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Let Google work for you, because visitors become customers.

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About the SEO Wolves

WOLF OF SEO is your partner for e-commerce SEO!

"An agency that can do everything can't do anything really well."
- This realization led us to clearly specialize in SEO.


We have further deepened this specialization with a focus on e-commerce. This focus resulted in our proven 3-phase concept, which brings online stores in competitive niches to top positions in a predictable way.

The memorably confrontational name "WOLF OF SEO" stands here for our commitment to our customers to win the battle for the top positions clearly - and with all permitted means. 

WOLF OF SEO works purely data-based, methodically and has focused every process on scaling online stores. For this reason, we work completely performance-based for online stores with suitable SEO potential.

*free of charge & without obligation

WOLF OF SEO is known from:

Case Studies

Real numbers, instead of hot air!

Agencies can tell a lot when the day is long. We know that the bottom line is not the coffee, the small talk or the handicap for your company - but the results. Our wolves eat your current SEO agency for breakfast.

Become the next Case Study!

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We build your SEO revenue channel

Get these external collaborators into the project


Strategic lead

Consult 300+ companies in SEO, trained 100+ people in operational SEO, entrepreneur, process expert. Builds your external SEO department.


Operational lead

Operationally managed 100+ projects, Onpage & Offpage SEO experience from 200+ projects, trains your staff as if they were ours.


Content expert

1,000+ SEO texts implemented, 100+ copywriters trained, types 100 words per minute. Ensures that your texts rank on Google.


Link building expert

5,000+ backlinks built, 700+ websites & blogs in network, 50+ magazines in network. Makes your brand look dazzling.

Do we fit together?

What we bring

Experience from 300+ projects 🌟

We know how the hare runs - really. Our experience is based purely on practice.

Our methods are up to date, based on the highly competitive American market and very different from the slow, stiff German SEO standard.

A proven concept 🐺

Our 3-phase SEO process is the result of more than 300 projects. The process is applicable to any industry and niche and provides the golden framework for the SEO development of your project. We retain full flexibility to adapt to your initial situation and market environment - yet the course remains in the direction of the 3-phases.

An entire SEO department 💻

We bring in our specialized SEO department. Whether a strategic lead, operational lead, copywriter, link building manager or pure operational manpower, we bring it all to your company. The monthly cost will be less than hiring a single SEO manager.

Efficiency 🎯

We are 100 % specialized in e-commerce SEO. Every one of our processes is optimized for this playing field. It's all about results, progress and, of course, your sales. We work strictly according to the 80/20 rule and know which levers really make a difference. We only work on results and don't waste time (i.e. your budget).

Entrepreneurial know-how 🚀

We think with you and understand your business, your monetization and your goals. Our processes are 100 % digitized and remote compatible. We train your team in all operational activities and processes, promote knowledge transfer to your team, take the lead and have your back. You are an entrepreneur and have enough other fires to put out.

user retentio

What you should bring

Openness 🤝

Be open to going the way of the wolves instead of the sheep. We are strongly oriented towards the international market. As in most marketing disciplines, the German SEO market likes to lag behind the international market by a few years. We like to leave the right lane to your competitors. In doing so, we will regularly challenge your beliefs on how SEO works.

Scaling 🛒

SEO is not performance marketing. Typically, SEO is the second or third marketing channel that an e-commerce project builds. As with almost all sustainable things, the investment is only recovered over time. Here, an ongoing marketing channel such as performance marketing should easily cover your investment in sustainable SEO.

Reliability 📑

Good output needs good input. Each of our processes is designed to take as little time and resources as possible from you and your team. However, we still need regular approvals, briefings and need to understand your brand. This requires about 1-2 hours of your team's time and leisure per week.

Budget 💰

The elephant in the room. Our concept is aimed at companies that are willing to invest at least 2,000€/month in SEO.

With a smaller budget, our progress is more like the pace of a tortoise than a wolf.

Long-term 📈

SEO is a long-term revenue channel. We value long-term partnerships and want to scale your business with you.

