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Acquisition problems that every store operator and service provider knows...

You spend too much money on advertising

Your turnover is strongly linked to advertising expenditure. Rising CPCs push your margin down. Nevertheless, ads are your only channel for acquiring customers.

You are dependent on existing customers

Returning customers with a high CLV are great. But to grow in the long term, you also need to be efficient in acquiring new customers.

Your competition is better positioned

Your competitors' pages always appear for the most important terms in your target group. In the long term, this will lead to you losing relevant new customers.

3 steps to more traffic

We work according to a proven 3-phase SEO strategy, with the goal of building a sustainable, six-figure revenue channel for you. From the analysis phase, to the content phase, to the biggest SEO lever.

1. phase - analysis

A Complete data basis is the most important basis for any decision.

In our analysis phase, we unravel every SEO problem, analyze the market down to the smallest search query and turn every one of your competitors into a glass human being.

Phase 2 - Content

Every page that should rank on Google needs an SEO text.

We work according to a data-based processwith thematically selected copywriters to give your brand worthy rankings.

Phase 3 - Linkbuilding

Backlinks - The strongest SEO factor for years. They are the ace up your sleeve to overtake even the market leaders.

We make sure that online magazines & bloggers report positively about your brand & Your rankings with Keyword-optimized Backlinks improve

Case Studies

Our concept in application

Agencies can tell a lot when the day is long. We know that the bottom line for your company is not the coffee, the small talk or the handicap - but the results. Our wolves eat your current SEO Agency for breakfast.


After the 3 phases SEO as the most important organic sales channel for the online store of Greenhero.

Sarah Abel
Sarah Abel
Head of Marketing, Green Hero
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"Conceptually, from project work to implementation, a flawless collaboration."

Traffic development since the start of the project

2020: under 500 monthly visitors
2023: over 30,000 monthly visitors

Your language coach

By working together, your language coach has a functioning organic lead funnel.

Maria Hasbolat
Maria Hasbolat
Founder, Your Language Coach
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"After a short analysis phase WOLF OF SEO I quickly pulled the right levers for top Google rankings on my site. Today I am very grateful for the organic Traffic."

Traffic development since the start of the project

2021: Only 43 monthly visitors
2023: Over 70,000 monthly visitors

Bitter Love

An organic sales channel has been established for Bitterliebe, which is the Online store on top Google rankings has brought.

Andre Sierek
Andre Sierek
Founder, bitter love
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"In a very short period of time, our organic Traffic by WOLF OF SEO increased tenfold and we are able to generate a predictable, high five-digit turnover every month".

Traffic development since the start of the project

2020: under 10,000 monthly visitors
2023: over 125,000 monthly visitors

Our customers:

How the collaboration with us works

A new sales channel with SEO in 3-6 months. 

1. potential analysis

Together we will take a detailed look at what is possible in your niche. 

So you know exactly what you can expect and whether SEO is worthwhile for you. really worthwhile.

2. development of the strategy

We customize our proven concept depends on your specific case. 

Based on this, we create a Step-by-step plan for joint implementation.

problems seo check analysis

3. implementation

Don't waste any time! 

We set about the Efficient implementationto provide you with results as quickly as possible.

4. feedback and reporting

Full insight for you.
We provide you with update calls and your own Dashboard always the possibility follow the current status objectively.

You don't need an advertising agency to beautify your website...

You need a team of specialists who work based on data, apply a proven concept and deliver measurable results.

This is the only way you can achieve these successes:

Your website in the top 3

You place your company and your offer ahead of your competitors in the search engine and thus collect the most important customer inquiries.

Automated new customer acquisition

By ranking for the most important keywords with purchase intent, you can bring customers who are already interested directly into your sales area.Funnel.

Additional SEO revenue channel

Regular new customer inquiries will turn SEO into a new revenue channel for you, bringing you organic and predictable sales.

Live statistics on our projects

Top 1 placements
Top 3 placements
Top 10 rankings
Organic traffic per month
Traffic value per month

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We deliver measurable results

SEO is becoming a relevant revenue driver

Agencies can tell a lot when the day is long. We know that the bottom line is not the coffee, the small talk or the handicap for your company - but the results. Our wolves eat your current SEO agency for breakfast.

Rephrase text

New annual SEO turnover

130+ top 3 rankings

Efficient 3-phase implementation

Main keyword saved

Traffic development since the start of the project

2021: under 100 monthly visitors
2023: over 13,000 monthly visitors

New annual SEO turnover

220+ top 3 rankings

Focused implementation

Dominance of the niche

Traffic development since the start of the project

2020: under 1,000 monthly visitors
2023: over 40,000 monthly visitors

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About Niels and his team

WOLF OF SEO is your partner for top rankings!

"An agency that can do everything can't do anything really well."
- This realization led us to clearly specialize in SEO.

 Our SEO concept has proven itself in over 300 SEO projects. We are your efficient and data-based SEO department that brings external specialists into your company.

We think along with you and understand your company. We also promote knowledge transfer and have your back. You are an entrepreneur and have enough other fires to put out.


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