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What is Google Suggest

Google Suggest, now called Google Autocomplete, is Google's feature that displays relevant search suggestions while typing a search term. This feature suggests possible relevant search queries based on various factors, including previous search queries, popular search queries, and the search terms that the user has already entered.

Although this search feature was developed to improve the user experience on Google, it has been adopted by many SEOs as a method to find possible relevant Keyword-finding opportunities.

Google Suggest is used not only in Google's main search engine, but also in Google Chrome's search bar, in the Google app, and in various other places in Google Search.

The history of Google Suggest

Google Suggest was first introduced in Google's main desktop search engine in 2004, but was not used as a standard search feature until 2008. Due to various inappropriate suggestions, Google now calls it Google Autocomplete and calls them predictions instead of suggestions[1].

Recently, Google has also started displaying onebox result snippets in Google Autocomplete to make the predictions more useful for searchers. This has resulted in sports results and weather forecasts, for example, being displayed as suggestions for search queries with relevant keywords.

How Google Suggest works

Google Suggestnow called Google Autocomplete, tries to predict what a user is looking for based on various factors and then suggests that search term.

Google has access to a lot of information, especially when users are logged into their Google account. This information is used to find out what users are searching for.

The information Google uses includes previous search terms a user has searched for, popular searches, the terms the searcher has already typed into the search bar, and trending searches.

Its importance for SEO & Marketing

Google Suggest is used by SEOs and content marketers to find relevant Keyword-suggestions and discover popular content for content marketing strategies. It can also be used in combination with a manual analysis of the SERPs can be used to determine the search intent of a particular search term, as well as related topics and keywords.

It is also relevant how the seeker relates to the SERPs behaves, since certain onebox results are displayed directly. This could reduce the number of users navigating to a web page, since they get the information they want directly in the predictions.

Another way to influence user behavior on the SERPs is to use the Traffic to be directed to certain keywords or variants. This can lead to more or less Traffic comes to certain pages, depending on which keywords the pages are targeted at.

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What is Google Suggest? arrow icon in accordion
Google Suggest is a feature of Google that automatically makes suggestions to you as you type a search query. Relevant search terms and phrases are automatically suggested to you, based on the most frequent search queries of other users.
How can I use Google Suggest? arrow icon in accordion
If you want to use Google Suggest, all you have to do is type a search query in Google's search box. Google will then automatically make suggestions that will help you create the best possible search query.
How does Google Suggest help improve my search queries? arrow icon in accordion
Google Suggest helps you create the best possible search query by automatically suggesting relevant keywords and phrases. These suggestions are based on the most common search queries of other users. This helps you get the most out of your search queries.
What is the advantage of using Google Suggest? arrow icon in accordion
The main benefit you'll get from using Google Suggest is that you'll be able to improve your search queries, using the most relevant keywords and phrases. Thus, you'll get more accurate results and will be able to find the information you need faster.
Can I use Google Suggest on my smartphone? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can use Google Suggest on your smartphone. Just search for any term in the Google search bar and Google will give you suggestions instantly.
Is there any way to customize Google Suggest to my personal preferences? arrow icon in accordion
No, Google Suggest is based on Google users' search queries, not your personal preferences.
Can I reject the suggestions from Google Suggest? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, you can reject any suggestion Google Suggest gives you by simply clicking the "x" next to the suggestion.
Can I add my own suggestions to Google Suggest? arrow icon in accordion
No, Google Suggest can only automatically find suggestions based on other users' search queries. You cannot add suggestions yourself.
Can I use Google Suggest on other websites? arrow icon in accordion
No, Google Suggest is a feature that is only available on Google websites like and
Are there any other features that work similar to Google Suggest? arrow icon in accordion
Yes, there are some other search engines that offer similar features to Google Suggest, but Google Suggest is the most well-known and widely used feature. Examples of other search engines with similar features are Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

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