Establishment of an organic sales channel for Bächlein GmbH from Coburg and its website "" as well as the Improving rankings for essential keywords from the plumbing supplies industry.

Project brooks

Hard Facts


AThe aim of the project was to establish an organic sales channel for Bächlein GmbH from Coburg and its website "" and to improve the rankings for essential keywords from the sanitary supplies sector.


01.05.2022 until 10.10.2022
5 months + (continuous)

Interim result

Ranked over 300 keywords on page 1 of Google within 5+ months & achieved significant increase in sales through organic SEO + built a stable traffic value of nearly 900 $.





approx. 3.900 € /month


Full service with focus on content & link building




Executive Summary

Google rankings

Keywords on page 1
+520 %
Keywords on in the top 3
+323 %
Keywords in 1st place
+500 %
200 $
Value of monthly traffic*
+350 %

*(Cost if the traffic would be purchased through Google Ads).


Before (beginning of May 2022)

stream traffic 1


After (beginning of October 2022)


→ 5.5 times traffic


Project start


Interim status

brooks keywords beginning october

→ 323 % more keywords in Google Top 3

→669 % more keywords in Google top 4-10

→ 183 % more keywords in Google top 100
brooks visibility seo 2
+343 %

Visibility growth after only 5+ months


The task

An optimization of the organic sales channel and an improvement of relevant rankings of the online store of Bächlein GmBH through consulting, OnPage optimizations & technical aspects, URL and metadata optimization, strong SEO content & steady, stable link building.

Reason: At the start of the project, the store did not yet have any significant authority in contrast to the strong competition and had only limited relevant keyword rankings. Proper SEO was still completely missing.

Initial situation: Brook is a conversion-strong online store, but the majority of the keywords were not on top positions, which bring the really relevant sales. The store is based on Shopify. This limits on the one hand the technical SEO, but made the work on the URL structures and texts much easier.

Together with the Bächlein team, we formulated trustworthiness and authority in the eyes of Google as a Main Goal and are proud of the first measurable results after just 3+ months.

Brooks GmbH

The goals

Strong keyword developments in 5+ months

Conversion strong product keyword

Searches /month

Change of position

Sanitary supplies

> 4.200

+75 places - in 9th place


> 33.000

+12 places - in 11th place

Drain set

> 5.400

+5 places - in 8th place

Bath plug

> 2.900

+5 places - in 10th place

Design siphon

> 800

+90 seats - in 10th place


The battle plan

  1. Phase: Extensive SEO analysis of all technical onpage & offpage factors, comprehensive competitor analysis, comprehensive keyword analysis.
  2. Phase: Text Optimization & Onpage Optimization - Keyword optimized texts for product & category pages, as well as onpage optimization of the whole website - followed by keyword optimized blog posts on related topics, which the target group is looking for when expanding the sanitary facilities
  3. Phase: Through smart link building also lift the most contested keywords to position 1 to 10. (Pending)


There was strong competition for all product keywords right from the start. The domain authority of almost all competitors was also stronger than that of the client.

In addition, this client had a fairly young website, with a moderate number of products, but good categories, with strong search volumes behind them - in other words, a lot of potential for a site that was still "green behind the ears" for Google and first had to prove itself.

Therefore, it was especially important to first build a base of DoFollow backlinks and optimize all URL-related aspects before using data-based content to optimize the most important product categories & products.