We want to celebrate successes and milestones together with you. Let's build a great marketing channel for your brand together.

Updated fresh every week

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WOLF OF SEO Agency with Bite & Mind

You have a new online store, offer a service or are working on your local business - but the sales just don't increase? Despite great effort, the hoped-for traffic is missing. Have you ever thought about SEO? While many still underestimate search engine optimization, with our help you can leave your competition behind. Because with our proven strategy, we can make sure that your website ranks for exactly the right keywords and dominates the top search results. And let's face it - who scrolls down further?


We make your business big ...

... and that is in the Google rankings. Why is that important? Because it makes you much more visible online, more customers come to your site, and thus traffic and sales increase. With search engine optimization, exactly that is possible. And with the right measures, we at WOLF OF SEO make sure that your website gets off to a rocket start in the rankings. 

More traffic in 3 phases

We work according to a proven 3-phase SEO strategy, with the goal of building a sustainable, six-figure revenue channel for you. From the analysis phase, to the content phase, to the biggest SEO lever.

1. phase - analysis

A complete data basis is the most important basis for any decision.

In our analysis phase, we unravel every SEO problem, analyze the market down to the smallest search query and turn every one of your competitors into a glass human being.

Phase 2 - Content

Every page that should rank on Google needs an SEO text.

Here, we work according to a data-driven process, with thematically selected copywriters to get your brand worthy rankings.

Phase 3 - Link building

Backlinks - The strongest SEO factor for years. They are the ace up your sleeve to overtake even the market leaders.

We make sure that online magazines & bloggers report positively about your brand & improve your rankings with keyword-optimized backlinks.

Our agency has the right SEO measures for your website

Why you should definitely tackle SEO as soon as possible with us as SEO agency on your side? Because search engine optimization can open up a completely new sales channel for you. Up to now, your store may have primarily been frequented by loyal existing customers who, fortunately, just keep coming back. Through a few recommendations you get new customers sporadically. But we as an experienced SEO agency know: There is wasted potential. Your products or services definitely deserve more visibility. And with SEO we get the full potential out of your business. 

Through search engine optimization you get organic traffic that you did not have before. In our SEO agency, we find keywords tailored to your target group and create relevant content. These and other measures ensure that new customers find you - via Google search. This can be an essential factor for the success of online business, because: Every day, around 3.5 billion search queries are made via Google. And soon you could be at the top of some searches instead of on page 3.

Short and sweet: With SEO we increase the visibility of your site. This increases the traffic, more users find your site and accordingly your sales increase. 

Is SEO also worthwhile for my business?

Test your SEO revenue potential now with our calculator ...
... This is how you find out whether SEO optimization is worthwhile for your website!

Our agency takes SEO in hand for you

If you haven't heard of SEO yet, ads might tell you something. Many companies place ads online that are supposed to bring more traffic. Mostly the principle is pay-per-click. A monthly budget is set, based on which the ads are placed. So you stand in the search results on Google at the top, marked with the addition "ad".


But with us as a good SEO agency at your side, this can also be done differently:

If we optimize your site in terms of SEO aspects, you can be listed directly under the ads - without budget or payment per click. You are only one initial consultation away from a professional SEO strategy. We as your SEO agency take time for your business and set up a strategy with the right measures after the detailed SEO analysis. Which are these? That depends on the actual state of your website. Also your industry is not insignificant for it.


Wolf of SEO results: Bitter Love

Founder bitter love
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"In a very short time, our organic traffic has increased tenfold through Wolf of SEO, allowing us to generate a predictable, high five-figure monthly revenue."

SEO - this is what we are all about at the core

Search engine optimization simply means optimizing your website so that Google can rank it in the best possible way. Imagine:

Google has a small robot called a crawler. It scours the countless pages on the World Wide Web for relevant content for its own users. If it finds online stores and websites that could correspond to certain search queries, it indexes them on the list of search results, so to speak. This is how Google knows:

"Aha - this might be relevant for users with this interest.” 

But what if it finds nothing? Well - then it can't index anything in a targeted way either. The website is classified less relevant for the users ... and disappears on the back pages of the search results. 

