Lucas Perduss

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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Lucas and I'm a project and SEA manager at Wolf of SEO. I have been with the company since its beginning. At the beginning in part time beside my studies and now since the middle of last year (2020) I support Wolf of SEO in full time.

Lucas Perduss

July 14, 2021

Lucas Perduss

July 12, 2021

Completed the Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences certification (Northwestern University).


Lucas Perduss

July 10, 2021

Completed the Advanced Content & Social Tactics to Optimize SEO certification (University of California, Davis).


Lucas Perduss

08 July 2021

What strengths / interests do I bring to the agency?

I am a very structured person. Besides thinking through the next steps in a client's project and managing the team in its daily tasks, I actively support the Wolf of SEO company moving forward.

Lucas Perduss

06 July 2021

What are my tasks at Wolf of SEO?

As a project manager, I keep an eye on pretty much all projects. Besides taking care of the customers and accompanying them in the projects, I also take care of the team. I therefore make sure that at the end of the month what is necessary to advance our customers in their rankings on Google is really implemented.

I am always present from the beginning of a project with each of my clients. This way I can ensure that I get to know the project as well as the customer in the best possible way to ensure the basis for above-average results. Be it with teams or Slack - I am the 1st point of active support and always there to answer questions as quickly as possible.

Lucas Perduss

04 July 2021

Niels Stuck

We met and became friends during our studies. Even then, it was clear that Niels' future would not be a run-of-the-mill job, because his ambitions were already evident. Within a short period of time, he has set up an agency that has already supported over 400 projects - and he has been the driving force behind all of them. Efficient, goal-oriented and direct are words that describe him exactly.

Tim Weber

Tim is someone you can always count on. He works efficiently, independently and, despite his studies, always actively supports us in our daily activities. With him, you can be sure that a task will be carried out thoroughly and quickly. Even if you need support at unusual times, he's there right away. Working with him is really fun and I'm glad that we have someone like him on our team.

Lucas Perduss

04 July 2021

Started working at Wolf of Seo


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