Lars Oellerich

Project manager, copywriter, content expert


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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Lars, 27 years old and SEO Manager at Wolf of SEO. I've been with the company almost since its inception and joined the team full time in spring 2020. 

Lars Oellerich

06 August 2021

Lars Oellerich

July 14, 2021

Completed the Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO certification (Universitsy of California, Davis).


Lars Oellerich

July 12, 2021

Completed the Branding and Customer Experience certification (IEE Business School).


Lars Oellerich

July 10, 2021

What strengths / interests do I bring to the agency?

I bring a lot of creativity to the company, but I also know that creativity without goal-oriented work is of no use to anyone. With me, you can be sure I'll be first up in the morning and turn out the lights in the evening. For me, the development of the company and customer projects is a matter of the heart.
And: I type 100 words a minute.

Lars Oellerich

08 July 2021

What are my tasks at Wolf of SEO?

As SEO manager, I have an eye on all projects. I also work in detail on each one and supervise you from the very beginning - accordingly, I know very well in which direction you want to develop. My area of expertise is content management in our e-commerce projects as well as PR SEO. A large part of the communication will go through me, so you can always call me as a contact person if you have any questions.

Lars Oellerich about his work colleagues:

06 July 2021

Jonas Lembke

Jonas Lembke supports me every day in my work in the content area. I have rarely met a person who is so accurate and conscientious works like Jonas. He checks in with me every day to make sure the big content process runs smoothly. For me, an indispensable team member and a person I wouldn't want to miss!

Markus Friedrich

Markus is absolutely indispensable as one of the project managers. He is serious about his work, punctual and goal-oriented. You can be sure that a project in which Markus is involved will be a successful one. He calculates the route of the action plan similar to a navigation system and works very accurately. So it can start directly, without much time going into the country!

Lars Oellerich

04 July 2021

Started working at Wolf of Seo


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