With strategic search engine optimization, we, as your SEO agency, get the full Potential out of your side:

We optimize your page with regard to all SEO parameters, so that the small crawler robot can immediately see for which search queries your page is relevant. As a result, it will be displayed more frequently to users in searches. 

But not only the frequency is important here, but also the quality. So that you are not only displayed on page 4 of the search results, we ensure during the SEO support that you rank better than your competitors. So Google and the crawler should think:

"If a user is looking for this - then he is 100 % satisfied with your site and the search intention has definitely been fulfilled..”


Wolf of SEO results: GreenHero

Head of Marketing & Business Development
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"Conceptually, from project work to implementation, a flawless collaboration."

Why a professional SEO agency?

Because we as an agency are your external SEO team and you don't have to hire extra staff. Just imagine, your marketing team would have to dig into the topic of SEO Onpage and Offpage ... much too complicated! Of course you could do superficial SEO, but we know from our own experience:

This way you will not improve your organic traffic sustainably. Because for this you need continuous work and in-depth SEO knowledge. And that's what you get from us, your SEO agency.

Our agency team is composed of SEO experts from various fields - from the perfect keywords to link building and content.

Advantages with us as SEO agency at a glance

We provide you with our work around SEO many benefits, from which your business also benefits sustainably:

  • Yours Rankings in the search results will improve through our SEO consulting. You can see our successes so far in the SEO Case Studies view. With clever measures we bring your website for more top rankings and keywords on page 1.

  • Yours Target group feels addressed. As an SEO agency, we don't just do SEO in all directions, but effectively target your audience. Both in keyword research and in the creation of SEO content, we have Buyer Persona and Customer Journey in mind. This way, exactly the right customers come to your store.

  • We underline your authenticity - with relevant backlinks on other websites. They refer users to you and show: This business has expertise. And not only potential customers find this appealing, but also the search engine. 

  • Your website will be enhanced by creative, High quality SEO content upgraded. Your customers have a lot of valuable information about products, categories, services or topics in the blog, which they deal with in everyday life. You show: I know what I am talking about. That creates trust. In addition, you put your business through good content in the right light. Of course, we produce in our SEO agency for you specifically SEO optimized textswhich the crawler of the search engine takes into account.


What our customers say

... And if you think now
"What do I get out of SEO optimization? "

→ A sustainable increase in traffic: Through our SEO strategy and the better rankings increase visibility and traffic on your website sustainably. Logical, because the higher your pages rank, the more often they are clicked.


→ Rising sales: If the better ranking leads more visitors to your site, then more sales can be generated there and thus a higher turnover. 


→ In short: Through SEO with our agency you generate a new revenue channel.

Arrange a free strategy meeting now.

In our first conversation we want to understand your business and your goals to develop the perfect SEO strategy for you. At the end of the conversation we will give you an initial assessment of your web project and the necessary steps for future SEO success.

Your contact person

Lucas Perduß
Senior SEO Manager

+49 1575 8079911

[email protected]

The WOLF OF SEO Agency
our wolves are hungry ...

... after new projects. We are a young, professional team - always up to date. Instead of many different services, we have specialized in one: SEO. For this, we are as an SEO agency all around with heart and soul, the latest developments and updates of the search engines always on the radar. For more than 10 years we have been gaining SEO experience as an agency and have already managed various projects. Thus, we have know-how and practical skills for you up our sleeve, which make SEO even more effective.


With us there is close cooperation without compromise

In our SEO agency, you get your very own personal contact person who looks after you from the beginning of our cooperation. Nevertheless, you get the expertise of the entire WOLF OF SEO agency team - because only bundled skills can achieve long-term success in SEO optimization. With regular updates, we keep you up to date throughout the entire project. You can participate in every phase and we adapt the SEO strategy optimally to your business and your wishes. Sounds good? Then book your non-binding initial consultation - and we will provide you with initial information about the SEO potential of your website.


