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Who am I?

Hey, I'm Sabine and I've been working as a freelance graphic designer and photographer for over 10 years and I've been accompanying WOLF of SEO since 2019. My skills are in design (logo design, branding & social media) and photography (products, portraits, artistic photography).

Sabine Fischer

06 August 2021

Sabine Fischer

July 14, 2021

Over 12 years experience in graphic design, photography & business


Sabine Fischer

July 12, 2021

What strengths / interests do I bring to the agency?

I bring a lot of creativity and interest, as well as new ideas, which are of high value when handling any design task. I create high quality, modern and functional design with attention to detail and sense. My style established itself over a period of time and one must always be up to date in the field of design, creation and photography. That's why I - always - spend most of my time, even privately, on this topic - because I love it. An incredible number of styles exist, every year a new style is current and popular. However, the art of a good design consists of one of the most important elements: longevity.

Sabine Fischer

July 10, 2021

What are my tasks at Wolf of SEO?

At Wolf of SEO, I take care of the design side of things, which means translating any ideas and requests into visuals and thus presenting different types of content in a way that is clearer and quicker for the human eye to grasp.

Sabine Fischer about us SEO Wolves

08 July 2021

Niels Stuck

Niels is a great role model and Motivator what business concerns. His strategic, complex and fair thinking, structure and understanding have an enormous sympathy. When working together, his instructions and guidelines are clear and unmistakable, but he gives me absolute freedom in the creative implementation, which is enormously beneficial to me for a high-quality result. He has become irreplaceable as a friend and advisor in all matters.

Markus Friedrich

Markus is absolutely goal-oriented and reliableHe is a very good project manager in terms of a wide range of project management tasks. His extremely friendly, relaxed and respectful manner makes the collaboration very pleasant and he always keeps a calm and cool head.

Sabine Fischer

06 July 2021

Started working with Wolf of Seo


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