Viral marketing

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What is Viral Marketing


Viral marketing refers to the distribution of advertising material via social media that allows consumers to participate in a corporate campaign by sharing the content or distributing it via their own networks. It is a form of word-of-mouth marketing that focuses on developing brand equity and generating sales.


Viral marketing offers businesses a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to spread their brand and reach their target audience. By quickly spreading marketing through social media, businesses can reach a large number of potential customers. It's also a quick way to build customer loyalty, as customers who share the brand also become attached to it and are likely to buy it again.


Viral marketing has some disadvantages. It is difficult to measure the success and the achieved goals, because the results are not always directly visible. Moreover, you can't control exactly how many people see the campaign, if they share it or if they even buy the brand. There is also a risk that the campaign will not be supported by positive impressions if negative comments or reviews are made about the brand.

Use cases

Viral marketing can help to increase brand awareness, raise the profile of the Traffic to a website and help with new product launches. It can also help companies personalize their campaign and get closer to their target audience.

Example 1 - Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed specializes in promoting viral content by creating various forms of content such as quizzes, videos, and stories. The content is designed to be easy to share and comment on, making it viral. Buzzfeed also uses influencer support to spread its content and thus expand its audience.

Example 2 - Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a company that specializes in selling shaving products. It was founded in 2012 and since then it has released a number of viral videos that have encouraged people to support the company. One of the company's most famous videos was a commercial released in 2012 that received more than 25 million views.


Viral marketing is an effective way to help companies spread their brand and reach their target audience. It can be used to increase awareness and launch new products. While it offers some advantages, there are also some disadvantages that must be taken into account before viral marketing is deployed. Companies need to be strategic to ensure they get the best results.

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1. what is viral marketing? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: Viral marketing is a strategy that aims to reach many users quickly and cost-effectively through word of mouth and referrals. The goal is to increase the reach of a product, brand, or service through the use of social media, videos, blogs, and other types of content.
2. why is viral marketing so important? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: Viral marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient strategies to promote and advertise a company or product. It can increase the visibility of a company or product and increase brand awareness.
3. what are the advantages of viral marketing? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: The benefits of viral marketing include reaching a large number of audiences quickly, cost-effective advertising, sustainable reach building, faster branding, and strong customer loyalty.
4. what are the disadvantages of viral marketing? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: The disadvantages of viral marketing are that you can't always keep control over the content and the reactions of the target audience. It can also be difficult to develop a successful campaign and it is hard to predict whether a campaign will be successful or not.
5. which social media are best suited for viral marketing? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other similar platforms are particularly suitable for viral marketing. To start a campaign, you need to know the target audience and which platforms they use the most.
6. how to start a viral marketing campaign? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: To launch a viral marketing campaign, you first need to identify the target audience and understand what they are interested in. After that, you have to develop a strategy that meets the wants and needs of the target audience. Then you have to promote the campaign on the appropriate social networks and create a catchy message that appeals to the target audience.
7. how can I ensure that my campaign is successful? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: To ensure that a campaign is successful, various factors must be taken into account. The campaign must be attractive and unique, the target audience must be correctly identified and properly addressed. In addition, it is important that the message about the campaign is promoted in the right places and that the right tools are used.
8. what resources do I need for a viral marketing campaign? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: For a viral marketing campaign, you need resources such as a team that knows the topic, a strategy, the target audience, the right advertising, tools to track the campaign, and a budget if necessary.
9. how can I measure the reach of my campaign? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: To measure the reach of a campaign, various tools such as Google Analytics or Social Media Analytics can be used to see how many people saw the campaign, how many interactions there were, and how many customers were acquired.
10. how can I improve my viral marketing strategy? arrow icon in accordion
Answer: To improve your viral marketing strategy, you should consider several things. These include the type of content, the right target audience, the right platforms on which to promote the campaign, the right time to launch the campaign, and the tools used.

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