Small goodies from the WOLF OF SEO agency for you

All beginnings are difficult, we know that. That's why we make it easy for you to get started in SEO: On the one hand with our comprehensive service, on the other hand with a few practical gifts that you can also use for yourself apart from the cooperation:



The actual state - we check your website with the SEO analysis

Let's start from the beginning: How well is your site already SEO optimized? Maybe you have already invested some time in the first steps for search engine optimization - in our SEO check we show you what this has brought. We analyze your online presence free of charge with regard to various parameters, such as page structure, loading times, indexing, meta information, backlinks or usability. This little health check will show you how necessary further measures are for your SEO project. And then we as an SEO agency come into play: We help you solve problems and build on your strengths.


Is SEO with our agency worth it for you?

After the SEO check, you may wonder whether the work of us as an SEO agency can be worthwhile for you at all. We ourselves are 100 % convinced of it - but you can check the potential of your website yourself with our sales calculator. There you can find out how SEO in Germany could affect your store or your online presence.


You want professional SEO optimization? Let's chat!

Would you like to learn more about SEO as an organic sales channel? Then simply book a non-binding initial consultation with our SEO agency! We will prepare intensively for the SEO consultation and show you in the conversation what is possible with us as SEO agency on your side.

In addition, we can give you a first outlook on your potential success and explain which measures make the most sense for your industry and your store in terms of visibility.

Your SEO agency for more sales

New sales channel for your online store

We take care of your success. From the first top positions up to 100.000€ monthly turnover.

Achieve your goals with our SEO measures

Which goals do you want to achieve through search engine optimization? As an SEO agency, we offer you our know-how from the first meeting on and put our heart and soul into every project. Thereby we pursue different goals as SEO agency:


1. Increase traffic and generate leadsThe turnover for your business is important - that's why we bring potential customers to your website through the appropriate SEO measures.


2. Increase salesWe strengthen through keywords and content work not only the visibility of your homepage, but each individual category and if necessary even each product in your store. Thus, as an SEO agency, we give your website a pleasant competitive edge.


3. increase brand awarenessYou have founded your own brand - but nobody knows about it? With SEO our agency supports your business specifically: We help you to reach your target group and to make your brand better known through Google. Visibility is the be-all and end-all for online success.


4. Leave competition behindHonestly - this goal is self-explanatory. With the right measures and us as SEO agency on your side, you can leave the still sleeping competition behind you ... and overtake them with your ranking.

What goal do you want to pursue with search engine optimization? As a reputable SEO agency, we have your success in mind and work precisely for it.


Search engine optimization is for everyone - so is our SEO agency

A good SEO agency offers you an all-round service, from analysis to implementation. As SEO experts, we have specialized in search engine optimization and can bring your business to the top with SEO tools and co. Whether you run an online store, own a local business or offer a service ...


➜ E-commerce SEO: For online stores, visibility in search results is crucial because, along with social media, it is an important sales channel. If you don't want to invest money in ads or don't want to give way to the competition, you should do professional Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO agency will be happy to do this for you.



➜ Local SEO Agency: You have a local location and sell products or offer a service there? Then don't just rely on word-of-mouth - increase your catchment radius and attract new customers through search engine optimization. We know what is important for Local SEO in Germany.



➜ SEO for large corporations: Also in B2B a good ranking can open another sales channel. Especially when expanding or building brand awareness, we are happy to help as an SEO online agency.



➜ Services: Do you offer your service online? With SEO we put it in the right light in the search results. No matter if it's pest control, consulting or similar - the ranking influences your traffic significantly.

Your SEO agency from Berlin to Hamburg to Munich ...
... we work completely digitally!

That's why we are location-independent. No matter whether you work as a self-employed person in your home office or have a large company in Europe - we can work professionally for you as an SEO agency. From the beginning, we have adjusted our workflows and SEO strategy to digital work, so that we can work online with all SEO tools and co. without having to be on site with you. This creates flexibility, because we don't have to meet "live" to work together. We work for your online business or your company on site, online. You can easily arrange meetings and updates with us from the comfort of your desk. Thanks to our proven tool stack, we have the right solution for all aspects and can work completely flexible.