Free products in exchange for a guest post

Test products and report about them!

You get free products, test them and write a guest post or product review.

What is the process for product testing?

1. fill out form

In the form, simply select the products that fit your website and in which you would be interested.

2. we check your information

We check your request and see if the products fit your website. After that we will contact you by email to clarify any open questions.

3. product test + guest post

Then you test your free product and write a review in the form of a product test or guest post .

4. our feedback

Happy to give you feedback on your guest post and contact you when we give away new products that suit you.

We give away products in the following categories:

We will send you products from categories that match your website.

What's important to us about your guest post?

We don't expect a big and elaborate review from you, nevertheless we have some quality standards that we want to keep for our customers.


Do-Follow Linking

In return for the free product, the manufacturer expects a do-follow link from your site.


400+ words

We don't need an in-depth product novel, but a 400+ word article is important to us so that your page is recognized as an article about the product.

SEO metrics

You don't have to be an SEO professional, but a planned headline structure and use of relevant keywords will greatly enhance your product review!


If you think you can publish a guest post along the lines of the following, feel free to fill out our free products form.

Chris Rost, Link Building Manager
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Are the products really free?

Yes, the products are free for you. You don't have to pay for shipping or give us payment information. If we select you for a product test, we will send you the product and it will be yours.

Can I keep the products?

After your review, you may of course keep the product for personal use or pass it on.

How long does it take for the products to reach me?

After you submit the form, we will check your request as soon as possible and after successful check, we will send the product to you directly. 

Is the guest contribution obligatory?

In return for the product, the manufacturer expects a link from your site, so this is really useful we need your review in a guest post

What do the manufacturers get out of it?

The manufacturers hope that they can send a positive signal to Google with your linking. If you have a larger blog that fits thematically well with the product, we can also talk about other cooperation opportunities.