the right levers here, so as not to waste customers' money or time. 

Every customer is an entrepreneur at heart, which means that at the end of the day, it's all about results. Specifically - delivering the greatest possible output from the least possible input, in the least possible time. 

Niels Stuck

July 11, 2021

What are my tasks at Wolf of SEO?

I make complicated things simple, clear and tangible.

At WOLF OF SEO optimize our Processes and accompany in the Strategic bird's eye view all customer projects. 

I make sure that you as a customer, leaning back like Cesar at the gladiator games, only have to give approvals with your thumbs up or down. 

At the same time I help you to understand all data in depth and to derive your business decisions from it. 

I bring you a whole SEO department with calibrated processes and experience from more than 300 projects. This department will cost you less than a single Senior SEO Manager. So what are you waiting for?

Niels Stuck

09 July 2021

Why did I create Wolf of SEO?

Honestly out of frustration. SEO was my passion besides my studies and I built up 5-digit monthly revenue channels through SEO completely without a budget. 

The German SEO market, like most other marketing disciplines, is stiff and many years behind the international market. 

The German agency landscape is characterized by outdated expertise, inefficient processes and hardly any results orientation. I had to discover this through a first internship, countless initial conversations with pre-loaded clients and agencies offering "SEO".

My mission with WOLF OF SEO was to build an agency that combines expertise, results orientation, efficiency and entrepreneurship. 

Our claim is and remains to be one of the top 1% SEO agencies in the German-speaking world. 

Read the case studies and book yourself an interview. See for yourself.

Niels Stuck about his team:

06 July 2021

Markus Friedrich

I have rarely seen such a steep development curve as it is the case with Markus. Each of his projects increases exponentially in rankings, traffic and sales after 3 months at the latest. He works efficiently, constantly improves our processes and establishes SEO processes in the marketing teams of our clients. When Markus becomes your project manager, you can count on speed, reliability and results.

Lucas Perduss

Lucas has been part of the WOLF OF SEO team since day 1. His expertise covers all SEO areas up to SEA. He has the most experience and currently manages more than 15 projects on his own. He steers your project to a new revenue channel with the composure of an experienced captain. You should not miss a conversation with him.

Niels Stuck

04 July 2021

Founded Wolf of SEO.


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